Shadow Mountain in 70-46 2nd half pullaway; Falcons finish 3-7, no state playoffs

Juniors vowing, “Next year!”  Coach Greg Davis will have better chance

SHADOW MOUNTAIN – Friday, Oct. 28 – In reporting last Friday night’s game at Shadow Mountain, it would be tempting for this writer to fall back upon seeing his first calf-roping event at Alamosa, Colo., in July of 1949. Upon a failed lassoing attempt by a cowboy contestant, the public address announcer would let the would-be roper off the hook thusly, “Rather than take your time, this cowboy takes no time!” Or perhaps one of my Father’s oft-used admonitions to me, his teenaged son: “Don’t make excuses, make good!”

falcons 2011 football win lossThis writer attempts to make no “excuses” for the ‘Birds; but just about everything that could go wrong for newly-hired Head Coach Greg Davis did, in fact, go wrong. First, the date of Coach Davis’ selection left him insufficient time to assemble his coaching staff (Defensive Coordinator P.J. Green was not hired until Sept. 8); Second, the transfer to Saguaro of stand-out running back/linebacker Cameron Larson; Third, suspensions and ineligibilities of key personnel; and last but not least, “Senior leadership” that failed to measure up to expectations. This writer never heard Coach Davis utter one moan or groan.

Junior leaders (who need not be named) are vowing that next season will be different. And it will be. Coach Davis will have ample time to prepare for Spring Practice and Passing League Tournaments. And the word is out – playing football at Cactus Shadows is fun again, which should help the ranks grow. Spirit innovations will also contribute to a better “field” on Friday evenings.

Congratulations to all (coaches, players and parents) for their stiff upper lips. Despite the  3-7 record, it was a fun season to watch.