VOL. 18  ISSUE NO. 46   |    NOVEMBER 14 – 20, 2012

NOVEMBER 14, 2012

AMAC: Obama won a second term at the cost of a divided nation

He needs to spend the next four years listening to what the people want and stop trying to foist his personal agenda on them
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BOHEMIA, New York – Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, has published an open letter to President Obama, chiding him for the failures of his first term and exhorting him to spend the next four years listening to what the American people want and to stop trying to foist his personal, ideological agenda on them.

The president's main accomplishment after four years in office was to divide the nation, he said.

The letter can be accessed here.

The president, Weber said, won a "pyrrhic victory on Tuesday in which he gained a second term at the cost of a divided nation. His first task should be to heal the wounds he inflicted on us in his bid to remain in power.

"Let the election be a warning to politicians at all levels of authority throughout the nation.
Americans will not tolerate the deliberate manipulation of their lives for the sake of an individual's personal agenda. Notwithstanding the president's win, the people spoke in a loud, clear voice and said they want a leadership that is sensitive to their need for freedom in their personal lives. They want a government that spends less and taxes them less and that allows free markets to create the jobs they need in order to live the American Dream. They want us to work together."

Weber said he was compelled to "memorialize President Obama's failed leadership" in his open letter as a means of driving home the point that America's diversity is a powerful, unified force that thrives because of our tradition of personal liberty.

Weber's letter reads in part:

"Instead of trying to unite all our economic forces and get the economy moving again, you choose to divide us by class, pitting the imaginary one percent against the rest of us, all for political gain.

"Surely you know that the true power of our country comes when we are united and when we stand together- not when we are a splintered, quarreling mob."

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