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Deep Throat

Where is our Deep Throat, where are Woodward and Bernstein, for that matter where are any investigative reporters? As the scandals stack up like cord wood the major media remain as staunchly in the presidential camp as for FDR during WWII. Is there no infraction of international law, no extra-constitutional power grab, no voter fraud, no cover-up, no bald-faced lie big enough to raise one red flag at the Washington Post or NYT? Our borders thrown open, military drawn down, the judiciary legislating, deficits soaring, unemployment near double digits, food stamp use up, home values/ownership down and taxes poised to rise. There are none so blind...

Where are the reporters? They are busy reporting on the Tom/Kat divorce or police "mistreatment" of violent criminals. But they can find nothing wrong within the beltway? What the hell, I'll meet them in a parking garage to strip off the blinders and offer some pointers. With just a little investigative work there may be a Pulitzer in the offering or impeachable offence to be had. No, there's not a Republican in the White House, and ideology does matter.

Personally, I don't care if this man was born on the capitol steps, he needs to go!

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek



Dear Ms. Bentley:
After getting home from a vacation trip, I read with interest your story about our school district voting for Charter Schools. It appears, if your news article has the correct facts/figures, that our ELECTED school Board did so without many facts.

Why Ms. Susan Clancy voted no is not made clear in the article, but I can only assume that she was uncomfortable in voting YES WITHOUT ALL OF THE FACTS and FIGURES needed to make such an important decision. I do not fault the district officials from requesting this change, based on receiving more money for Charter Schools vs. regular District Schools.

My complaint is with a duly elected School Board that has the fiduciary responsibility to all of the tax payers to garner ALL of the facts and figures BEFORE voting on such an important issue. They have abdicated this responsibility and should be RECALLED, each and every one of them EXCEPT Ms. Clancy. I attended the work study board meeting where this proposal was first presented. Dr. Frison very nicely weaved and bobbed all through his financial presentation and NEVER did answer any direct questions regarding finances. His answers centered around “we don't have all of the facts yet, but we are working with the state on that.”

Additional information on costs for busing, soft capital food services, etc., was left hanging. As to parents who elect NOT to send their child to a new Charter School, and Black Mountain becomes the lone district school, who is going to PAY the ADDITIONAL cost to transport the student? The parents? The tax payers? The district (that's us folks)??

God forbid, if the decision is made down the road that this Charter School idea doesn't work and the funds given to the charter schools has to be repaid to the state, where does that money come from?? This is the same district that CAN'T get any type of bond/override issues approved. I wonder why!! Maybe if MORE school parents were registered voters and actually VOTED things would be a little different. Your closing comments hit the nail on the head. If Charter Schools were the new panacea, why aren't more school districts converting??

In the meantime, let's RECALL the School Board and find people who know how to ask questions and not approve programs until they find out what the hell they are approving.

Just a tax payer … who always VOTES!!


The 'new' signs … so I’ve heard

On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 1:35 PM, John Traynor wrote:

On the subject of the “new” signs, I’ll share a few preliminary comments. Yesterday afternoon I made a point of finding each of the signs. Unfortunately at each location I had someone on my tail and so I could not slow or stop. Therein may lie at least one problem.

My preliminary comments are as follows:

There were 3 new signs, not the 2 that I had expected.

One at Carefree drive, and 2 on Pima, north of the cemetery; I thought the sign at Carefree Drive was tasteful and legible – it advertised 3 merchants;

The large [unexpected] sign on Pima was too much to read, with someone right behind me. I was driving about 15mph and still could not read everything on the sign;
The second “expected” sign was on the northeast corner of CCR at Pima (by OLOJ). It is similar to Carefree Drive but I almost didn’t spot it. I think it is in a very poor location.

More to follow, once I can get another good look.

On Thursday, July 12, 2012 7:54 AM Mayor David Schwan replied:

Thank you for your email about the signs.
I believe the "unexpected sign" has been in place for a number of years.

David Schwan
Mayor, Town of Carefree
480 488-3686

John Traynor responded:

Interesting that most of the “locals” in the area never notice it.

Only when specifically looking for the new sign, and realizing that the green distance to the lakes sign was removed, did the “unexpected” sign seem to materialize. Speaks to effectiveness.

Did Carefree receive approval from state or county authorities to remove the green distance sign?


Kiss of death

RINO Arizona Senators McCain and Kyl have just endorsed Jake Flake to run on the Repugnican ticket for Kyl's position, since the latter is retiring. This will ensure victory for Repugnican Wil Cardon or Democrap Richard Carmona, inasmuch as any endorsement made by McCain constitutes the kiss of death for a candidate.

GySgt Locke N. Lode,
USMC (ret)


To former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith

For your letter to Barack Hussein Obama, BRAVO ZULU! and a hearty Hoo-YAH!

J-P. A. Maldonado
Former Navy "Airedale"


Affordable Care Act

Six governors have already opted out of the Medicaid part of the law, which they have a right to do. The one reason that I can accept to do so is to not increase the national debt. Outside of that it makes no sense to me as the law provides 100 percent reimbursement to the states for the first three years and decreasing down to 90 percent by 2020 and thereafter. Currently the federal government reimburses states an average of 57 percent on Medicaid and 70 percent on DHIP the program that insures children through Medicaid.

Insurers will pay back $1.1 billion in refunds to consumers this summer for spending too much on overhead and excess profits, and not enough on your medical care.

Be prepared for changes in your coverage that are not specifically addressed in the law and are therefore legal for insurance companies to do. As a business they will want to keep down costs and keep profits up. The one obvious one is since deductibles (the amount you pay before the insurance kicks in) will be limited to $2,000, be prepared to see higher co-pays. The $20 you now pay for each doctor visit may soon be $50.

I find it insulting when I listen to the Republican leadership demanding that the law needs to be repealed without offering an alternative. I do agree the law is far from perfect, full of loopholes and likely to cost more than originally estimated so please offer me a better option. To date the only proposal I have seen from Paul Ryan is to pay seniors $5,000/year to buy their own insurance and eliminate Medicare. That amount would probably cover a healthy individual in their 30s but certainly not someone in their 70s or 80s. With all due respect, he has dropped that plan.

Dr. Bill Gallagher


Voter ID and our 44th or 45th President

It is estimated that between 5 and 10 percent of the votes the Democrats get to elect people who are bankrupting this nation are from voters who should not qualify. If Obama truly cares about the little people, why would he not want every eligible voter to have proper identification which would assist them in every phase of life. Oh Obama wants to get every last person he can on food stamps. Obama wants as many trained mice as he can generate to give him and his thugs more and more control. With almost 1/2 of our households paying no Federal Income Tax we are about to turn into a third world nation. Associated Press and most of the media seems to cherish this thought. Rich People should pay their fair share? What fair share are those paying no Federal Income Tax paying? America is being defeated from within without a shot being fired.

So Lifetime Caps On Health Insurance Coverage Are Gone! What the hell does that mean when some un-elected death panel will decide who gets treatment and who won't? If you’re old, you are expendable and not worthy of further investment. Hey, the sooner a senior dies the less SS payments are paid. Better keep a potential tax payer or a democrat voter alive than an old Conservative! Right? Did AARP and Congress tell us a big lie? Is this a tax Sen. Casey?

When Chief Justice Roberts gave the 44th president his oath of office did the "President" purger himself? Did Justice Roberts become an accomplice to his deception? Were the ballots legal which voted Barry in? Supposedly after our president was adopted and his name was legally changed to Barry Soetoro and never changed back to Barack Hussein Obama II. We have a legal system which allows people to change their names. Why has the current president not held to the same laws.

One would think that the media might be curious.

Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania

We sincerely apologize for incorrectly attributing this July 18 Letter to the Editor to John Bury, US Navy, Retired. The author of “Voter ID and our 44th or 45th President” is Joseph DuPont of Towanda, Pennsylvania.


Judge Wake rules that Hos Hoskins cannot protect the taxpayers and stop frivolous payout to Wilcox

Biased Judge Wake had ruled against Sheriff Arpaio in 2008

In an outrageous decision reeking of liberal judicial activism, federal district court judge Neil Wake has rejected County Treasure Hos Hoskins' motion to intervene and stop the taxpayers from giving corrupt County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox $975,000 for "stress." Even the other County Supervisors oppose the payout! Wake is the same judge who ruled that Sheriff Arpaio broke the law in 2008 over jail conditions. He is predisposed against Arpaio.

Judge Wake rejects Hoskins' motion saying, "It is doubtful that Hoskins can bring such a motion." EXCUSE ME? He says it is doubtful yet rules against it? What kind of law is that? If there is room for disagreement, the judge could have come down on the side of allowing Hoskins' motion. Clearly the judge has an agenda to choose to come down on the side of giving our tax dollars to slimy Wilcox.

Judge Wake awarded even more attorneys fees and costs to Wilcox's attorneys relating to Hoskins' motion to intervene. When is the gravy train going to end for this greedy, corrupt Supervisor? Are there any grown-ups in the judiciary or are they all part of the gravy train?
There is an alternative to corrupt Supervisor Wilcox in this year's election. Tea Party activist Ron Harders is running a write-in campaign against her. He needs around 250 people to write him in on their ballots during the primary election in order to get on the ballot.

Then he will be on the general election ballot. Get the word out. This disgusting leech on the taxpayers needs to be removed from office.

Ron Harders


War against America’s freedoms

Are you aware that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is waging war against America’s freedoms?

The mainstream media depicts the ACLU as a defender of freedom, but in reality it is working to eliminate freedom.

The ACLU was founded in 1920 by Roger Baldwin who said, “I am for socialism, disarmament and ultimately for abolishing the state itself … communism is the goal.” (1992 Policy Goals of the ACLU)

The ACLU is committed to:
Banning all public expressions of religion in America
Filing lawsuits to tear down Ten Commandment displays in courthouses and Christmas trees and Manger scenes in the public square
Not allowing school valedictorians to mention Jesus or school sports teams to pray before games
Depriving parents of the right to raise children according to their beliefs
Opposing the Boy Scouts being able to set standards of conduct for their leaders
Removing barriers that protect children from pornographers and pedophiles
Forcing a homosexual legal agenda on Americans
Redefining marriage as no longer a union between a man and a woman and forcing the acceptance of same sex “marriage”
Using public schools to promote acceptance of homosexual behavior
Suing the Arizona border sheriffs personally foe enforcing immigration law
Working to destroy traditional values
Opposing the freedom of churches to proclaim the Word of God
Undermining the U.S. Constitution by imposing Muslim Law on Americans through the courts. (In Muslim Law, honor killings, jihad bombings and beheading Christians are legal. Will the ACLU defend these?)

A loophole in the law is used by the ACLU to force American taxpayers to pay the ACLU millions of dollars in legal “fees” to advance its agenda against religion. The ACLU has almost unlimited resources including $400 million in assets and more than 2,000 volunteer and staff attorneys.

Currently in Congress, Speaker Boehner is fighting to pass legislation to close the loopholes that allow the ACLU to get our tax dollars.

Arden Druce
Camp Verde


Environmental interests seek to block energy exports, free trade

While well-healed environmental interests attempt to shut down oil, coal and natural gas production – which account for roughly 82 percent of domestic energy use – they are simultaneously working to prevent it from being shipped overseas as well. Environmental interests, such as the Sierra Club, are actively campaigning to shut down all natural gas export terminals in the United States while City Councils in the Oregon cities of Eugene and Portland are preparing to vote on measures aimed at restricting coal exports as well.
"This is a disappointing demonstration of just how calloused fringe environmental interests truly are," said Ryan Houck, executive director of Free Market America. "At a time when millions of Americans are searching for work, it's senseless to attempt to shut down industries that create jobs and remain indispensable to our economy."

Americans for Limited Government president Bill Wilson added, "It's abundantly clear: If your job involves producing or moving energy and you don't receive a Solyndra-style subsidy, radical environmentalists probably want to put you out of work. It would be a terrible shame if elected

officials on the West Coast bow to these environmental groups and flagrantly disregard the interests of American workers and the essential principle of economic freedom."
Americans for Limited Government and Free Market America partner on free market issues that focus on environmental issues. The partnership was launched earlier this year and is responsible for the viral video "If I wanted America to fail,", a runaway hit that scored more than 2.4 million views on YouTube.

Americans for Limited Government


What’s good for the goose is no longer good for the gander

American industry is tarred and feathered for legally “exporting American jobs” to foreign workers while the U.S. government is praised for supporting the illegal importation of thirty million foreign workers who displace American workers within the USA. Where is the logic in this? When the cost to the American tax-payers is added to provide emergency health care and education for the foreign worker’s families, the comparison becomes even more bizarre.

And why is the press silent as Obama’s General Motors now manufactures seventy percent of its cars in foreign countries while Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital is accused of moving just a few thousand jobs overseas? It appears that what is good for the goose is now longer good for the gander in today’s America.

Jack C. McVickers