APRIL 4, 2012

Coleman family receives Law & Honor proceeds

k of c charity dinnerOn March 28, 2012, the K of C Assembly #2833 from St. Gabriel’s the Archangel Catholic Church in Cave Creek, presented a check in the amount of $ 2,235 to Mrs. Beth Coleman, the widow of a Maricopa County Deputy Sheriff William Coleman, who was killed in a shootout in Anthem on Jan. 8, 2012. The 20 year veteran was ambushed while responding to a robbery in progress at an Anthem mall.

Photo: K of C District Deputy Bill Pokorny, Mrs. Beth Coleman and Worthy Navigator Phil Trojanowski are pictured at the check awards ceremony.

APRIL 4, 2012


buddyA while back a friend of mine gave me a T-shirt that read, “I wish I could be half the man my dog thinks I am.” There’s certainly an element of truth to that. To Buddy, I was everything and he trusted me implicitly. He was rescued as a pup and a bond of trust was established early on. Buddy was raised in a house with three adult cats. They taught the little pup to respect them or they’d give him a whack right on the nose. Buddy came to love the cats and they loved their trained dog. Last year, I brought home a tiny kitten and Buddy immediately adopted her as his own. They became inseparable friends. I know she misses him a lot and so do I. My friend Buddy passed peacefully on Tuesday, March 27, 2012.

I wanted to share this with all my friends in Cave Creek since you all loved him too. He was the town dog! A very gentle loving Spirit, I know you’re all gonna miss seeing him on our dog walks. So many of you would honk and wave. Since you were waving with all five fingers, I figured you were waving at the dog. God bless all my friends. I’m so grateful for your expressions of sympathy. I love you all and so did Buddy. To quote Will Rogers: “Since there are no dogs in heaven, when I die I want to go where they went.”

Joe G.
Cave Creek