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Gunning for the 2nd

Statistics don't lie, however if statistics are ignored altogether then the left may feel free to lie with wild abandon.

Whether it be the dominant news media or noted sociologist and firearms expert Bob Costas speaking on the death of Jevon Belcher. (He ignored the death of Jerry Brown, maybe we should ban cars?) One and all, directly or indirectly, seek to abolish our Second Amendment rights. Jason Whitlock appears to hold the view that, not only is the Second Amendment racist, but all those who support it are racists equating the patriots of the NRA with the KKK. Who's the racist here Mr. Whitlock?

In pondering the babbling of these media low-lights one has to wonder if they have ever bothered (obviously not) to read the statistics on gun ownership, gun control and their effects on our society. An American life is saved by a firearm every 1.3 minutes; 91.7 percent of the time there is no harm to the criminal; 73 percent of the time the attacker is a stranger to the intended and armed victim; between 2006 and 2011 crime due to gun violence was down by 25 percent while gun sales soared. It is an indisputable fact that violent crime is greater in heavily gun controlled areas and falls dramatically where more law-abiding citizens are armed. Criminals love unarmed victims.

For over half a century the liberal left has been gunning for the second amendment undeterred by the facts and driven by emotionally fired perpetual propaganda. Time to shoot back - so to speak. Defend your second amendment rights.

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek


Oregon Mall shooting, Connecticut school massacre

I am a retired police Captain from Oregon. I bought my home in Cave Creek in 2010. On Friday 12-14-12 at 0900 hrs, unaware of the tragedy in Connecticut, I was renewing my Federal National retired police CCW permit at Ben Avery. I carry every day. I hope that instead of creating more gun free zones in schools and public places where these dirtbags choose to end their pathetic lives by killing innocents, perhaps MCSO can do more than the Posse and enlist retired cops to volunteer to spend time in schools and other high volume venues in uniform to let criminals know they will face consequences. I think if the crook who went into the gun free zone at the Oregon mall knew there were armed security on site he might have thought twice. And if the low life who went into that elementary school knew there was an armed retired cop on site he might have changed his mind. Come on Sheriff Joe. Reach out to retired LEO's; streamline the system. Lets get more trained security into our Maricopa County schools. Call me, I will set it up. I am sure we could have a lot of volunteers to support our schools.
Bad Guys love the security of gun free zones, because they don't care. Let them know MCSO reserves are on scene. You don't need a major background investigation. Retired cop ... federal CCW permit … special deputy... sounds good. Come on sheriff, be a leader in the country. Lets make our schools safe.

Captain CW Jensen, Retired
Portland, Oregon Police
Cave Creek Resident


Blaming the gun

1. In February of 1994, young Eddie Polec was beaten to death with baseball bats in Fox Chase, a Philadelphia suburb, by a gang of seven juvenile hoodlums.
2. In November of the same year, a gang of three New Jersey juvenile hoodlums dropped a 16-pound bowling ball from a state highway overpass, killing an 8-month old girl in her parents' vehicle.
3. Conclusion: baseball bats and bowling balls are responsible for murder, and should be banned.
4. QED

J-P. A. Maldonado


Carefree voters acted in the nick of time

Recently the Paradise Valley town council announced the town will begin billing residents in January for a tax to cover the cost of fire and emergency services. The tax was enacted unanimously by the council but was never voted on directly by residents. The tax will be about $30 to $50 per month, depending on the size of the property.

The tax will cost owners of approximately 5,600 residential homes about $2.7 million annually and is intended to cover a $3 million shortfall in the amount the town has available to pay Phoenix to provide the service and to pay debt on two fire stations built in 2008.

In March 2011 Carefree voters overwhelmingly (72 percent) approved Prop. 423 that requires any property tax (not just tax based on primary valuation) to be approved by voters. The voting result occurred despite strong objection from Mayor Schwan and grossly inaccurate statements in the local so-called “Truth” publication distributed by P&Z Commissioner Hitchon wrongly claiming that any property tax already required voter approval.

The success of Prop. 423 precludes the Carefree town council from using the Paradise Valley tax as an excuse for following in that town’s footsteps. Carefree voters acted in the nick of time. Carefree sales tax receipts have plunged 34 percent from the level of fiscal year 2008.

Jim Peirce


APS Meeting update

On Dec. 12, 2012, Vice-Mayor Bunch and I met with APS officials and two representatives of the State Land Trust, Phoenix councilman Jim Waring and Representative Heather Carter at APS’s office in downtown Phoenix. Ironically, or symbolically of the date, there were 12 of us in all.

The purpose of the meeting, called by APS, was to discuss the upgrade to the Cave Creek substation and the five 69 KV route alignments and power line placements. The 5 route alignments are detailed on a map as: Grey (Cloud Road), Purple (Carefree Highway), Green (56th Street), Blue (Cave Creek Road to Ashler Hills) and Pink (Cave Creek Road to Lone Mountain).

The meeting was chaired by Daniel Froetscher, vice-president of Energy Delivery for APS. Although Mr. Richard Stuhan, APS Project Manager, made the presentation, it was apparent that it is Mr. Froetscher who will make the decision.

The meeting was divided into two segments: APS’s presentation of the 5 proposed routes, with what they considered pros and cons of each route. Secondly a discussion with the APS officials and among the representatives of the State Land Trust, Councilman Waring, Representative Carter, the Vice-Mayor and me as to our feelings about the 5 proposed routes and the impacts of the routes on our communities. It will come as no surprise that it was the vice-mayor and I who raised the most objections.

The meeting lasted approximately two hours. No conclusions or resolutions were reached. Meaning: APS has made no final decision as to the route.

Another meeting will be scheduled with the same principals following the New Year.
Vice Mayor Bunch and I will continue to fight on behalf of the neighborhoods and community.

Vincent Francia
Mayor, Cave Creek


John Ford reappointment to the Planning Commission

Dear Mayor Francia, Vice Mayor Bunch, Council-members Lamar, Bruce, Esser, Anderson and McGuire:

I would personally like to take the time to thank each of you for your willingness to support my reappointment to the Cave Creek Planning Commission for a new three year term. I have such pride in the community of Cave Creek where I have had the pleasure of living since December 1969. I grew up in this town, attended grade school and have made the decision to make this my permanent home for 43 years. Yes I am getting much older than I like to admit!

I would also thank the Town of Cave Creek Staff to include Usama, Ian, Luke, Carrie, Barbara, Adam and the rest of the best town staff in Arizona for always going above and beyond to assist me with questions or needs I may have as either a Commissioner or when I am just a normal town resident. You already know but I want to reiterate that this team is professional beyond reproach.

I am humbled by the service you as elected officials and our town staff do each day. I am proud to be a long time Creeker and could not thank you more for your support and willingness to allow me to continue to represent our town on the Planning Commission.
My best regard,

John G. Ford
Cave Creek


Pageant draws historic crowd

A heartfelt “Thank You” to all those who made it possible to produce the Desert Foothills Christmas Pageant for the 60th time in Cave Creek! This is truly a community effort at its best: adults and youth involved in set-up, cast, choir and putting out luminaries. Special thanks to Carefree Kiwanis for being our sponsor and Desert Foothills Key Club for placing luminaries all the way from Cave Creek Road along Spur Cross to the pageant site. The attendance was unprecedented; a perfect way to kick off the Christmas holiday. Join us next year on December 7 and 8, 2013.

Wes Sullivan
Andrew Cupo
Steve Norris
Jared Payne
Sarah Cupo
Jason Cupo
Ella Cupo
Leo Reardon
Josh Brickhouse
Christina Dragone
Trevor Penzone
Melissa Nelson
Katie Shaughnessy
Michaela Russo
Abbey Brandt
Maddie Hayes
Alec Griffiths
Tanuer Perez
Cheryl Burton
Barbie Baugh
Dana Gonder
Andrea Beishline
Rose Fields
Merry Austen
Ron Brockman
Brian Gewecke
Ian Cordwell
Deanie Reh
Daisy Parriott
Karen Franevsky
Riley Roads
Jan Baratta
Emily Dalmolin
Steve Gilbertson
Mattea Reeves
Meribeth Reeves
Stacey Dowdell
Ashlynne Parriott
Sandy Ledz
Robin McElfresh
Ron Ireland
Paula Scully
Evelyn Holbrook
Manny Gonzales
Jon Loffman
George Hofer
John T. Holbrook
David Shirey
Wayne Fulcher
Al Mascha
Max Wyatt
Jennie Shirey
Toby Payne
Michael Moore
Lorne Peat
Ralph Pipp
Debbie Payne
Bruce Luckowiak
Jackie Keene
Town of Cave Creek
CopyFast Printing
Spur Cross Stables
Arizona Signs Plus
Barros Pizza
Desert Foothills Lutheran Church
Chad @Sound Lighting F/X
Technically Integrated, Inc.
President Kevin Calabrese and the Desert Foothills Key Club
Tobias Automotive
El Encanto
Indian Village
Thespian Club of Cactus Shadows High School

Toby Payne,
Kiwanis Club of Carefree President


Off the Fiscal Cliff with my holiday tree

I really think I’m losing my mind. Those that know me may not find that hard to believe, but until recently I felt I was relatively sane. Over the last several weeks there have been events that make me question if I’m living in an episode of the “Twilight Zone.”

“Meet Scott Haberman, an every day Joe living in the quaint community of Cave Creek, Ariz. As he decorates his home for the festive holiday of Christmas, little does he know it is not a Christmas tree he is trimming, rather a “Holiday Tree” as he enters … the “Twilight Zone.”
That’s right, no more Christmas tree, at least in places like Rhode Island where the governor has declared the state tree in the capitol a “Holiday Tree” apparently dedicated to the glory of Santa Claus. Puke.

Recently the news media began trumpeting that the Obama administration has proposed huge tax increases, more stimulus, no specific spending cuts and the ability to have the president manipulate the budget like a yo-yo without Congressional oversight. At the same time, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner announced that if the nation goes over the fiscal cliff, conservatives are to blame. Apparently in our new Twilight Zone, only the views of the White House are valid. A debate about what is best for the nation is not necessary. Rod Serling could not have come up with this script. As for me, I am not going to relinquish my Christmas tree or Christmas. Santa may be living in the White House but he needs to find another way to finance his operation. Blessed Christmas to those that are Christians and for my Jewish friends enjoy Hanukah with the “Holiday Candle Thing with eight candles.” Sorry, but we need to be politically correct and fair to everyone.

Scott Haberman
Cave Creek


Republicans offer a solution to prevent a government "fiscal cliff"

The USA is nearing an "economic collapse" leaving more than $16.3 trillion of debt to our children, their children, etc., with "accounts payable" to China, Saudi Arabia, and others.
President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats continue and demand "more tax increases now" and with "promised spending reductions further down the road" of future year(s). Capitol Hill Democrats never deliver except in cutting our U.S. Military budget. House Speaker John Boehner and other Capitol Hill Republicans must get tough and reject Obama's "tax increase" demands "at all cost." President Obama's plan is to destroy the Republican Party and our Constitution so as to turn the USA into a Socialistic government; a strategy that is "certain to occur" under President Obama's plan as to follow being supported by Capitol Hill Democrats.
The Republican majority House should pass the "entire" Bush tax cuts; send it to the Democrat majority US Senate asking them to confirm the "continued tax cuts" now. The "tax and spend" policies must end "NOW."

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and others are "bullying" the Republican Party leadership to disassociate themselves from the "Taxed Enough Already" (TEA) Party associates and other Conservatives.

The TEA Party is here to stay. As "Republicans In Name Only" (RINOs) flourish in wavering and/or support of the Democrat Party's policies, RINOs are weakening the much larger majority "Conservative" Republican Party. President Ronald Reagan proved that an American electorate majority will solidly support a candidate who "stands firm" on Conservative issues.

As for more tax increases and more of President Obama's and Capitol Hill Democrats' "out-of-control" spending, Republican Party members on Capitol Hill must just say "NO!"

President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats must be stopped from acting like "vultures" and their "bullying" strategies as they demand more "taxes and spend" policies. Will President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats accept responsibility for a government "fiscal cliff?" President Obama says he is more willing to put the USA into a "fiscal cliff" than to "stop the spending."

Republicans offer a "solution" by "preventing" a government "fiscal cliff" and for "restoring our economy." It is simply to "stop the spending." Anything less is irrationality on the part of President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats.

Oscar Y. Harward
Monroe, North Carolina


Tracking device happens to make calls

The device in your jacket, jeans or purse that you think is a cellphone–guess again. It is a tracking device that happens to make calls. Let's stop calling them phones. They are trackers. Thanks to the explosion of GPS technology and smartphone apps, these devices are also taking note of what we buy, where and when we buy it, how much money we have in the bank, whom we text and email-and more.

Cellular systems constantly check and record the location of all phones in their networks. If someone knows exactly where you are, they probably know what you are doing. That being said, big deal; let 'them' waste their time.

We love or hate these devices-but it would make sense to call them what they are so we can fully understand what they do. It's a tradeoff; if you've lost or misplaced your phone, you know how valuable they are.

Ron Lowe
Nevada City, California


Jumping on the Latino bandwagon

By any measure, the Democratic Party has failed the Latino community. Latino schooling in the U.S. has long been characterized by high dropout rates and low college completion rates according to Pew Research Center. Isn’t education the “mantra” for liberal progressives? They have failed miserably, but continue to broadcast education as a successful platform. Does anyone think Latino students are benefiting and academically excelling? If you think yes, you’d be wrong! Even though the Latino students have enrolled in high school and college in record numbers, the nation’s dropout rate of the students is more than 16 percent among 18 to 24 year-olds, which is this the highest of all ethnic groups.

It is puzzling how this educational attainment failure does not sway the Latino voter away from the Democratic Party. I think because, in general, the Democratic ideology is entrenched in the Latino way of life and it’s generational too. The ideology is passed on like some “rite of passage,” and seems be rooted in the Latino belief. Consider the fact, that in some Latino homes, the Virgin Mary is placed alongside a John F. Kennedy photograph, which shows a high level of reverence. I was once asked by a cousin if I was a “redneck” type person when I identified myself as a conservative Republican; an unbelievable distortion.

Changing the “rite of passage” will be challenging. I have faith in the Republican Party (GOP) however, to muster the needed force to move the Hispanic voter to the GOP ideology. I say it should be a substantial degree of education in many forms. With questionable educational development for pre-school Latino kids, the child already is at a disadvantage entering the public education system, problematic as it is. The learning and comprehension of the various subjects at increasingly complex levels overtime requires parental support. But parents with limited education and English speaking, begs the question of who is working with them?

The GOP needs a “white knight” like Michelle Rhee, who was chancellor of the Washington DC school system. She turned around poorly performing schools and rid the schools of underperforming tenured teachers. She paid the price however for doing so well. The teacher’s union drove her out of the school system. With the proper backing, resources and investment, Ms. Rhee could set the course for a private school system across the country, inducting Latino students. And such school models do exist. The stakes could not be higher to win the White House in 2016 with the possible run of Hillary Clinton in 2016, backed by a popular former President Bill Clinton. So over the next 4 years, the GOP must get it right in coddling the Latino voter. It must demonstrate bold and aspirational education reforms if really serious about piercing the veil that the Latinos value – education; the best opportunity to contribute to society.

Ray Torres