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To: The Current President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai

bernard williamsYour statement about siding with Pakistan if they decide to go to war with us, The United States of America, proves that the only thing that you are competent at is being stylish.

Don’t be surprised if the Pakistanis don’t risk death for YOU. Also….don’t be surprised if they do a sloppy job of helping you gain ALL while they have to try to gain ALL.

It’s a rate of change thing. You know – when the rate of change of one thing is being carried out in a volume/zone/region/geography/etc. where the rate of change for ALL of the other things is required to complete the rate of change of the one thing.

We know this because we have evolved to the ability to do rate of change – even though volume constraints are active – at the level where maintaining our rate of change expands and solidifies ALL of the other rates of change at the same instant as ours. That is … your leading edge is simultaneously maintained, which is “Equivalent” to sticking a big fat exponent on ALL of the other rates of change.

With their current level of people and “Life Improving” capabilities for their own people, in order for them to gain ALL they will probably need you to remain the way–ay you are.
Knees have been known to be used for things other than Allah, and because practice makes perfect, The Holy Qur’an is 94 percent about preventing the development of the improper use of another person’s situation and compelled honor dependent willing-ness to kneel.

I believe you cannot see this and ALL of the other must see(s) because you, and almost all Afghans, have composed yourselves to not breathe when you have to face the fact that your current conditions/situations actually reflect the best thinking of generations of your grandparents;’ “passed-down” conclusions over a multitude of centuries. This means that we did not do it to you, and we did not do it to Pakistan, and we did not do it to The Middle East, and on and on.

We, as a people, and dedicated group are not even old enough to have created/instigated the structure of your world, or the conditions of your world, or the hideous, hideous, hideous struggles your people still face in modern times. Since that hideous, hideous, hideous-ness tracks as the output of you ‘all’s personal thinking, this makes your claimed moments of historical interference, the place where you have been hiding your developed tendency to lazy thinking.

All of you people in those cry-baby sections of the world ought to be ashamed of yourselves, for allowing your peoples to believe that the people of the world who openly publish to ALL;
All of the variations of being hustled;
All of the variations of how to keep from being hustled;
All of the variations of what is known and what is not;
All of the variations of conclusions, which allows the known and unknown pitfalls to be detected and side–stepped or diminished;
are the people who are responsible for the choices and actions YOUR grandparent’s built, implemented, and made religious. You, the Afghan People, and the Pakistani People, and The Middle Eastern Peoples, and others have become lazy thinkers and are also hiding this reality in one other place, which is behind the cloak of forgiveness provided to you by Allah by way of The Holy Qur’an.   

So then … in accordance with Allah’s Commandments, when the people of Islam are wrong, they too have to be dealt with. And when it is not time for Allah’s Hand, some of Allah’s other babies are sent to inform you to pay attention to the details beyond your desert oriented selves. If Allah wanted everyone to use the desert version of judgment, He could have. He would have made our whole planet a desert planet.

There are many things we are to learn that are not in the Holy Qur’an or the Bible. In case your misinformed intellect tries to slip away by way of the concepts that claim we are trying to be God and have become unnatural and overbearing, let me inform you that Allah/God intentionally left lots of things on the surface for us to find. And, the places they were found were set to indicate and draw us to the points below where more could be found and used. Most of them were first discovered laying on the ground and used by you ‘all. Tin and copper (bronze), iron (steel), silicon (glass), quartz (granite), bauxite (aluminum), oil by way of oozing to the surface, gas by way of fissures to the surface, from which we have learned of wheels, wire, perfectly angled effectively bonded/bonded durably coated wire, light, force, use of knowledge of force, use of force, etc.

That same surface was designated by Allah/God and was operated by Allah/God as places free to everyone long, long, long before Islam or Christianity, and we, who are not the people Of Islam will use our allocated right to use the power of Allah/God to keep it that way. Thereby … you must again regain the forgotten knowledge of the requirements constructed from the “Spark of Life” which is that the spaces outside of the areas where you became and are allowed to walk and dance have always been “Divinely” designated as spaces for everyone, including the people who do NOT use desert law.

It is quite simple man … keep your junk out of the free and open spaces and whatever dance you decide to dance you can dance. That way you will never know how much you don’t know about war.

Your actions and limited ability to think demands the X-Files class designation of The Karzai Files; a popcorn, beer, and chuckles moment if there ever was one.  For this issue, I actually prefer to pronounce the word beer the way it was pronounced by the “Brownie” characters portrayed in the movie “Willow.” One of them shouted joyously “bee–ya–a!….Ah  ha ha ha!”; and surely your demonstration of intellect generates a popcorn, “bee–ya–a!….Ah  ha ha ha!”, and chuckles moment. 

As far as economics or the operation of money and its required insurance procedures/profit is concerned, allowing the person on the ground or in the pressure zone to decide and compose does have “can really get on your last nerve error moments”; but well informed knowledge of meaning – that is, the openly published ALL variations of conclusion type – will always see to it that you get:

A/The  picture of the origin, power, and volume of the Universe that is required to know whether you are wishing or doing;
A/The picture that will prove whether the indicated meanings of the numbers, their relationships, and their patterns of accumulation are real or imagined;
A/The picture that indicates when the desired choice is the choice that produces, or when the un-desired choice is the choice that produces;
A/The picture that indicates when to be the load barer, or when to pass the load.
These are the type and class of outputs required for us ALL to be able to transcend the best they knew how to do thinking of ALL of the multitude of generations of ALL of OUR loving well intentioned grandparent’s.

Just so that I will know that someone has said it to you … we have always and are always trying to not have to deal with the stuff you ‘all have been passing as proper thinking. We diligently look at, work on, and develop everything that might meet the energy required to produce planetary safety and guarantee recognition of “Life’s” Divine Allowance to Live, Become, and Be Free Will(ed).

The non-polluting answers to the fossil fuel types of problems/volumes that we have been able to compose so far, will only guarantee the philosophical and intellectual safety of an extremely minute portion of the population of our planet. You may be willing to accept and waddle in or risk the bloody spiritual-ness that enjoys torture and murders everyone who does not kneel, but we are not.

Thereby, plus – believe it or not, naturally – the procedures chosen to continue to be fielded do NOT require a reduction in the number of people on the planet, which is a good thing since no one is volunteering to go away or influence their population patterns. This state of being is the true/actual obstacle to full dispersion, not the grapevine dispersed belief of thievery and selfishness.

Our society … as well as the “Spark of Life” … is organized to change in a way that does not require someone using something old that works to have to transform when they economically and physically cannot, while simultaneously allowing those who can to begin the process. The process of safeguarding the “Spark of Life” has produced a lag that is the actual basis for the surely/clearly possible claims of potential human induced atmospheric disaster even though you have been taught to believe that it is the consumption of a few that is the source of the problem. Even though it is hard to perceive … the “Spark of Life” and the creative forces that activated the “Spark of Life,” naturally induced/induces a lag before the first breathe and each breathe; before we can see; before we can think; before we can move; and so on. The Mathematical concept for this lag is Sequential Accumulation.

The current lag in change will be long and non-uniform until we crack the problem set. Thank God/Allah/The Organization of the Universe that we were built as one of the forms of the procedures required to crack the problem set. That is … since “Equivalency” is one of humankind’s “Inborn” characteristics, the answer already exists within one of us or a group of us. What we need/must be doing is focusing on how to identify it and draw it out.

Finally, I realize that because time is a function of motion, there is still a chance for YOU to become and take your place with the capable. So … we will now activate the last blessing that the requirements of “Life” and “Divinity” allow; we cross our fingers for your world. Crossing our fingers has been the last “Good Luck” gesture used by us humans from the time of its origin to every moment of our today(s). For us … the “Love and Commitment to Togetherness” implied/espoused/shouted by crossing our fingers on behalf of someone, has survived and will always survive those unfortunate events that appear to tarnish it.

Bernard L. Williams, Ph.D., PMP, delivers and implements software systems for large, multi-national organizations. Dr. Williams is available for speaking/training/coaching in the areas of organizational change management, leadership, organizational performance improvement, IT project processes, implementing a Project Management Office, and software development management. You can email Dr. Williams at  You can also find him at his blog on improving your personal and professional productivity,