AUGUST 1, 2012

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Quacks are flying with both wings

dr daveDr. Sealey and I have become quite consistent in our tweeting, since, as he likes to say, he began eating those hemp seed bran muffins every morning. Regardless, for those of you who are tweetless here is an update of our precious sought after tweets, which are out there in the twitterverse along with herpes and Charlie Sheen (redundant?). 


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Bloviation nation ...

steele coddingtonOnce a month I meet with the “Insanity in Politics Clinic,” a group of highly intelligent observers of the American political scene, trying to figure out if there is anything in the Obama ideology of governing that isn’t a bloviated distortion of the American way of life.  

AUGUST 1, 2012

An Unwelcome Visitor! Check your dog door

chiliSouthwest Wildlife Conservation Center’s Executive Director, Linda Searles, recently had an uninvited guest in her office. Linda is used to weird wildlife happenings, as she has been with SWCC since the start in 1994, but this recent visitor in her house was a first.

Triple R Horse Rescue Events

BUCKAROO BUNCO and American Potluck.

Triple R Horse Rescue will be participating in PACC 911's Bowl-A-Roma on August 4, and they need BOWLERS!