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Obama arrogantly decided to fund not only abortions but contraceptives as well. First he dictated to the Catholic Church and after a brief firestorm relented (not really) and stuck it to insurance companies and employers. If this unbelievable action isn’t enough to sway Obama supporters they are indeed hopeless.

Remember when the national Obama press persecuted President George W. Bush for being against fetal harvesting of stem cells? What he was against was the use of federal dollars, not private research.

Obama’s plan, of course, is to buy contraceptives with tax dollars even though we are broke and even though you can buy contraceptives in any one of thousands of drug stores, corner quick stops or department stores. He is playing to his base of dependents.

Will the national press and TV ignore the rich source of reasons why Obama shouldn’t be president or hide out and worship him as they did when Senator John McCain got creamed for being Mr. Nice Guy who was frightened of being called a racist? Fifty-four percent of the sheeples in this country voted Obama into office. Wow, our first black president. How exciting is that?

Obama had no qualifications whatsoever, but the national media and unthinking voters bought into hope and change without one detail. Several writers wrote about Hitler and the parallels to Obama. Obama is a master salesman, fluent and hypnotic and if you do the least study of his history you will find an angry revolutionary who is in a position to socialize our country.

Even though his books, friends and associates and immersion in crooked Chicago politics should be enough for voters to run away and vote against him, imagine what is unknown due to his legal battles to hide who and what he is.

Even if he were born in Hawaii, which I doubt, his books tell you his father was a native African, not an “American citizen” and therefore he shouldn’t be sitting in the White House.
If Judge Michael Malihi in Georgia, who ruled Obama was born in Hawaii wasn’t bought off or frightened off, he is stupid. He received far more testimony than that and ignored it. Any graphic artist will tell you the birth certificate he proffered to shut Donald Trump up is fraudulent.

Any Republican running for any office would be grilled by the national media if they hid college records, birth records, passport records, offshore education, housing deals and friends like Bill Ayers, the revolutionary terrorist who found home and work in corrupt Chicago.

Our founding fathers were extraordinary but even they didn’t see future professional politicians and media effect on politics. The only network that is halfway objective is Fox. In newspapers there may be locals like Sonoran News I am unaware of, but the Washington Times is the most conservative followed by the Wall Street Journal. Even it prints little about what Obama is hiding.

The question is, will media awaken to the threat represented by Obama and his myriad socialist, communist and faithless czars? Or, are they so afraid of being labeled racist they continue to bury the truth?

The frightening part of the future is that our educational system from kindergarten through college is infested with left wing teachers and professors that bend the facile minds of youth with nonsense like global government and diversity.

Not only that but immigration policies water down our heritage and sharia law is already emerging as a threat in some states. Border protection and the presence of millions of illegal aliens remain a stubborn problem that government lies about all the time.

The other huge problem is the growing list of citizens who are dependent on government largess and will vote in their own self interests. And don’t forget over 90 percent of black voters voted for Obama. Don’t feel racist for voting against him.

Our own Sheriff Joe Arpaio is running for office again and needs your help to assure his reelection. Arpaio has accepted a Tea Party challenge and assigned his Cold Case Posse to investigate Obama’s right to hold office. After months of investigation, their finding will be made public on March 1.