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December 26, 2012 - January 1, 2013


For All Signs:  Before Congress went home for the holidays, there were aspects from Dec. 14 – Dec. 31 suggesting that significant decisions concerning taxes and finances were put on “pause.”  It has been a time of waiting and worrying throughout the post-election weeks about the upcoming financial condition of this country.  It has not been possible to take action directly.  But you can bet there are deals and discussions going on now, most of which are not likely to be reported to the public.  And maybe we don’t really want to know about all the details of strategizing.  Just “fix it.”  Please?

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Aries:  Whatever is occurring in your life at this time is clearly intense and emotion-laden.  You may feel as though your very life depends upon making your point of view heard and acknowledged.  It is important to play your personal political cards carefully.  Don’t attempt a takeover unless you are prepared for a serious pushback.

Taurus:  If you share resources with anyone, now is the time to work out whatever arrangements need to be made.  This could be over a debt, home resources, insurance, stocks, bonds, or checking accounts.  It is time to settle pending financial matters and make a plan for your future.

Gemini:  Your attention shifts to matters of shared resources for the next couple of weeks.  "Resources" include time, things of material value, energy and sexuality.  The territory is wide, ranging from the mundane study of the budget all the way to important discussions with partners over the need for greater intimacy. 

Cancer:  You have a potential conflict with a partner over the subject of children and how best to manage them.  Actually it is a conflict between your own heart and what you believe is the “right” thing to do in the eyes of the world.  As soon as you settle your internal quarrel, the external quarrel will vaporize.

Leo:  You have a steady mind and hands now.  It is a good time to work on a project that requires concentration and careful work.  You will find satisfaction this week with the routine activities of life.  You may be spending time with older people, whether friends or relatives.

Virgo:  Beware of the tendency to obsess and worry over matters that may never happen.  You are tempted to see the world through a dark lens early this week and you may think that is the true version.  As the New Year begins, you will lighten up and enjoy anything to do with the arts or music.

Libra: During this week you will be finishing projects of the last couple of months.  It is also possible that a relationship is coming to a closing phase.  This could mean eventual separation.  On the other hand, it does not have to be permanent, and may represent preparation for moving into the next phase of growth.

Scorpio:  This is a week of intense feelings, whether up or down.  For many, prevention of depressed feelings can be handled by gently bringing ourselves back from a super-high.  When we allow the swinging highs and lows, it is inevitable that a fall must happen.  None of us can remain up, so a down must balance it.

Sagittarius:  Your attention is fastened on your partner, clientele and others who may be important to you.  It seems that many in your world need your attention and support during this period.  You really can’t make an overarching decision now.  You are too busy putting out fires.  This time frame will pass soon.

Capricorn:  You are gaining strength and ready to tackle a challenge.  You are launching a new project in self-definition.  Anything new can be intimidating, but remind yourself that you stand on the security of personal experience and research in your field.

Aquarius:  Mars, the red planet of war, entered your sign Christmas day and will be traveling with you for seven weeks.  This energy is best used to handle physically heavy projects or take initiatives you might not otherwise tackle.  If you are not choosing to deal honestly with this assertive energy, the common side effects are irritability and infections.  It is healthier to take charge of it.

Pisces:  You may have your nose to the grindstone through the holidays.  Pull out of that ritual and take a few moments to sniff the pine and enjoy a glass of nog.  New Year’s Eve appears to be a time that draws you to enjoy loved ones.  Don’t work yourself to death before you start a new year.  Focus on the positive.

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