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December 19 - 25, 2012


For All Signs: The winter solstice this year is timed at 6:12 a.m. on the 21st. This is the point of deepest darkness in the northern hemisphere. Ancients celebrated the "return" of the Sun within a few days following the solstice, when it became apparent that it would, indeed, return. This particular solstice has been long anticipated by many in the world who believe that the Mayans predicted this date to be the end of the world. There is one monument on the peninsula that claims their god of war will return on this date and we are cautioned to “be ready.” My research on this topic yields only this one piece of evidence, the single monument. It does not suggest the apocalypse.
On Hanukkah and Christmas we celebrate the light that never quite goes out inside, no matter how dark it may seem in the world. We rejoice in the ongoing rebirth of hope for new life within our psyches and on the planet. May each of you experience fresh inspiration and expectation of joy in the year to come!

Aries: Your energy is high and your mind is busy at this time. You want to enjoy things of beauty and romance now. It could be hard to concentrate upon mental work that requires attention to detail. If you must do so, then check everything twice. This is a week for the arts, for love, and for fun!

Taurus: An intense experience within a relationship has a purpose. You are asked to search deep inside yourself for your contribution to the difficulty, own it, and confess it. Healing will be the result for you and probably the Other. It is a good time to adjust issues of power.

Gemini: This is a highly significant period in your primary relationship(s). There are issues to work through and healing to do for both of you. Sidestep the temptation to drill your truth into the mind of another. If you do not share a consensus reality, then search for a higher perspective that includes both.

Cancer: You could be having unusually intense feelings about yourself and your direction in life. In some way it is important to hold onto the truth of who you are and not allow another to tell you what he/she wants you to be. Remember that you are a far greater being than the secular world may allow.

Leo: This is the time of year in which you try to do too much, take care of everyone, and often forget to include yourself in the equation. Now is the time to check with your internal sensors. Is it truly necessary to manage every last detail? If your energy level is low, give yourself a break from the usual routine. Your body will reward you for the sacrifice.

Virgo: This looks like a week in which you really want to say your piece, but you have a sense that would be a bad idea. I agree, if you feel so upset that you can’t present your case with compassion. But if you give attention to everyone’s feelings and present it tactfully, you could accomplish a breakthrough in understanding with the family.

Libra: This is a very good time to communicate with family members and those very close to you. The environment and circumstances each contribute to allowing things to be said honestly, without fear of rebuke or attack in any form. New agreements and understandings can be created.

Scorpio: Those who are in school or studying something more personal have favorable aspects. You have significant energy this month and many things are changing. You are unlikely to find solid ground during this period, so glide with the flow and trust that it will take you where you need to go.

Sagittarius: Issues concerning your primary relationship are absolutely front and center now. This might also include the needs of your clientele. It is as though you can’t take a step forward without resolving this issue. Yet there are so many balls in the air there is a chance you might drop one. Take a deep breath and take it easy. Everything comes to pass in its own time.

Capricorn: Giving attention to your health is important at this time. You have so many temptations all around that it may feel impossible, but do your utmost best. This week may be overshadowed by so many things you “have to” do, but give yourself plenty of rest and take your vitamins.

Aquarius: The Symbols suggest that you may be hooked into a drama triangle during this period. In a drama triangle there is a victim, a perpetrator, and a rescuer. Sometimes they alternate roles. It is dysfunctional behavior and generally leads to a disappointing outcome in which nobody wins. If you can “see” this happening in your life, step out of the triangle and take a new path. Don’t play the game.

Pisces: For any number of reasons, circumstances may leave you out of the social loop this week. Astrologically this is a time for self-reflection and not self-condemnation. Having a quiet week is appropriate at this time. Don’t turn this into a negative belief about yourself. Take the opportunity to enjoy the time to be still.

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