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Obama targeting Sheriff Joe

Russell PearceDear Friends,

The Obama IN-justice Department recently announced it was going to sue America’s TOUGHEST/greatest sheriff, and our nation’s toughest law enforcement officer, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

This is the worst, ugliest display of election-year grandstanding that I have ever seen.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a friend of mine. He is a leader. And he is not only a proud Arizonan and American, but he is a dedicated and faithful servant who does his job, even when others wish he wouldn’t.

And there’s the real story.

Barack Obama doesn’t want America’s illegal immigration laws enforced. Plain and simple, that’s the issue we face.

He’s taken Arizona to court to stop us. And he’s doing everything he can to stop other sovereign U.S. States like Oklahoma, Missouri, Utah, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Indiana, too.

It seems there is nothing Barack Obama won’t do to stop America’s laws from being enforced, including suing Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

President Obama has made Sheriff Joe Arpaio an object of his election-year campaign strategy. Contribute to Ban Amnesty Now and join me in defending a great defender of our country.

Arizona is a southern border state. Our neighbor to the south is Mexico. More than 90 percent of illegal aliens crossing into the United States are of Hispanic origin, and fully 65 percent are from Mexico proper. When Sheriff Arpaio and other law enforcement target illegal aliens along Arizona’s borders, they aren’t targeting any race, ethnicity, or people. But the likelihood is, a majority will be Hispanic and Mexican along the Arizona-Mexican border.

Take it a step …
When Sheriff Joe Arpaio aims to shut down Mexico’s billion-dollar illegal human smuggling cartels, which condemn young women and girls into slavery, pornography and worse – including many as young as 12 to 14 years old – he isn’t doing it because they are Mexican. Sheriff Joe is leading the fight because they are human smugglers involved in some of the ugliest of all crimes …

… and they must be stopped!

The real story, frankly, is why does Barack Obama and his liberal political mafia object?
Friends, we have worked together successfully to stop Obama’s amnesty schemes, stop the so-called “Dream Act” amnesty twice, and stop the liberals from bankrupting America and stealing more U.S. jobs.

I need your help today.

Sheriff Joe has stood by me and supported me time and time again. Together we have made Arizona a safer place for families. We have helped pass good laws, like Arizona’s Legal Workforce Act, and SB-1070, supported by a majority of Arizonans and Americans.
And with Sheriff Arpaio, someone who has the courage to enforce the laws when the liberal media and the Washington establishment did everything they could to stop him, we have made a difference! More than 200,000 illegal aliens have voluntarily left Arizona. We are enjoying a 30-year low in crime. Our violent crime rate has dropped 3-TIMES that of the national average …

… and jobs for LEGAL residents are up!

So I need you to join me today and help me support Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Your sheriff. My sheriff. America’s Sheriff!

We will use the resources we raise to defend his character against the vicious and unfounded smear attacks of the media elites and the Obama attack dogs. We will stand up to his IN-justice Department and their mafia-style attacks against Arizona and our elected officials, and we will prevail. All of your contributions will be used to educate the American public on how Joe’s policies are working and the Eric Holder’s plan for protecting our border has failed.

Please, think of everything Sheriff Joe Arpaio has done for Arizona, for America, and for the values we share. Help me thank him for his service by helping defend him, his record, and the truth about his great service to America.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and your support.
For Liberty and America,
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