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Don Sorchych My View ...

Just a quick note to say how much my wife and I appreciate the refreshing truth being told in a print media publication! Don's 'My View" on Jan. 4th is just the facts, but I have never seen anyone with the courage to print them. Thank you so much!

Ron and Susie Richardson


Obama is a fraud

I totally agree, I preach this on my site till people won't listen. I wrote Obama an email asking that he resign on Thursday, no response. I sent a hard copy Friday so will have to wait. I'm not holding my breath. He is too pompous and arrogant, and besides we would be stuck with diamond Joe if we got lucky...

Bill Stewart


Commendation to Don Sorchych

Dear Mr. Sorchych:
Thank you for the splendid article, "Obama Is a Fraud." It is very seldom that one reads such a well-written and factual essay on this vital subject.

I've been following these matters for three years, and it is gratifying to know of another person who is as concerned as many folks I know are.

Thanks for your courage to bring forth this information to your readers.

Yours very truly,

Caroline Biederman


Don’s "Obama is a fraud" editorial of Jan 4, 2012

Don, what I like about you is that you call a spade a f----ng shovel (I'm allowed to write "spade," am I not?). Why is Boobus Americanus loath to express his opinion? Fear of the Anointed One's enforcement thugs: IRS, Holder's DoJ (also known as STASI in the former East Germany) and the entire alphabet-soup collection of agencies in Obama's Marxist regime. We are close to losing our beloved constitutional republic, and seeing it replaced by a thugocracy worthy of the most backward of African nations.

What has Obama contributed?

1. Unknown place of birth, and an unwillingness to prove his eligibility for office.

2. Polarization of ethnic groups (Caesar's "divide and conquer" policy).

3. Voter fraud. (Sorry - I meant typical Chicago politics!)

4. One extended vacation after another for his family, including separate aircraft for his Moochelle and for the family dog. What diplomatic mission did Congress authorize for our own Marie-Antoinette to visit Spain for eleven days with thirty-two of her closest friends - on OUR nickel? What about the African safari? Why couldn't Marie-Antoinette wait for her husband to go to the latest vacation in Hawaii that she had to take her own flight (on our nickel, of course) ahead of time?

5. Appointment of criminals, union thugs (but I repeat myself) terrorists and Marxists to key positions in his administration.

6. Reduction of our military power to such a point that a "The Mouse That Roared" scenario is not too unlikely.

7. Belittling of America through false historical data and public apologies to foreign dictators and royalty for America's supposed "crimes."

8. A total of three visits to Christian churches in three years. How many Muslim places of worship did he visit? I've lost count.

9. A hearty "Ramadan Kareem" to Muslims every year, but only one faint attempt in three years at wishing Christians a Merry Christmas, and Jews a Happy Hanukkah (his latest gaffe is having lit all of the menorah's candles in one setting!)

10. Job losses beyond count, and quintuplication of the national debt.

Don, keep your doors locked, your early-warning dogs well fed, your guns oiled and your ammo dry. Maybe you and I will share the same cell at FEMA's Political Re-Education Facility before Obummer gives the order for us to be converted into Soylent Green.



Welcome to the club

As a Vietnam Combat Veteran, I would like to welcome the Iraqi Combat Veterans to an elite club: The U.S. Military Combat Veterans Who Were Betrayed By Their Country. We were the first but, unfortunately, we are now being joined by the Iraqi Veterans and there will be more to come as soon as our nation abandons Afghanistan. We all joined a military service and took an oath, the same oath that the executive, legislative, and judicial branch members of our government take. The difference is they execute their oath without any chance of personal harm; we did it with BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS.

The authorization of the Vietnam War was the Tonkin Gulf Resolution of August 10th, 1964. The U.S. House of Representatives voted 416 ayes , 0 neys and 1 not present (opposed); the Senate voted 82 ayes and 2 neys, This resolution was signed on that same day by President Lyndon B. Johnson who was authorized to "use conventional forces to support any member of the Southeast Asia Collective Defense Treaty". The authorization for the Iraq War was the Iraq War Resolution passed on October 16th, 2002. The U.S. House of Representatives voted 296 ayes 133 neys, 3 no votes; the Senate voted 77 ayes and 23 neys. This authorized President George W. Bush to "use the Armed Forces of the United States as he determined appropriate to defend the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq and enforce all United Nations Security Council Resolutions regarding Iraq".

At the end of WWII, President Truman and the Congress insured that our combat veterans would not have served, suffered or died in vain. They stationed U.S. Armed Forces in Germany, Italy and Japan to secure the peace; they serve there still. A cheap price to pay for the Blood, Sweat and Tears of the veterans.

After the cease fire in the Korean Conflict, President Eisenhower and the Congress insured that the effort was not in vain by stationing U.S. Armed Forces in South Korea. They serve there still; again, a cheap price to pay for the Blood, Sweat and Tears of the combat vets.
We have co-existed in those areas around the world for over 60 years without spilling blood. In fact, we have a healthy environmental and economic relationship with Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea. We have honored the veterans who made that possible. The leadership of those times showed a sense of honor, loyalty and integrity. Not so today; neither the elected or the electorate have any such virtues.

My fervent prayer is that, as a nation, we reevaluate how and when we commit our military to combat. It will take the type of leadership we used to have; leaders who value honor, loyalty and integrity more than self interest. We, as the electorate, must stop electing individuals who purchase our votes with promises that satiate our personal greed. So, until that renaissance occurs, I welcome my fellow Brethren at Arms to our club; at least you got a welcome home. "Semper Fidelis."


George A. Ross


His last words

Steve Jobs, the innovative co-founder of Apple, died October 5, 2011. He was a visionary and creative genius and an almost mystical figure, and that's what I want to write about.

In death, Steve Jobs left the world even more. His last words before he slipped the bonds of earth were "Oh wow, Oh wow, Oh wow;" heard by his sister Mona Simpson. His words were much like Thomas Edison's last words; "it is very beautiful over there."

At the end of our life, when the soul departs the body, we will find out this magical truth and eventually death will lose its fearful stigma as people realize that they simply move on to a new dimension, leaving behind a worn out body. Thanks again, Steve.

Ron Lowe
Nevada City, California


Desperate mayor

Carefree’s narrowly-elected mayor was recently quoted saying the town’s General Plan is “silent” on economics. Apparently he means, “folks, the General Plan doesn’t prohibit the town council from changing zoning for the sole purpose of trying to generate sales tax revenues, despite otherwise opposed to residents’ best interests.”

Attempts to lure customers to the town center with goofy faux gas lights, garish street signs, and tacky A-frame boards have proved futile; commercial vacancy is very high. Past council decisions, including eliminating parking and the Easy Street zoning change, have damaged business viability there immensely.

In fiscal year 2011-12 over $1.3 million is being directed to Rural/Metro. Effective April 1, 2005 the local sales tax was raised from 2 percent to 3 percent (except for retail sales of food) supposedly to cover annual R/M payments. However, the plan has become a fiasco. In the current fiscal year 39 percent of R/M costs are being paid from general fund reserves. The mayor must think that appears better than to simply admit that almost all sales tax proceeds are being used for R/M services with virtually all other town expenses paid from fund reserves.

Rather than point the finger of shame at past council members for destroying the town’s finances and passing a sensible, fiscally responsible budget, the puppet mayor continues disastrous spending using precious reserves. He demands the General Plan be amended. The amendment will be immediately followed by a zoning change from residential to commercial to make zoning consistent with the General Plan. The mayor hopes that added commercial land will generate cash before reserves vanish completely so council won’t need to acknowledge its incompetence.

In order to ensure there are no slip-ups in executing the design to amend the General Plan, the mayor has packed his personal so-called “Long Range Financial Study Group” with new town Councilman Marty Saltzman, and former town Councilmen Greg Gardner - who voted to issue 7 percent non-callable water bonds and twice lost money on town investments - and Gary Hayward. (Readers may recall that in 2006 former Councilman Bob Coady obtained a protective order from a justice court prohibiting Hayward from contacting Coady and required 25 feet of distance between them.)

Unable to attract businesses to the declining town center or in 16 years to land north of Lowe’s on Cave Creek Road changed in 1996 from residential to commercial, the desperate mayor believes yet another prime location is needed.

The town spent over $1 million in legal fees defending residential zoning at the corner of Carefree Highway and Tom Darlington Drive. That leaves the northeast corner of Carefree Highway and Cave Creek Road as the selected sacrificial zoning change location. Critically there is not enough political opposition from residents in that area to be of any concern. That is clear from the failure of the 1997 referendum to overturn the 1996 zoning change on property across the road.

Town council has already passed an ordinance allowing for huge signs. Someone is sure to present “evidence” that commercial activity won’t harm nearby property values. Best of all once the zoning change is in place, inner members of the “good old boy” political cabal will be eligible for lucrative consulting deals such as former Mayor Ed Morgan received after council granted Ed Lewis’ Easy Street project rezoning.

Carefree is paying an enormous price for retaining the mayor in office.

Jim Peirce


Want my name removed from the RVFFD petition!!!

Dear Rio Verde Foothills Fire District:
How do I get my name off of your petition? While I’m not for or against the issue of Rural Metro servicing our area, I have concerns that were not addressed in all honesty and forthrightness.

I signed the petition back in February when the representatives – which I thought were Rural Metro – stationed themselves at our community road clean up day. There were a lot of people around and a lot of questions being asked. It was a “hurry up and sign this petition” and “if you have questions, go to our website (of course) after you sign our petition”! The guy there said nothing about signing the petition would have the affect of taxes being levied without an election and obviously avoided any comments that Sonoran News has brought out in the open!! Nor did they have the figures and implications available to provide. The clear message was “we don’t know the full impact yet”. I heard them tell one resident that any concerns he had about his property taxes needed to be addressed to the County Assessors Office. How convenient.

A few weeks ago, a team of contractors were sent out to each home to gather signatures for this. The guy who came to my door said he was only hired to get the signatures, and had no vested interest in whether the initiative was passed. He CLEARLY stated to both my husband and myself that signing this petition was merely to get it on the ballot! We both heard him clearly.

Because we would like to have the services for medical and fire protection, we just signed up for an annual subscription to Rural Metro for over $1100! Why do I need to have additional taxes levied and pay for those who don’t choose to subscribe? Then there’s an entire other issue of response time to my home, which Rural Metro or anyone would be able to provide based on the location they are proposing to buy and build on and service from.
When you are willing to be honest and upfront with your information, I will reconsider signing. In the meantime, I want my name off the petition.

Thank you,

Name withheld by request

Grass isn't always greener Dr. Gosar

My family has deep roots in farming and dairy in Arizona. Growing up I have always been told that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. We teach our kids that it's best to stick it out and that part of life's challenges is to push through adversity. By changing your environment, it doesn't always mean your troubles suddenly disappear.

In fact, they usually follow.

Paul Gosar is currently my Congressman and I have campaigned for him. My family even planned a May fundraiser earlier this year at our home in Show Low. Gosar and his staff never communicated with me until the last moment and suddenly canceled the event after months of planning. I knew then that Paul Gosar had staff problems, since they did not plan and failed to communicate. I also knew that Paul Gosar's support was weak, since most people showed little interest in supporting him, mainly since he was the only Arizona Republican to vote to increase the debt ceiling.

Paul Gosar should heed the ole saying, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Being unorganized, failing to communicate and running at the first sign of a fight are organizational and character flaws. These problems just don't go away by moving from the eastern to the western portions of Arizona.

Scott Blevins
Show Low


Mid-career retirement

Why does retirement have to be at the end of one’s life? Would it not make more sense for it to be sometime earlier? This is possible for most people because the vast majority of us do not have professions that require physical labor. Of course, military members, fire fighters, police, roofers, and a few others do. But, even though most career work does not require physical labor (mine was mostly in the financial services industry), many retirement activities, such as hiking, biking, tennis, golf, etc., do require physical health.

Therefore I have decided to take my retirement now and go back to work later, when I become unfit for retirement. I have been approaching this gradually since I turned 60 and now have reached the point where I spend most of my day involved in retirement activities. I have tentatively targeted age 73 as the age to go back to work full time since, by then, my physical abilities may not stand up to the rigors of retirement. It will then be time to take it easy again.

I am not sure what my job will be but it will probably be something similar to what I was doing before retirement. There is also a possibility that I will engage in some new activity such as starting a church or running a nonprofit organization but none of these activities are likely to require a high level of physical strength.

Three cheers for mid-career retirement.

Roy Miller


Agents’ union stalls training on deportation rules

This is simply a ridiculous, surreptitious attempt to circumvent U.S. laws, snub the will of the people, reward bad behavior, and avoid one's core mission, while encouraging "mission creep" amongst the culture of law enforcers charged with the responsibility of protecting America. I never thought I'd say this, but I applaud the ICE union's stance to resist this work avoidance indoctrination.

While CBP's U.S. Border Patrol attempts to incorporate "consequences" for foreign born, cross-border violators (Operation Streamline, MIRP, ATEP, "zero tolerance" zones, etc.), the ICE leadership is bending to the pressure of "special interests" and finding ways to avoid doing their job. That has the opposite effect of "consequences" and provides incentives to illegally enter and remain in the USA.

This is blatant disregard for the law of the land, and the will of the people.

J-P A. Maldonado