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Don SorchychChick-fil-A  •  Criminals

The Chick-fil-A phenomena are fascinating. It appears Mike Huckabee suggested a showing of solidarity for the restaurant and the public turned out in droves. Shari Jo and I were near the Mayo Boulevard Chick-fil-A and saw long lines of people and cars. We stopped for lunch and the lines only got longer. But the people were wonderfully nice and accommodating with each other. There were lots of T-shirts decorated with pro-gun and conservative causes and license plates with the same messages as well as Catholic and other Christian ones. The food was excellent and the employees were respectful and helpful, even though quite busy.

I am sure you know the President is Dan T. Cathy and his father is Chairman S. Truett Cathy who founded Chick-fil-A in 1981. It looks like running a business as real Christians has it rewards as the founder is a billionaire.

bil canfield editorial cartoonDan Cathy didn’t try to pick a fight; he merely stated his convictions about marriage and gay bullies decided to try and destroy a fabulous business and trounce the First Amendment too.
The fact is Chick-fil-A doesn’t discriminate against their employees or customers. They have an enviable record of fairness and honesty.

So the bullies decided to have “kiss ins” at the restaurants and a few did. But their feeble efforts were orders of magnitude weaker than the tea party and Christian support by attendance.

Fair minded people respect the opinions of others but the organized bullies in the country not only want it their way but they try to destroy others who disagree with them.
The sad fact is the national media supports the truants and damns the patriotic Christian heroes at Chick-fil-A.

Jared Loughner
The trial of Loughner was on Aug. 7. He, by plea bargain, was sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole. Although Loughner was a diagnosed schizophrenic, U.S. District Judge Larry Burns ruled that Loughner was competent to stand trial.

The U.S. prosecutor said the deal was the best way to speed healing. The prosecutor is in error; the pain felt by victims’ families and friends may never heal as long as the mass murderer is alive, and that may be a long time. Perhaps healing would start with his death.
I listened to discussions on talk radio. Public opinion ranged from the court did the right thing to why not an eye for an eye justice and simply kill him. Some connected the possibility of a death sentence to the current situation which is 20 years or so on death row.

Notice that another sinister monster, Charles Manson, is still alive and incarcerated but applies for parole all the time. It is a wonder that California doesn’t put him back on the streets again.
As, in a case as cut and dried as Loughner’s, why not stipulate a death sentence to be carried out in a reasonable time of say 30 days. Would current statutes allow that, or must new laws be passed? DNA analysis is not needed here; he is clearly guilty.

U.S. citizens want to separate themselves from barbaric practices of other civilizations. The feel good population is willing to spend huge sums of their tax dollars to support the lives of people who should never be released. Some people are career criminals and we have listed many over the years that immediately after serving time went right back to burglarizing or some other criminal practice. Worst of all are perverted child molesters for which there is no cure and rather than go back to jail, they kill the most innocent among us. Our kids deserve safety.
The number of people given a death sentence who are innocent is miniscule. So strict limits should be established in the time a death sentence is carried out. Career criminals should have to work so the public isn’t taxed for their keep.