CSHS Girls Varsity Volleyball

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Man-o-Man!  What an incredible two weeks of Volleyball at the Varsity level at Cactus Shadows High School.  The Junior Varsity and Freshman Girls have also been up against opponents with as much desire as CSHS to win.  What this brings to us at Sonoran News and you the reader/spectator is action and heart.

We have noticed as the season has gone one each game now is a mountain to climb.

Starting with Boulder Creek the first of four games the Varsity girls had their work cut out for them with actual point for point exchanges and slams to make your head spin from both teams.
The “Power Princesses” were able to finish off Boulder Creek in three straight sets.

Next the Varsity played Mingus High School out of Cottonwood. I’m sure Cactus Shadows knew this one was in the bag.  However … Mingus was on a mission.  And they almost achieved their goal.  The first two games belonged to the Falcons and the third a smoking performance by the Mingus girls that spun the head of the Lady Falcons and gave the Mingus team the win.  With the games now 2 to 1 in favor of Cactus Shadows something amazing happened and especially to Kelley Hajek and Carly Lenzen as their protection of the net and smashing hits and Kelly’s serving run of almost 10 points and methodical net play put the Falcons in an out front run that ended with a 25-9 win.  Now that being said the other players had a significant role in the win as well. I will make it a point from the papers standpoint and contribution of the ladies to make it a point to get all names in the paper.  In this situation it was very important to identify the standout play.  Most notable was the team’s smiling and cheering on each other along with the crowds response made for a deafening experience.  The town of Carefree may have had an issue with the decibel level.

Next was Notre Dame Prep, a private school the Falcons spanked last year and was so generous to spank the Falcons back this year.  In 3 straight like we beat others they did this to the Falcons. The games were all very close and as the Falcons have shown in the past smiles and teamwork still ran their side of the net.  The “Power Princesses” play Notre Dame this Thursday at their school and from our understanding Notre Dame better be ready.

The next game was Paradise Valley High, a team to be respected as the Falcons are.  From the coaches perspective the team is still working out bugs, but also was respectful that the Trojans (My Alma mater) out played the Falcons in 3 straight games.  Man you talk about mixed emotions?

From this reporter’s standpoint the games just get better and better. Make it a point to watch your Cactus Shadow Lady Falcons.  The Falcons have the potential to become this year’s Division winner and as long as the focus remains the same and the girls work as hard as they do for practice and games this may be a Downtown Cave Creek Parade!

Games are Tuesdays and Thursdays: Freshman at 4 p.m., JV at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. for Varsity.