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Obamacare turning two, costs still rising as point of no return nears

FAIRFAX, Va. – On Monday, Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson issued the following statement on the second anniversary of the passage of Obamacare this month:

"It has been nearly two years since Obamacare was signed into law, and the costs keep climbing. Through 2022, taxpayers are on the hook for gross costs of $1.75 trillion, a 10-year figure that will only continue to rise as we near the law's full implementation years. It has already resulted in more than 2,000 pages of new regulations — more than 2.13 million words — five times longer than the statute itself.

"In 2014, the individual mandate — barring a Supreme Court ruling this summer — is still set to go into effect. That is the point of no return. As millions of Americans change their professions, they will lose their current health care plans, and because of the mandate, be forced into government-run, taxpayer-subsidized insurance exchanges. As a result, they will be driven off privately run plans into a labyrinthine bureaucracy of red tape and rationing.
"Irrevocably, this law will interfere with life-and-death decisions best left to doctors and patients, and as the government runs out of money, will reduce benefits and increase costs. The American people were better off with a system with real choices that they fund themselves, instead of this government-run nightmare."

Americans for Limited Government is a non-partisan, nationwide network committed to advancing free market reforms, private property rights and core American liberties. For more information on ALG please call 703-383-0880 or visit


The Navy comes to Phoenix!

This year marks the centennial of Arizona’s statehood. I am excited to celebrate this proud event, being the grandson of grandparents who were born in the Territory of Arizona. As an Admiral in the Navy, I am equally as excited to let Arizonans know about Phoenix Navy Week.

Phoenix Navy Week, March 26-31, is one of 15 selected cities where America’s Navy will “come home” in 2012, giving area residents an opportunity to meet your Navy’s Sailors and learn about your Navy’s critical mission and broad-ranging capabilities. The heritage required to shape and develop this great state over a hundred years ago are so similar to the fighting spirit and boldness of today’s Navy Sailors.

The U.S. Navy conducts Navy Weeks across the country to show Americans the capabilities and people of their Navy. During Phoenix Navy Week, we will conducts over 50 outreach events here in Phoenix metropolitan area, sharing the Navy story and showcasing our sailors with Arizonans.

The Navy is our nation’s front line in war and in peace, operating on, above and below the sea. We want Arizonans to think of the Navy as America’s “away team”. We are deployed around the world, defending our nation’s interests every day so that Arizonans can live in peace with their families, safe and secure, here in the “Valley of the Sun.”

There is a definite direct link between a strong Navy and a prosperous Arizona (and all of America) through the free flow of the 90 percent of all of the world’s trade that travels by sea.

Just as our nation called upon Arizona’s 420 Navajo Code Talkers in World War II to enable the success of every major engagement in the Pacific, from Guadalcanal to Okinawa, America has called upon her Navy and its warfighting Sailors to preserve our country’s security and prosperity since 1775.

Please join me during Phoenix Navy Week at one of the events as we celebrate the history and heritage of two of my favorite things … Arizona and the Navy!

Scott Sanders
Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy


Eric Holder should just dry up and blow away

Eric Holder's attempt to interfere with Texas Photo Identification requirements to vote smacks with the same arrogance as his fatal "Fast and Furious" gun disaster, civilian trials for terrorists, and letting the Black Panthers terrorize voters. ( His law firm made millions defending terrorist defendants. )  With the prospect of fraud with paperless voting, we need all the safeguards we can get to make sure that only valid voters vote!  Americans thank Texas, Tennessee, Indiana, South Carolina, Georgia, and Kansas and Mississippi  for taking this action and we pray that you hold firm in your resolve to ensure fair elections, which apparently Obama and Holder are against!.

Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Terrorists fire rockets, missiles at Israel

The attacks from Gaza have aimed at major population centers. Half a million Israelis have been forced to take refuge in shelters.

Israel's response has been measured. Israel gave the terrorists a chance to calm the situation but they have continued firing scores of rockets at Israeli civilians.

Israel has the right to defend itself. Its people should not have to live in constant fear of terror attacks and rockets.

The United States and the international community should condemn these attacks unreservedly.

The international community should cut off ties with Hamas, a terrorist organization that receives money and weapons from Iran and is committed to destroying Israel.

The United States should make it clearer than ever that it holds Iran responsible for arming and financing these terrorists in Gaza – and that Iran's drive to develop nuclear weapons will be stopped by whatever means are necessary.

Jacky Sebag


President Obama’s actions are cause for impeachment

On June 28, 2009, Honduran President Zelaya was ousted after defying a Supreme Court order to drop plans for a referendum to ask Hondurans if they wanted to change the Constitution.  The coup had the support of the Honduran Supreme Court, Congress, and a majority of its citizens.

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rejected Honduras’s Supreme Court and Congress, and a Honduran citizen majority of ousting President Zelaya by demanding the return of Zelaya as Honduran President. Honduras is a free government today.

It appears President Obama and other members of his administration may be replicating Honduran President Zelaya’s miscalculations of violating or considering the violation(s) of our Constitution and US Code.

“Free and open elections” are one of the most “precious freedoms” for each and every citizen who is a legally qualified voter under our US Constitution. The importance is for each individual legally, qualified voter to have that person’s votes to be fully weighed. “Voter fraud” is a violation of our Constitutional freedoms. “Voter fraud” is an “obstruction to justice” as each counterfeit vote actually diminishes every legally, qualified voter’s values and rights.

On March 12, 2012, AG Eric Holder “blocked” Texas “Voter ID”.  On March 2, 2012, AG Eric Holder prosecuted Florida’s “Voter ID”.  On December 2011, AG Eric Holder “blocked” South Carolina’s “Voter ID”; a law mirrored after Indiana’s “Voter ID”.  President Obama and his Attorney General seem to continue in efforts to authorize “Voter fraud” for their own personal and political advantages.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on a 6 to 3 vote that “Voter ID” is permitted. President Obama and AG Eric Holder “must” abide by SCOTUS or be “Impeached.” Do President Obama and AG Eric Holder believe they are above US Supreme Court rulings?

On March 9, 2012, Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta and his military advisors say U.S. Military is under the control of UN & NATO - NOT Congress .

The US Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, says, “The Congress shall have Power… To declare War..”. At no place does (y)our US Constitution give the UN and/or NATO any power to “supersede” Congress.  Do President Obama and AG Eric Holder believe they are above the US Constitution?

Sec. Panetta’s conclusions came after President Obama used military force sending our US Military to Libya without any Congressional authorization.  Based on US Constitutional law, any violations by President Obama, Sec. Panetta, or any other(s) without Congressional approval must be “Impeached.”

On a somewhat daily basis, we see and/or hear on our TV, radio, and/or in the newspapers of additional allegations of unauthorized and/or illegal activity within this President Obama administration.

As Honduran President Zelaya was ousted after defying their Constitution, our Constitutional freedoms must be preserved.

Oscar Y. Harward
Monroe, North Carolina


Past is prologue

Dear fellow Wingnuts:

Those of you who have read German history may have been alarmed, as I was, by the regime's announcement week on the creation of FEMA Corps. Take some time and Google or Wiki Hitler Jugend, and get back to me with your comments. By the way, I was exposed to the terror and arrogance of Juventud Peronista in Argentina (same s#it, different smell).

J-P A. Maldonado


Don’t kill the death penalty

In a recent letter to the editor criticizing the implementation of the death penalty the writer asks the rhetorical question “Why do we think that killing people who kill demonstrates that killing is wrong?” What the writer apparently does not understand is that the death penalty is not a demonstration project.

I actually partially agree with the ban in the sense that I also think we should eliminate the death penalty……as soon people stop committing acts for which they deserve to die. For example, how should we punish someone who brutally murders a child and then dismembers the body? Or what would we do to a person who is already serving a life sentence without possibility of parole and then commits another murder?

What about the victim’s families who must live in fear for the rest of their lives that the offender is still alive and may even escape from prison?

There is no judicial judgment that is without error, including the death penalty. Therefore, we must be as careful as possible in every sentence. But the fact is there are some people who commit acts that are so repulsive that they cannot be allowed to live, even behind bars.

Roy Miller


Defeat of undesired incumbents

If you are an Independent voter, affiliated with neither the Republican nor Democratic party, you and your vote will be wooed in the months leading up to the November general election. As a voting group Independents may have a huge impact on whether a Democrat or a Republican is elected to represent you in the U.S. House of Representatives for the next two years. Still, that may result in NO CHANGE in the makeup of congress! Your participation in the general election may not be enough to bring about any change.

As an Independent you probably do not participate in the primary elections thinking these are only party functions. But this is where the incumbents are most vulnerable! The winners of these primary elections have a 50-50 chance of election in November. If you think your representative should be replaced, your BEST CHANCE to make this happen is to vote in the primary of his/her party and vote for a challenger.

Even Democrats and Republicans can “cross party lines” and vote in the “other” primary. We simply must cooperate with each other to bring about “change that matters.” Our shared objective should be the defeat of undesired incumbents.

Glen Terrell
Arlington, Texas


The bottom line

A full-scale campaign has been launched by American Muslim organizations seeking to push Sharia law ahead of constitutional law.

While at the very same time …

The Obama administration is ever so busy attacking American Christianity and people of  faith in general and the Catholic faith in particular. We are witnessing his left wing anti-Christian legions along with the godless judiciary continuously work towards removing God from our lives by attacks on our 1st Amendment Rights.

Now is the time for all people of faith to wake up, smarten up, rise up and come together to lead the charge in removing this disaster from office.

Tom Carbone