Fenger Pointing

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Becky Fenger Fenger PointingVicious decapitation in Tempe

Last month there was a senseless, brutal attack out in Tempe, Arizona, but it never made even the local news. The innocent victim was decapitated right there in front of Michael's at Tempe Marketplace while waving to passing crowds who were on their way to ASU for an appearance by President Bill Clinton at a political event to rally support for U.S. Senate candidate Richard Carmona.

I first met the unfortunate victim, Mort Allitee, when I was out shopping one day and took an instant liking to him. So much so that I introduced him to my friend Tom Jenney who is Arizona Director for Americans for Prosperity. They did some work together for a while. Being the outgoing man Mort is (he keeps nothing inside), he was anxious to join Judy Hoelscher, Phoenix area field coordinator for AFP, and her 13-year-old daughter in their SUV to go to ASU for the Carmona/Clinton event.
The trio made a quick stop at Michael's for some supplies. Hoelscher ran inside as her daughter waited in the passenger seat. Allitee leaned out the back window and waved to passers-by. That's when it happened.

I got a firsthand account from Hoelscher's daughter: "The attack was fast and violent. A woman approached from behind the SUV and, without warning, whacked Allitee as hard as she could, again and again. The noise was so loud that I was really scared; I didn't even get out of the car. After it was over, she walked past my window and gave me really dirty, nasty looks. She was in her early thirties with long black hair and star tattoos on her arms."

The woman was so crazed she literally tore off Allitee's head in attempting to pull him from the vehicle. His spine was split in two. He was left dangling out the back window, a tragedy in broad daylight. No one came to his aid. Some scenes are too much for mortals to comprehend.
I want to share with you photos of Allitee prior to the attack (below). You can see he had a purpose in life, although he's pretty much a bag of bones.

Maybe it was the sign that Mort carries with him everywhere that so incensed the woman who screeched the word "Seriously?" before the beating began. His sign reads: Mr. Mort Allitee – ObamaCare IPAB Victim (Formerly on Medicare).

As you know, IPAB stands for Independent Payment Advisory Board. It has been labeled a "death panel," and with very good reason. Despite bi-partisan calls for its repeal, President Barack Obama and former Surgeon General Richard Carmona stand in full support of IPAB, saying it will reduce health care costs. Ya think?? When a small group of unelected, unaccountable people, faced with a shrinking number of physicians and growing national debt, get to deny medical procedures and care based on your worthiness to stay alive, you'd damn well better believe that it's a death panel. Don't be naive.

So, if Dr. Carmona had witnessed the attack on Mort, I doubt he would have rendered Good Samaritan aid (slight chance if Mort had been a union brute, but still unlikely.) Instead, he and Obama would prefer to make jokes about Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin who warned of the IPAB death panel long ago and called the shots as she saw them.

Michael's said they had no security video of the incident. Rats. It would have gotten more views if posted on YouTube than the Central and Camelback light-rail station attack foiled by a man with a full-length samurai sword.