VOL. 19  ISSUE NO. 2   |   JANUARY 9 – 15, 2013

JANUARY 9, 2013

Arizona Adult Education ranks nationally near the top for second year in a row

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PHOENIX –  Superintendent John Huppenthal today released the semi-annual Adult Education report outlining Arizona’s continuing success at helping high school dropouts to attain a high school education.  For the second consecutive year, the Arizona Adult Education System was ranked 4th nationally for educational gains, producing over two grade level increases at an annual cost of less than $1,250 per student. 

The U.S. Department of Labor statistics show that adults who complete Adult Secondary Education and earn their high school diploma by passing the GED Test earn $8,000 more in taxable wages each year, which generates tax revenue at both the state and federal levels almost immediately.  During FY 2012, over 12,650 Arizona adults earned their high school diploma by passing the GED Test.

“We are pleased with the results, what it means for these adults and their families and also what it means for Arizona taxpayers,” stated Superintendent John Huppenthal. “As these adults obtain the education they need to more successfully enter the workforce, it means they are less likely to be on welfare or involved in activities that could lead to incarceration, thus being a burden on taxpayers rather than being contributors to our economy and our communities. 
While we are pleased with the success, it’s also important to note that during this last year over 6,000 more adults wanting to achieve their diploma are still on our waitlist.  We are hoping to acquire additional funds to ensure that everyone who wants to gain a high school education and become productive citizens with higher income have the opportunity to do so.”

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