OCTOBER 17, 2012

4th Annual Stagecoach Village Fine Art and Wine Festival

Oct. 26-28 ~ Stagecoach Village in Cave Creek
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kim obrzut"That is the way of my culture – the strength and wisdom of being matriarchal. Working together to celebrate our blessings, and we share our world." ~ Kim Obrzut

Kim Seyesnem Obrzut, Stagecoach Village Fine Art and Wine Festival featured artist, is an award winning American Indian woman artist who has carved a respectable niche out of the Southwest art scene. Her grandfather, a Hopi Kachina doll carver, was instrumental in preparing Kim for her journey into the artist world.

She splits her time between her homes in the peaceful pines of Flagstaff and Cave Creek, with her three daughters, who are inspirations in her art. In her own words, "my work is very contemporary but my sculptures are steeped in spiritual and symbolic intent. I talk with my hands, the clay becomes my inner voice. The forms, the design, all of it is given to me. My work is totally orignal."

Kim has been casting bronze for over 21 years and continues to enamor her collectors and the Southwest art scene with her latest designs, including Eagle Wing. Kim is one of the first Hopis to work in bronze as an Art Medium and one of the first American Indian Women to work in bronze, which is historically a male dominated field of Art.

Kim has been featured in many national magazine articles and her works have been published in various books on Southwest Art. She has won numerous awards in Art and Sculpture shows across the United States in both Native and non-Native events. Kim represents herself with her own website kimobrzut.com. She travels to several art shows across the U.S. each year so she can personally meet her collectors and convey the stories of the Hopi people and her art in person.

Stagecoach Village Fine Art and Wine Festival
• Hours: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
• Free Admission
• Free Parking
• 7100 E. Cave Creek Rd., Cave Creek
• Festival Information: