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don sorchychThe long awaited press conference promised by Sheriff Joe Arpaio was held on March 1. This was the Cold Case Posse report on Barack Hussein Obama’s Constitutional eligibility to serve as the President of America.

Linda Bentley attended the press conference and has a complete report in this issue. There are also reports which can be found online.

Sheriff Arpaio is to be commended for taking on this task. It proves he is a true law enforcement official with rare courage and commitment to find the truth.

We have been called a “birther” paper because we have doubted Obama is eligible for many reasons, including where he was born and who is father was. But any reasoning person would wonder why Obama has gone to such expense to hide his past. There are estimates Obama has paid $2 million to block access to his birth certificate, school records, travel records and a whole lot more.

The investigators comprising the Cold Case Posse gave a limited report but provided a long list of other situations they are investigating.

It is no surprise the attending “journalists” asked questions which were accusatory of Arpaio rather than about the evidence presented. That was true in print media and on TV and radio. It was so bad Arpaio wrote a scathing rebuttal in the way left Arizona Republic. The article was labeled “Biased media belittled Obama inquiry.”

Arpaio said the local media “were practically salivating at the opportunity to embarrass me, my highly capable volunteer investigators and anyone else who would dare show an interest in the possibility that this investigation could lead to any credible evidence into what they claim has already ‘been looked into’ or ‘widely debunked.’”

He is exactly right, there was no vetting of Obama for the simple reason that the national media were and remain wedded to Obama.

It was disappointing that Arpaio’s press conference was treated as local news and even then was labeled as “political.” I vainly searched all the channels and stations without finding mention of this important event. It was especially dismaying that if Rush or Hannity mentioned it, I missed it.

If the Republican winner of the primaries doesn’t assault Obama’s mysterious past and relationships with Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers and others, they aren’t being fair to the American people as John McCain wasn’t, and as a consequence lost the presidential election.

Furthermore, the lack of coverage of Obama’s origin and past indicate total lack of any testicular fortitude.

Thank God we have the rare and patriotic sheriff we have. Now is the time to support his candidacy for reelection. There are no opponents anywhere close to Arpaio’s fame, steadfast adherence to law enforcement and conservative thinking and action.

He is being attacked by the Justice Department for civil rights violations, a vicious political assault that has no merit. He is also continuously attacked by Mexican activists who would like to see this state as a suburb of Mexico. Support Joe’s reelection and support the Cold Case Posse volunteers to help them continue their investigations.

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