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We just moved to north Scottsdale and started to get your newspaper. It was a breath of fresh air to read conservative ideas as good ones compared with the liberal leaning Phoenix newspaper. I only listen to Fox on TV for the same reason. I hope word spreads.

Don’s My View – a wonderful well written article. We need more that think the way you do.
When I originally moved to Arizona in 1976, it was a very conservative Goldwater state.
Since that time the liberals from California, Illinois, etc. have moved here and changed what we stand for. They have left states in ruination and come here to make us like what they left. It isn't what I want.

I refuse to watch the mainstream media and their liberal slant. I only watch the news on FOX or the Internet.

I am now faced with choices for the primary and I am trying to decide who can truly beat Obama in the fall.
Keep writing the way you are. We need more of you.

Ann Laman


A compromise of the First Amendment

In the past couple days and weeks, we have seen a tragic overreach of government and a neglect for our Constitution by this Administration.

In a decision not so much about healthcare policy as it was about religious freedom, President Obama mandated, earlier this week, that employers affiliated with religious institutions must include free birth control, abortifacients, and human sterilization in their health insurance plans.

Then, Friday, the Administration, reacting to a large outcry against its overreach, suggested they had compromised. However, this ‘new’ decision is nothing more than a disingenuous attempt to put a fig leaf on the same policy. Employers or employees who have moral objections to paying for abortion inducing drugs, sterilization and contraception, must still pay for them because, now, insurance companies are mandated to included them.

This mandate is sadly another example of government intrusion into our lives by an overreaching president. Further, it puts both individuals and institutions in a position to choose between faith or suffer the punishments that might be inflicted on them by the government.

This decision also begs the question, if the president can so easily disregard the First Amendment enshrined in the Constitution, what else can he choose to ignore?

Despite the calls for “compromise” this Administration has preached to us in Congress, it has utterly failed to hold itself to the same standards. This decision cannot be considered “compromise” when the outcome is the same: Americans are still required to pay for abortifacients and human sterilization despite moral opposition or otherwise.

President Obama’s mandate encroaches on our Constitutional boundaries and charges ahead on the road paved with the wishes of the extreme Left.

We cannot stand idly by while the government mandates religious institutions walk away from tenets of their belief for an ideological agenda – especially when it comes to a human life.

We cannot stand idly by while this Administration changes “pro-choice” into “pro-must” or religious freedom into overreaching government. If President Obama will not reverse this policy utterly and completely, then Congress will.

Rep. David Schweikert
Arizona 5th District



The President has compared himself (inaccurately) with Presidents Lincoln, Reagan, FDR and LBJ. Although his politics most closely resemble those of FDR, he lacks the stature to play in the big leagues. Rushmore does not await his image. Perhaps with a little goatee and receding hairline he might just pass for Lenin.

Now he would have us to believe he's channeling Jesus Christ, misinterpreting scripture in an effort to integrate it into the redistribution religion of the left. Those verses referenced charity not confiscation. Even in the absence of the Greek columns and the voice reverberation B.O. appears convinced he is our savior. Not even close.

In a recent interview he bemoaned the constitutional roadblocks those pesky Founding Fathers placed in the path to "Change" Obama style. Allowed a second term 'What Would Barry Do?' Stimulus three, gun bans, restrictions on the first amendment, military draw down, open borders and increased tax burdens?

What Would Barry Do?' Accelerate the dismantling of America, her culture, her strength, her freedoms. Come November what will you do?

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek


I like guns ... BUT!

Arizona is a gun-owing state. We have the most liberal gun laws anywhere in the U.S. and I hope we can keep it that way. If we are not careful; however, we are going to face a backlash that may cause all of us to lose this precious freedom and the cause may well be our over-reaching legislature.

Our learned legislators took the first step in ensuring that college students (age 21 with a CCW permit) be allowed to have guns on campus. They will have to be stored in lockers that cost $400 each where they’d be inaccessible in time of emergency. There can be no sound reason to encourage college students to take weapons to school. Only our legislators could dream up such an inappropriate use of the Second Amendment. If we go down this road, there may well be a strong backlash. The legislature should leave well enough alone.

Alwood “Woody” Johnson
Cave Creek


Article on "Obama shows comtempt
(sic) ..."

I do not care if you call yourself the conservative news of Scottsdale. You should print the truth and accurate details of a silly judicial nonsense that has been dis-proven (sic). To show a picture of your President Barack Obama with a look that has nothing to do with your very, very disengenuous (sic) headline is ignorant at best. Please show your credibility by making logical, commen (sic) sense headlines and not using a totally ridiculous picture that has nothing to do with the truth. I am an Independant (sic) and this is moving me closer and closer to Obama.

Are you going to put on the front page of your "paper" the story of the judge in Georgia throwing out the law -suit (sic) by the birther queen? To show your credibility as a news source you should. Shame on you for not getting all the facts before you raced to write a negative story on your President.

Margy Tolson

Editor note: The outcome of the Georgia lawsuit appeared on the front page in the February 8 issue, which was online: The judge ignored the evidence in support of the facts of the case, which is now being appealed.


Placing the blame for the failure of the economy

There has been a great deal of partisan bickering, finger pointing and insults in regards to what happened to the American economy. We argue about the crash of the housing market and banking irregularities, Fannie, Freddie and “affordable” housing. The debate on the cost and wisdom of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya is ongoing with the only consensus being how thankful we should be for the bravery and patriotism of our troops. I’m bored to tears over the fight over entitlements and the inaction and lack of political "cojones" of both parties to do anything of substance in improving Social Security and Medicare.

I wonder why we continue having a postal service and the continued losses we incur. Maybe in its present form it’s a service whose time has passed. Could it possibly and slowly be phased out and privatized?

In general I'm aware that the only thing that is dependable about this government is there inability to do anything correctly.

But I think there is a non-partisan villain that has robbed of us of our prosperity, pride and civility while providing a reason for class warfare.

I propose to you that NAFTA has done more damage to this country and is the core element in the demise of our economy. It was signed into law by Bill Clinton, who by some accounts was wishy-washy on the idea. It was passed by a Congress that had both houses controlled by Democrats but received more votes in favor by the Republican members! The vote in the House was 234 vs. 200 with 132 Republicans voting in the majority – a true moment of bi-partisanship which will and should go down in history as the biggest boner ever made by those self-serving bloodsuckers.

WRONG. Clinton said, “NAFTA will expand our efforts, create new jobs and help assert Americas leadership in the Global Economy”.

WRONG. House Minority Whip Newt Gingrich (R), “This is a vote for history, larger than politics, larger than re-election, larger than personal ego.” (I find this humorous coming from Newt.)

CORRECT. Majority Whip David Bonior (D), “It will cost more jobs, it will drive down the standard of living. If we don’t stand up for the working people, who is going to”?

ALSO CORRECT. Ross Perot/American, “I’m disappointed in my government.” (Get in line Ross.)

It took time for the enormity of this disastrous decision to take hold but it was off and running in the first decade of this century…. GW Bush was now our President and was a supporter of this plan as was his father and he receives equal blame in what followed:
Loss of in excess of 3 million private sector jobs

Loss of 5.5 million manufacturing jobs (1 in 3) disappeared.

Manufacturing fell to 11% of the economy from a high of 27%

U.S. trade surpluses in high tech products ended and now ran deficits in this arena of $300 billion.

By the third quarter 2010 deficits were costing us 1.5 billion dollars a day every day for 10 years…

There are many more sad statistics tied to the implementation of NAFTA, but why go on?
There are many areas to blame for our fall from the heights but none is more responsible than Congress……. I think and wonder why the hell are we paying these people?

Tom Carbone


A plea for help from a 4th grade student

My name is Will Brumley. I am a 4th grader at Evansville Day School in Evansville, Indiana. I am working on a state report on Arizona. I would appreciate it if you could publish my letter in your newspaper so that your readers could send me postcards, brochures, or anything else that would help with my report by April 25, 2012.
Thank you,

Will Brumley
Evansville Day School
3400 N. Green River Rd.
Evansville, IN 47715


Do you remember what Obama forgets?

Do you remember the Stimulus? How about ObamaCare or the Solyndra “green jobs” scam?
If you do, you have a better memory than President Barack Obama. Because he barely mentions any of those these days.

As President Obama gears up for a rough 2012, he’s going to try to take the focus off his failed policy record – and he’s going to start attacking good, hardworking American conservatives like you and me as a distraction.

In fact, he’s already started. The Obama campaign launched its first TV ad of 2012.
And, instead of defending President Obama’s record, they spent the entire thirty seconds directly attacking Americans for Prosperity – and attacking our 1.9 million conservative grassroots activists.

You should be flattered that even President Obama is scared of what average Americans like you and me can do when we come together, and fight for economic freedom.

But we can’t keep up this fight through 2012 – and we can’t continue to be Obbama’s self-described “biggest problem” without your critical support.

You know no one gets results like AFP – and I hope you’re proud of all the victories you’ve helped us accomplish over the last three years.

And now, AFP has hit the ground running with a new 2012 Field Program that will reach more Americans than ever before in AFP history – and expose the failed liberal policies that President Obama so desperately wants us to forget and place real grassroots pressure to reverse these policies.

Over the next year, AFP’s Field Program will take action in 16 critical states, 204 counties, and will rally not just our 1.9 million conservative activists nationwide – but help attract millions of like-minded Americans who aren’t yet involved in our fight.

With 80 staff members, based right in your own neighborhoods and communities, we will lead the charge with:

Rallies and events, block walking, door knocking, phone banking, and paid media and earned media on TV, radio, print, and the Internet.

Even President Obama knows that AFP will have a critical impact on 2012 policy fights – but we can’t make the maximum impact now without your help.

Thank you very much for everything you’ve done – and I know that, with your help, wee will bring freedom and prosperity back to America.

Tim Phillips, President
Americans for Prosperity


Congressman Ben Quayle in Cave Creek

Congressman Ben Quayle will speak and answer questions at the Cave Creek Town Council meeting on Tuesday, February 21 at 7 p.m.

Mayor Vincent Francia
Cave Creek


God bless Bishop Thomas Omsted for questioning ObamaCare

God bless Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan for blasting "Chairman" Obama regarding ObamaCare's evil suppression of our Constitutionally guaranteed liberties. Roman Catholic Bishop Joseph McFadden also called Obama to task for the government's control of the minds and spirits of our school children. It is about time that all religious leaders acknowledge the dangers which Obama and his anti-constitutional administration present.
Besides having the arrogant look of Mussolini, Obama seems to enjoy dictatorial-like powers more and more. It is scary how our government won't use pig grease to lubricate bullets designed to kill our enemies for religious reasons and yet blatantly ignores the valid beliefs of fellow religious U.S. citizens!

Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


The end of free market in Arizona ... thanks to SB1388

I am a former Italian citizen, now American Citizen and proud citizen of the State of Arizona. I am also a business owner and "refugee" from the socialist state of California.
I moved 6 years ago from California because Arizona was still a free state where the government was not involved in regulating the free market and interfering in the individual rights of the People.

Today I am very concerned about SB1388. According to Wall Street Journal:
"State Sen. Al Melvin (R., Tucson) introduced a bill last week that would tax online sales of any company with a warehouse, distribution center or similar place of business in the state, Tucson Citizen reported."

After reading about SB 1338, I realize that something terribly wrong is happening in our State. The function of the state should be in defending our properties, our individual rights, providing the basic public services and defending our borders. Never have I heard that government should side with a segment of the business population and to penalize other part of businesses.

The U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled on this matter regarding the sale tax with interstate sales. If the purpose of this "fascistic" bill (Definition of Fascism by Benito Mussolini: union of the state and the corporations) was to increase revenues for the state, I am sorry to bring bad news: fewer businesses will move to Arizona if they will be penalized for their Internet presence. Today every successful retailer is also on the internet.
And even worse ... businesses will leave Arizona. Don't forget the potential lost of real estate values, hiring people, payroll taxes and income taxes.

I have three personal friends/business owners from California that were ready to move to Arizona, and after they have heard about SB1338 have already changed their minds.

Thank you Sen. Melvin ... your bill was already successful. Even before it passed.
I don't want to move to Nevada ... but if this bill goes through, I will be forced, since I cannot and I will not force customers from the other 49 states to pay sale tax to Arizona that they don't owe.

If this bill is pushed because some Arizona retailers that are complaining and lobbying for it, they should start to understand the concept of free market, to learn how to use the Internet, instead of lobbying to "castrate" other business owners that have been successful on the web.

I hope the good legislators of the State of Arizona understand the gravity and the potential negative economic repercussions of SB1388 and they will stop it.

Luca Zanna
GOP State Delegate Precinct Committeeman
Golden Valley