A dark and lawless path

After sitting through the fire district meeting in Rio Verde on Feb. 21, my early concerns are still present.

And, though there are many, the only one I spoke of that night elicited a less than pleasing response.

Legislation concerning the formation of fire districts has been amended from requiring a two-thirds majority to a 50 percent plus one petition signature requirement.

Andrew Chavez, who owns Black Top Strategies, the company hired by Rural/Metro to collect signatures, is currently facing civil RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization) charges in federal court for what appears to be petition signature fraud.

The three-member fire district board spent a lot of time and effort to show support for his company, telling those of us in the audience this racketeering charge is no big deal and that a couple of forged signatures is apparently OK with them.

I have trouble with this.

This is the same three-member board that will be negotiating contracts on my behalf as a taxpayer in this fire district, while obviously we don’t see eye to eye on ethics.

Their support and enthusiasm for this fire district, noble as it is it, concerns me as a participant.

The second half of my concern is with Rural/Metro’s decision-making process to employ, or continue to employ this same company, whether it knew of the RICO complaint at the beginning or found out later.

The tactics applied throughout this entire process, from the legislature allowing the percentage change debacle, to signature gathering techniques, deception, scare tactics and misinformation, to our own fire district board’s inability to distance themselves from a company facing RICO charges while representing our community, is a shame.

It concerns me this process showed up in the dark and has remained there.
What is the rush? What is the hurry, other than to put Rural/Metro on the tax rolls so they will have dedicated income probably for life?

I suppose that would be my motive as well if I were in their place.

Rural/Metro has inferred they really want to help us to be safe and secure in our community.

Why then, haven’t they rented a house out here, placed an engine and proved what they claim is in fact worth getting on the tax rolls for?

They could ask us to subscribe and maybe be more successful than their current numbers show.

I am not against fire coverage. I am not against additional medical services. I am not against Rural/Metro.

I am against a for-profit company, of any kind, seeking a dark and lawless path onto the county tax rolls.

Kurt McFarland
Rio Verde


More financial nonsense from CCUSD

I read in the Republic that CCUSD has removed $1.9M from their budget due to the voters disapproving the last two attempts at overrides. Much of this is nonsense.

First of all, CCUSD asked the public for $4M. Now they claim to have cut $1.9M so why did they ask for $4M in the first place. Greed?

Then they explain that $750,000 of the cut is because student enrollment decreased. Since that is the case, they should not have needed these teachers in the first place and should have taken this reduction as a matter of good management.

Then they claim a budget reduction of $404,000 that is just untrue. The so called reduction does not exist. They are spending the same money, but are charging parents an additional $125 per month to cover their costs.

Add these two items together and you get $1.15M. In other words, CCUSD asked the public for $4M, did not get it, and has now reduced their budget by just $750,000 below what (they say) is needed. Had the public authorized the override, CCUSD would now have about $3.2M it does not need but would certainly spend.

By the way, a board member commented on how the teacher reduction "sickens him." What it amounts to is a reduction of just 8 teachers, raising class size by one student per classroom.

How about more empathy for us taxpayers!

Rich Bail
Cave Creek


Soup Nazis

A group of egg headed, elitist, snobbish, and lest I forget, liberal, university professors gathered in the Bay Area recently to brain-storm on how the establishment of sugar as a controlled substance might be accomplished. Some advocated an approach like a band of carbohydrate Carry Nations, a frontal attack with legal consequences for users; others a long-term demonization of a legal product accompanied with media guilt trips. They are not alone.

Everywhere is the story of the North Carolina child confronted by her schools "Food Police" declaring the turkey sandwich and fruit lunch, prepared by her mother, lacking in proper nutritional value by federal guidelines. She was issued chicken nuggets and corn, a bill sent home payable to the government school. What arrogance! You may be assured there was no butter on her corn, and "No salt for you!"

At a Michigan house education committee hearing, a trained educator, Ms. X (she would want me to use her name) was quoted saying "... they (parents) may want the best for their children, but they may not know what's best." And the state does? This is all beginning to sound like something out of William Shirer's "Nightmare Years." But what do I know? Maybe none of us are capable of making these decisions without our benevolent, all knowing government.

Pass the sugar.

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek


Margy Tolson’s letter to Sonoran News

Dear Margy:

I just finished reading your thoughtful and well drafted letter to Sonoran News. It explains exactly what type of person voted for Glorious Leader. May I suggest that next time you try a foreign language – English, perhaps?

J-P. A. Maldonado


Act of Valor

I just watched this movie about some real missions of Seal Team 7. No actors, all active duty Navy Seals.

I fought back tears and am a 56 year old man. These men represent the finest and bravest and most Patriotic people in our country.

Barack Obama is NOT WORTHY of these men as Commander in Chief. Our men and women deserve MUCH BETTER than a political hack who hates America.

Steve Caddy
Cave Creek


Acceptable salutations

Imagine you are at a Gay Pride march or a Black Power Rally or even at an Occupy Wall Street event and you have just been told you are about to meet America’s First Half White President. Imagine your joy!!! But then the panic sets in as you are not sure how to greet such greatness. You know “Hi Hussein” will not do. There are several acceptable salutations when meeting this President.

There is the Single Finger Salutation, otherwise known as the Jan Brewer greeting. Only Brewer used the wrong finger when throwing it at O.H.B. I think you know what I mean.

Then, and this is the preferred approach, there is the Warren Buffett method. Formally known as the Dog Sniff and Greet approach. This method is widely used by Hollywood types, Solyndra executives, liberals in general. It is not a pretty sight even when exhibited by real canines.

His Highness has indicated how he would prefer to be greeted. When he meets a foreign leader he often bows deeply from the waist. But so far the foreign dignitaries have not adopted this posture when meeting him. Actually this is just a slight variation of the Dog Sniff method and is not likely to catch on.

But imagine you wander into one of the events mentioned above and instead of immense joy at the thought of meeting OHB you are horrified and fear you might have to rush home to shower unless you can keep Him at bay. A large cross or a clove of garlic might slow his approach. But you can stop him in his tracks of you happen to have a large photo of Winston Churchill handy. (Remember that his first act upon entering the Oval Office was to have the Bust of Churchill bundled up and returned to his worst enemy, the Queen of England.)

Good luck with whatever you do and have a nice day.

Mickey Gibson


Total lack of humanity

Muslims riot and kill/murder whoever is available over the burning of their "holy" book the Koran." That needs to be repeated, murdering, killing, "Holy Book." That's a bunch of nonsense. These "people" have no morality as well as a total lack of humanity.

It's that clear and it's that simple.

Nonetheless, Obama apologizes.

Wow, really?

Apologizing appears to be the only thing Obama may be good at.

Jihad has destroyed and murdered untold numbers of Christians and their churches throughout the civilized world for centuries. On the many recent atrocities against Christian Churches the only thing out of the White House is total silence.

Over the centuries Jihad, also known as "Holy War," has destroyed the Christian Middle East as well as the Christian North Africa.

Persian Zoroastrians and Hindus soon became the next victims and suffered the same fate from the "Religion of Peace" and its reliance on Jihad and the spilling of blood. The destruction of Christianity in the Middle East, Egypt, Turkey and North Africa was the result of Islam and its Jihad. There was no co-existing; it was either convert or die. This resulted in the loss of half of the Christians.

It is estimated nearly 60 million Christians were slaughtered during the spread of this" religious" conquest. Half of the Hindu civilization was annihilated and 80 million Hindus killed. The first Western Buddhists were Greeks descended from Alexander the Great's army in what is now Afghanistan. Jihad destroyed all of Buddhism along the silk route. The Buddhists that were killed numbered nearly 10 million.

Christians and animists that have died in Africa over the last 1400 years of jihad number about 120 million. Approximately 270 million nonbelievers died over the last 1400 years for the glory of political Islam. These are the Tears of Jihad which are not taught in any school.
Right now we are living through more of the same as Christians and Jews are being sold out by B. Hussein Obama.

Is there anyone else who wonders why?

Name withheld by request


A political proposal as the election nears

First let me say I feel I am a conservative. However, I don’t believe I fit into a category that would define me like Republican or Libertarian. I don’t consider myself liberal but share some liberal beliefs.

Therefore I would like to propose the “American Party.” This party would believe in a smaller government, less taxes, less spending. It would also concentrate its efforts on protecting America from outside threats, securing our borders, and assisting individual states with projects related to infrastructure.

I don’t believe the government has a right to determine the legality of birth control or abortion. I believe women and their families have the right to choose if a product or procedure is available. I feel the government could assist or financially support a health care system that would cover only major medical working in conjunction with existing health care providers. No coverage for elective procedures, no free birth control, Viagra, or abortions.

I don’t believe it is the government’s place to feed our children in school. While I didn’t grow up poor, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was a normal lunch. It was my mom’s responsibility to feed me and she had to do it on a budget. Oh, obesity wasn’t a problem.

I would abolish Social Security or make it optional and give all those that contributed to the program their money back in a lump sum. No more social security tax. I fear that the government has already spent that money and couldn’t come up with the cash. I feel that it is my responsibility to take care of myself in my golden years not my Uncle Sam.

No more funds sent to countries overseas to buy their friendship. How much of a friend is someone you had to pay to get them to like you?

Unemployment would be cut to 30 days not 99 months. There are jobs that will pay the equivalent of an unemployment check. You may not like them, you may be over qualified but tough. I’ve taken those jobs and survived.

I believe in God, I don’t care what you believe in.

I don’t believe in bailouts or mortgaging our children’s future. I don’t believe in putting Band-Aids on problems like the housing crisis. The Band-Aid will come off, the scab come open, and we will be facing the problem again before you know it.

I believe that it is our federal government’s responsibility to keep America fiscally sound, militarily strong, and committed to the constitution.

I believe if you are in our country illegally you should leave. If you don’t want to leave, you should be escorted to the border.

I believe that we should take advantage of our natural resources and harvest them with a minimum amount of destruction to Mother Earth.

I believe in supporting law enforcement, firefighters, and educators as long as they do their jobs with enthusiasm and care. If they don’t do their jobs to a high standard I want them fired and replaced by people worthy of our trust.

I don’t really care about gas prices, I care that everyone in this country understands that it truly is the land of opportunity. I care that people rich, poor, black, white, green, gay, straight, Hispanic, all understand that excuses for failure or mediocrity are hollow and lead to a miserable life.

I want parents to be responsible for their children and be an example to be admired.

I want Americans to once again feel a pride that comes with hard work, clawing your way to success, and pride in your country and peers. I don’t want my government to define me or my children.

We need to get back to basics and understand just how blessed we are as a people.

I’m tired of lost liberties and smug politicians that think I’m not smart enough to understand the big picture. I’m for common sense, truth, justice, and the American way …If we can remember what that is.

Scott Haberman
Cave Creek


A Cold September Day

She walks into the clinic on a cold September day
Just a simple procedure, comforting words meant to sway
A precious life she carries, the decision in her hand
Conscience put aside, caring hearts can’t understand
The silent scream of a life about to end
A lifetime of regret about to begin
Not told of the guilt she’ll have to pay
She walks into the clinic on a cold September day.
The promise of free live without regret
No pull, no thrill, can ever make her forget
Wanting a life without struggle or pain
Left with a life of nothing, nothing but shame
An unborn baby to heaven makes its way
A haunting memory on a cold September day
A life of sorrow, the child she’ll never hold
As cold rain falls down upon her weary soul
Only a forgiving God to make all things right
A beautiful child waiting to hold this mother tight
All made new and Lucifer sent to stay
Every angel rejoicing on this cold September day.

Ed Harris
Cave Creek


President Obama is wrong

An individual's life is a continuum. If there is anything after death, I do not know, but when does life begin? At conception? At birth? This seems to be the crux of the problem regarding both embryonic stem cell research and abortion.

On the most basic level, what makes me different from you? What distinguishes one individual from another? I think everyone would agree that, at least biologically, each of us is defined by our genetic code (our DNA). So, perhaps the question should be: When does an individual's DNA first appear? The answer is that each person's DNA is formed when the egg is fertilized at conception. If, in addition, life is defined as self-generated action, then it's clear that the embryo represents an individual life. There are no little fingers in the mother's womb sculpting a being out of clay. The mother provides the environment and the materials (food, oxygen) from which the embryo, and then fetus, creates itself. It makes no sense to argue that, since the embryo or fetus is not physically apart, it is not a separate entity. A newborn child is just as dependent on others for survival, only the way it acquires the food and air it needs is different.

Of course women have the right to choose what to do with their own bodies, but that right does not extend to destroying the life of another for mere convenience. There are no special women's rights (or men's rights, black rights, white rights, etc. for that matter). Only the individual possesses rights--the most basic of these being the right to life.
President Obama is wrong on health care--no one has a "right" to something that has to be paid for by someone else – and he is wrong on abortion and embryonic stem cell research

Michele Alice
Williamstown, Massachusetts