Marxists won, now what?

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The presidential election was a disaster. How could a majority of Americans vote for a man who brought nothing to his position and proved it for four years.

I think Mitt Romney did a marvelous job; he worked hard and was articulate and committed. I believe he would have been a historical president.

I bought Dick Morris’s forecasts hook, line and sinker. Although talk show hosts were more reserved, at least they were believers in the urgency to remove Obama. Of course the national media, print and television – with the possible exception of Fox News – were backing Obama all the way and turned their back to many miscues by the Obama administration.

The biggest and most important issue is Benghazi. The Ambassador of Libya pleaded for support since Al Qaeda was threatening. The end result was four Americans killed and the embassy in Benghazi torched and destroyed.

Obama and his staff said far and wide a YouTube video, viewed by 17 people, damning Islam caused the attack. That has been proved to be false but Obama stalled for weeks until the election was over. Now we find Iran fired on a pilotless drone in the Persian Gulf five days before the election; only after the election it was disclosed. The United States claims the plane was in international waters and Iran claims it was in their territory.

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To add confusion, concern and questions, CIA Director, General David Petraeus, resigned conceding he had an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, after 37 years of marriage. It now appears Petraeus’ affair was well known for a considerable period. Of course the general has a storehouse of information about what happened in Benghazi and he was scheduled to appear before Congress, but then declined. Of course he can be subpoenaed and should be. We will see how much chutzpah the Republican House of Representatives has.

Each day the volume of e-mails concerning election irregularities grows. Few states require picture IDs to vote and in some states more people voted than are registered to vote.

New Black Panther voter intimidation again was a factor. Voting stations are subject to hacking.
The nationwide left wing media, which is almost totally in the Obama camp certainly contributed greatly to Obama’s reelection. I don’t know if their lack of journalism ethics is actionable but it is treasonous. So is the behavior of politicians who refuse to vett Obama even though there is vast evidence he is a fraud.

Why didn’t the Republicans ask for and demand proof from Obama and his party that he is qualified for the U.S. presidency? Why do Republicans continue to use Marco Rubio as an example of a future president when his parents were still Cuban citizens when he was born? Do they think the Democrats won’t jump on the fact that Rubio is not a natural born citizen because the Republicans gave Obama a bye? That is wishful thinking; the Democrats will immediately jump on it and make Rubio unelectable.

Republicans can sleep well because they took the high road with both John McCain and Mitt Romney, but when their candidates lose we are left with a Marxist ruler. Republicans had a patriotic obligation to demand the missing pieces of Obama’s background; that wouldn’t be dirty campaigning, just the facts. Sheriff Joe Arpaio sought a congressional investigation of his findings about Obama, was promised it and then nothing happened.

There is much discussion about the Black, Hispanic and Asian votes. Don’t white voters have an obligation to vote their race as these immigrants and Blacks did? Blacks voted 95 percent for Obama, Hispanics, 75 percent and surprisingly, Asians, 73 percent. Have we triggered the tipping point when you add up the takers of government services?

Then there is the fractured nature of Republican voters. People have told me they would never vote for a Mormon. So voting for a Marxist is better for the country? I have read that three million Republicans didn’t vote. Although those people deserve what they are going to get, the rest of us don’t.

 I think a party can be pro life but the middle ground is to allow states to regulate issues like that. The same goes for gay marriage.

Federal actions assume one size fits all and it never does.

Republicans are already scrambling for the next election. There is much discussion about how to win the Latino vote including Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the Dream Act.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is making compromise noises. I hope some able Tea Party member gets the votes to shut Boehner down. The House is our only hope to avoid Obama’s goal to make EUs or pawns of us. He is already moving toward gun control. His actions, including his fraudulent capture of the White House is impeachable. The House should use every trick to get him kicked out. At least half the nation would support aggressive House action to right the wrongs and to shut down Obamacare. After all, the House has the purse strings.