The disgusting election

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my view don sorchychThe election still rankles and there are many theories about why it happened the way it did.

On average the Republicans are running for cover and sadly not only seeking compromises but seem to have bought the results as truth. This attitude flies in the face of history and logic.

There have been reports of wide-spread election irregularities and fraud. In many precincts Romney didn’t receive a vote, not one. And either three million Republicans didn’t vote or “friendly” voting machines converted their votes to Obama.

After all we have a federal administration which is largely from Chicago and they have historically voted the graveyard and know how to cheat and destroy reputations. Dirty elections win and that was the tactic of the Democrat ground game.

Mitt Romney is taking heat from Republican governors like Bobby Jindal of New Orleans and Chris Christie of New Jersey because he spoke to the issues of giveaways by Obama to stimulate voting for him. I copied this paragraph from a letter to the editor by Randy Edwards, who writes timely, conservative letters.

“The final result brings to mind Sir Alex Fraser Tytler who prophetically said, in about 1800, ‘A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largess of the public treasury.’”

That has been stated even earlier by philosophers in ancient Greece. But such history isn’t taught in our liberal high schools or colleges. It does make sense and I have seen countless ‘on the street’ interviews where government handouts are the reason for their Democrat leanings.

The future of that attitude results in what is going on across the Atlantic. Obama voters will find out the largess exists only as long as there is other people’s money to finance their perennial Christmas. Obama’s continual demand to tax “wealthy” people is part of his Marxist dogma and is vastly inadequate to compensate for his prodigious spending.

Republicans, Democrats and the media all share the blame for Obama’s presidency. His past was blatantly obvious from his books and friendships. Mentors like communist pervert Frank Marshal Davis, anti-American Reverend Jeremiah Wright and American Terrorist Bill Ayers should have been enough to shovel him into the bin of notoriety, not history.

Yet everyone, except for a few conservatives, concerned about being labeled racists, gave him pass after pass. We and a handful of others who doubted Obama’s qualifications were labeled Birthers, racists and worse. Why would anyone not disqualify him for not only those reasons but the $2 million plus he spent to hide his past? We know he violated the law when he stole a Social Security number belonging to someone else. We know he is not a natural born citizen, since his father was not a citizen, if his father is who he says he is.

We have reported considerable data about his birth certificate and if the one Obama posted on the White House website isn’t phony, then the world is flat. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is to be honored for the chutzpah he demonstrated by accepting the challenge of investigating the birth certificate and finding it fraudulent, even though the feds were hammering him in court.

Exit data is scary and seems to support the contention that the gimmes supported Obama as did racial attitudes. It is disgusting that over 90 percent of blacks supported Obama and both Latinos and Asian support was over 70 percent. Now I read 70 percent of Jews voted for Obama in spite of his snotty attitude toward Israel and President Benjamin Netanyahu. But the Obama administration is quick to use the race card as they have about Susan Rice’s phony testimony to the U.N. when she lied about the uproar in Benghazi. Many have compared to Benghazi to Watergate, but in Benghazi four Americans were slaughtered by terrorists and it had nothing to do with a video which depicted Mohammed as he was.

Swinging the Republican platforms to mirror Democrats’ is not only a political loser but the Democratic platform under Obama spells future bankruptcy. I repeat, there is ample information to impeach or at least control Obama. There is damaging information everywhere if Republicans are willing to be called sore losers and racists. This is a sticks and stones issue and if Republicans have any backbone at all they will go for the throat and seek to kick him out since he shouldn’t be there anyway. Both Sen. John McCain and Mitt Romney played to the high road and lost. Chicagoans know character assassination works and they don’t mind illegal voting since they invented voting names from the graveyard. I am not saying their nefarious activities should be copied but they have to be exposed. Even Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity failed to cover the many avenues where Obama had tread.