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Cave Creek Blues

This story starts like most. Good kid, good childhood, and good upbringing. This story takes place in a small town, Cave Creek, Ariz. A beautiful, vibrant, and exciting town. It was a very safe and amazing place to grow up in. I could not think of a better place to raise a child, but this changed so very rapidly as we grew up and had a better understanding of choices.

The growing problem of drugs has no boundaries as to where and whom it infects. It doesn’t matter if you live in south Phoenix or upper class suburbia. We started learning of these things around middle school when drugs were introduced. It was mildly harmless in the form of marijuana. We all had a good time, still maintained our grades and went to school. It did not have much effect on our lifestyle or so we thought.

Soon it was high school and this is where things started getting out of control. The best times of our lives they say. I can say it was a great time but would soon learn how great times turned to sadness. We started experimenting with new and more dangerous drugs and of course there was still the usual high school partying with drinking every weekend. First it was the cocaine, and then the heroin started rolling in. These were drugs that cause many deaths in high school.

We would always say if you made it out of Cave Creek you would survive. This comment was thrown around carelessly with no meaning but would be the truest comment we would know.

After high school the drug problem went from illegal to legal and what I mean is after 18 years of age, getting in trouble with the law became a little more apparent because our parents were not there to bail us out anymore. It’s amazing how untouchable you are until that age. This is when prescription pills entered the picture – in my opinion the most dangerous of them all – the cause of the most of the deaths I have encountered. They are very addicting and all you have to do is convince a doctor you need it and you can get it whenever you want.

Overdosing on drugs in Cave Creek seemed like an epidemic. I have been to over 16 funerals since freshman year in high school; some were not overdoses but almost all were the result of some kind of drug use. My entire family, from grandpa to cousins combined, has not been to as many funerals as I have.

A lot of the kids and now young adults in Cave Creek would just say “What’s wrong with this place and why are so many people dying?” I believe we were such a tight knit crew it seemed like that.

Everyone believes you will not make it to 30 if you don’t get out. In truth it is no different from any other place; everywhere you go you will have the same issues.

I’m not taking away from the town of Cave Creek – it is still an amazing place. It is just where my eyes were opened. This is just a small reminder of the growing issue that is plaguing at an earlier age every year.

I have lost many friends and just recently lost my best friend from this same problem. I felt the need to write something in hopes someone will read this and know the seriousness of how deadly drugs are. If even one can be helped from this, then I have accomplished something. If only it were as easy as reading a story and everyone learned. The pain and sadness the families and friends are going through is indescribable.

I believe we can fix this. We just have to care enough.

Timothy R. Clark
To my best friend, Charles Jake Remington Dawe



For five long years
Mayors, councils, constables, stood aside
Shattered windows, high heart rates
Ruptured ear drums; ringing
      Wondering why

Last Saturday night I sat on the patio
The silence was overwhelming
The coyotes were there to celebrate
Un-recognizable for a while
The faint sound of an automobile tire
On the asphalt; singing
     With a sigh

Ed Harris
Cave Creek


Bob Coady missed the point entirely

I was dismayed to read in the on-line version of Sonoran News that the normally reliably sensible Bob Coady was piling on regarding the recent ouster of Russell Pearce. Frankly, the notion that "Mr. Pearce had lost sight of the fact that he was elected to represent the people, not himself, or his political party" misses the point entirely. In fact, more than 70 percent of Arizonans support SB 1070: a level of support that is echoed across the nation as other states seek to enact similar legislation. No, the reality is that strident pro-illegal immigration activists, led by union lackey Randy Parraz used the recall mechanism, rather shrewdly I might add in an off year election, to hoodwink the voters in District 18. Those are the rules we have so we must live by them. However, those who attempt to frame this loss as some sort of fledgling tipping point regarding illegal immigration are sadly mistaken.

Enjoy your victory while you can. The truth is that Russell Pearce would regain that seat in a heartbeat, should he choose to run and Jerry Lewis knows it. I wish Mr Pearce all the best in whatever endeavor he applies himself to in the future. Personally, I would love to see him run against the aptly named Flake for the U.S. Senate. Or, dare I say it, to once again team up with Sheriff Joe Arpaio in order to replace him in that position should Mr Arpaio decide to retire. It would be worth it just to see Linda Valdez' head explode.

Gary Kiernan
Cave Creek


Wild West Days

The Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce wishes to thank all of the sponsors, citizens and establishments of the Town of Cave Creek for their support of Wild West Days. This year’s event was again a record sales weekend for the establishments throughout Cave Creek. We are blessed with a community that is thriving and vibrant, and residents and merchants who are exceptional stewards of our proud Western heritage! A very special thank you goes out to:

Sanderson Ford/Lincoln/Volvo
Sonoran News
Johnny Ringo
Ken Bacher
Beth Cornell
Leslie & Phil Jensen
Robbie Hall
Mayor Vincent Francia
Vice Mayor Ernie Bunch
The Cave Creek Town Council
Town Manager Usama Abujbarah
Trails Coordinator Bambi Muller
Town Marshall Adam Stein
Rural Metro Fire Chief John Kraetz
Rural Metro Captain Ryan Travis
Evelyn Johnson, Director, Cave Creek Museum
Eric Flatt and John Malcolm, Owners, Cartwright’s and Tonto Bar and Grill
Six Gun Justice Gunfighters
Marc Peagler, Frontier Town Enterprises
David Anderson, The Roastery of Cave Creek
Jim McClymonds, MC Construction
Spur Up Enterprises / Mike Stacy Horsemanship
Cupo & Marlow, LLC
Harold’s Cave Creek Corral
The Buffalo Chip Saloon
The Smokehouse and Pour House
Desert Foothills Pool Service
Don Fredricks, Building By Don
Larson Excavating
Carefree Equine Veterinary
Pinnacle Pet Supply
Bill Buckles
Marshall Trimble
Dolan Ellis
Bob Boze Bell & True West Magazine
Charlie LeSueur
Bob Roloff, the Arizona Duuude
Lee Anderson
John Wayne Anderson
Pink Cadillac Boutique
CLS Cycle
Kiwanis Club of Carefree
American Legion Post 34
Horse Sportz Company
McCracken Pool
Valerie’s Furniture & Accents
John and Brandi Lyons
Al Dunning
The Luv Shack Horse Rescue
Full Circle Ranch
The Rett Foundation
The 100 Club of Arizona
Southwest Ambulance / Rural Metro
The Fetch Foundation
Bertram Signs & Graphics
Beckham Dentistry
Paddy O’ Furniture
Quality Inns & Suites, Deer Valley
The National Concierge Association
Wild West Pawn
The Document House
Carefree Adventures
Desert Foothills Community Association
Linda Anderson & Kristen Lewis
Fran Booth
Mike Ewing

Editor note: Jean Glass, Document House owner, was one of four individuals on the Wild West Days committee with Johnny Ringo, Ken Bacher and Leslie Jensen. Kudos!

Alice Temnick letter

I just read Alice Tenmick’s 1,057 word dissertation asking you why she should make less money for all her contributions to teaching. I actually made it all the way to the end of her version of “War and Peace” wondering why she imitated Tolstoy when 500 words would have done the job. Perhaps a course in writing may be a nice addition to her already gigantic resume.

Maybe she should be asking the CCUSD why Debbie Burdick is getting such a sweet deal. She might also ask herself why, at age 49, she has not yet figured out that teachers have never been high wage earners. Maybe that is part of the reason why administrators like to chortle “It’s for the kids” over and over while bragging about the “dedication” of teachers.
My wife taught elementary for twenty years starting in 1969 at $6,500 and when she retired she was making $36,000 and that is only because she had to keep attending classes in the summer and get a masters degree to stay on the pay scale.

Note to Ms. Tenmick: Whoever said life is fair; especially in the teaching profession?

Jim McAllister


Fond memories of a small, friendly Western town

I thank God I have fond memories of a small, friendly Western town called Cave Creek. We were eclectic and artsy in our own way. We weren’t trendy; we were what we were. Life was simple. We loved our town for what it was and didn’t get all ruffled about signs or noise from bars and the thought of a council regulating activities would have been unthinkable! That was only 20 years ago.

We didn’t worry about our neighbors’ property; we weren’t bothered by the fact he had an old trailer or a wood pile. We knew bars played music and made noise and people came to town to have fun, relax and enjoy life. I can’t imagine why people are so upset about SIGNS! Don’t they have anything important on their minds? I feel sorry for these people! Most of the complainers are newbies of course. They want quiet. Well, if you want quiet, you need to go where there is quiet – like Sun City. It’s never been all that quiet here, despite what the realtor told you.

Now we have – God forbid – bull riding in Cave Creek – imagine that! And if that’s not enough, we also have volleyball. The rulers on the council are incensed they have done this without a PERMIT! An expensive permit at that. What a shame, how far we’ve come. This is the same council that blindly supported Walmart. But now they’re going to stick it to Larry and Kim. I remember the old gym where Oak’s Diner sits now, had a volleyball court –without a special permit! And we all survived.

Larry, how many memorials and charitable events have you catered for free? We certainly didn’t require a special permit for that. The bull riding has put our town on the Valley map. Oh, my God, it draws the wrong kind of people – loving fun, spending money, staying up late and dancing! Perhaps some of you old complainers ought to stay up past 8 p.m. and go out and have a little fun and see what real people do after 8 p.m.

If the ruling council has its way we could attract more corporate business to Carefree Highway to support its appetite for revenue. Then we wouldn’t need these noisy small town activities. We could all play golf, have afternoon cocktails, early bird dinner (with or without a coupon) and be in bed by 8, and our town would be quiet! Just like Sun City!

Ernie Bunch, please, please run for mayor and save us from becoming a suburban nightmare and all you Creekers who remember what is used to be like – VOTE! Vote for competent council of real CREEKERS. Let’s keep it Western and keep it alive. The hell with the elitist vision of what we should be. Let’s just embrace what we are – oh, make sure you have double pane windows too – the Greenies are coming!

Joe G. and Buddy
Cave Creek


Thank you for your excellent article on Russell Pearce

Don Sorchych,
We are all depressed for days now at losing such a good fighter, but thank G-d he ... says he will still keep fighting! I have often wondered if the "mail-in ONLY ballot" they have forced on us is compromised! What easier way to cheat! When my friend lived in Portland, he was still a Republican and never received his ballot (Portland is also or at least was then a Mail-in ballot ONLY area); soon after Bush (who was president at the time) called the MM "vigilantes" and my friend said he was so angry, he registered with the democrats. He then received not one but "2" ballots. He also at about this time met some students who had several addresses each and they told him they would get a ballot at each address. What is wrong with this picture! Wonder if that might be happening here???

Pearce IMHO is one of the best things that ever happened to AZ!



What a novel concept!

Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul (Rep. Texas) has solved the federal government’s problem of spending a trillion dollars more than it takes in.

Evidently President Obama and the 535-member Congress didn’t have a clue how to solve the problem. Their only solution was to borrow to keep up with the spending. Rep. Paul has a simple solution: Cut spending to the amount of revenues received.

What a novel concept!

Knowing that the government’s spending of money it doesn’t have is destroying all of us, Ron Paul has come up with a plan to cut one trillion dollars, if elected, by the third year of his presidency. In Paul’s 11-page “Plan to Restore America,” he calls for:

• Eliminating foreign aid immediately
• Eliminating the Dept. of Education (educational decisions are returned to the states)
• Eliminating capital gains and dividend taxes
• Repealing ObamaCare
• Auditing The Federal Reserve
• Eliminating five cabinet level departments
• Drawing down the troops fighting overseas

Paul wants to readjust the President’s salary from $400,000 to $39,396, the approximate average salary of the American worker. Bravo, Ron Paul!

If you’re wondering why we haven’t heard about Ron Paul and his plan to stop the spending and get the country back to The Constitution, there’s a reason. The subversive force that controls most of the mainstream media is terrified of Paul’s ability to derail their objective, which is to make Americans so broke and desperate that they will agree to a one-world dictatorship under the U.N.

There are many ways to rig an election. One is for the controlled media to prevent candidates from having equal access to the public. Another is to own both horses in a two-way horse race. No matter which horse succeeds, you win.

We’ve seen that the President and Congress won’t stop the spending. They’re marching us right off a cliff. Let’s elect someone who sees the problem and the answer and who has the guts to take the needed action.
Let’s elect Ron Paul.

Arden Druce
Camp Verde


Liberals must be either ignorant or malicious

To the extent that the word “liberal” can be correctly defined as one who favors government solutions to most problems, ie, the welfare state, heavy taxation, forced wealth redistribution, etc, then I think liberals must be either malicious or ignorant. I say this because I believe that, in our hearts, we all know that people should be free and should not be subject to oppressive regulation or taxation.

Furthermore, I believe everyone knows that freedom and free markets are the most efficient allocator of scarce resources. Therefore, anyone who favors big government must be one of the few people who are either not aware of the benefits of liberty (ignorant) or they intentionally want to hurt people through these oppressive actions by government (malicious). They may enjoy the benefits for themselves or their friends from the government largesse but they also know that, in sum, the effects of big government are harmful to society as a whole.

Roy Miller