AUGUST 22, 2012

My View by Don Sorchych

During this critical time in our nation’s history, we must educate ourselves about what is really happening. We must clearly understand, be prepared to explain and discuss our positions on issues of importance and vote our conscience. To that end, I am sharing with you this excellent piece on Paul Ryan.          
~Don Sorchych

my view by don sorchych

Our next Vice-President?

Well, early Saturday morning, August 11, we learned that Congressman Paul Ryan, Republican from Wisconsin, is to be Mitt Romney's pick for the next Vice President of The United States.

What are we to think of this selection? He's not a graduate of Columbia University. He's not a graduate of Harvard. He wasn't selected as the President of the Harvard Law Review. He didn't get a special free quota scholarship ride to any prestigious university and, instead, had to work his way through Miami University of Ohio. For God's sake the man drove the Oscar Mayer Wiener Truck one summer and waited tables another! 

AUGUST 15, 2012

Fenger Pointing by Becky Fenger

fenger pointing by becky fenger Campaign capers and quirks

Ahhhh, the vagaries of the campaign trail. Along with the jejune flyers and speeches are the bits of humor, intentional or not, that lighten our path.

AUGUST 22, 2012

Guest Editorials:


MENCKENS GHOSTConversations with Two Blinkers

blinker \‘blin-ker\ n (2012) : A person who blinks repeatedly in befuddlement when queried about his strong political and economic beliefs, because the beliefs were acquired without much thought from the mainstream media, from public school teachers or professors, or from parents and friends.

Blinkers come in all political persuasions and races and genders.  Below are recaps of conversations I had recently with two left-liberal blinkers.  I’ve had similar conversations with conservative blinkers, but on different subjects. 



I was stunned last night when some members of The Tea Party Patriots of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley) tried to talk over me and question me as to the relevancy of my asking the Scottsdale mayoral candidates about the drug cartels and the tens of thousands dead in Mexico by cartel hands.  And before you formulate an answer let me tell you that  Bill Crawford told me that there are in fact cartel people living on ranches in Scottsdale right now.