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Subj: Grammatical Errors emailed to Linda Bentley on Sept. 17

I find it interesting that in your article, "The audacity of CCUSD override and more," you were quick to point out the typographical and grammatical errors of a teacher who was communicating with her students and their families. You, however, as experienced journalists should know that in the sentence, "Yom Kippur, which falls on Oct. 8 this year, is the Day of Atonement, one of the Jewish religion’s highest holy days and its most somber," its is possessive, not a contraction, as I am sure it was intended.

When you set out to criticize others in such a mean-spirited way, please in the future, look to yourselves first. It would be helpful if you would examine not only your grammar, but your character as well.


Linda Timms
Fountain Hills

Sorry, Linda, I have the proper use of the word "its" as a possessive pronoun rather than "it's," as you suggest, which is the contraction for "it is" or "it has."
And, there is absolutely nothing mean spirited by presenting the facts.

Linda Bentley
Sonoran News


Wither Spartacus

Listen up, people, the usual suspects at CCUSD are trying to pick your pocket, again, to the tune of a $4.4M override. Their most recent financial shenanigans have thankfully been stymied by the efforts of the good folks at the Goldwater Institute, but CCUSD’s perennial whine that "if only we had more money" is beginning to wear a little thin on this tax-payer.

The Cato Institute recently published an interesting article on the state of public education nationally. ( The first graph shows the inflation adjusted cost of a complete K-12 public education and percentage change in achievement of 17 year olds since 1970. Since that time, costs have tripled (inflation adjusted, remember) whilst reading, math and science scores have essentially remained flat.

Also of interest is a graph showing the percentage change in public school employment and enrollment, also since 1970. Enrollment has fluctuated between 10 percent down and 10 percent up, which is where it is currently. Employment, however, is up 100 percent in the same time frame. In other words, the number of public school employees has grown at a rate that is TEN times that of the number of students.

On a local level, it would behoove everyone to re-read the excellent anonymous Guest Editorial from the Sept. 14th issue of Sonoran News. In it, the writer makes a compelling and informative case outlining the many ways in which the district has been mis-managed. How sad that the author, a local parent, is forced to withhold his name. Are the teachers that vindictive? I thought it was always our only concern is "for the children?"

Then, in the online edition of Sonoran News we learn that one Lori Hart, an English teacher, is telling students to seek out and destroy copies of Sonoran News. Allegedly. If this is the case she should be fired immediately and prosecuted, if possible. Parents, do you really want people of this ilk educating your children? Ask your children to tell you if any other incidents of this type occur. Let's name the culprits and shame them. This is your Spartacus moment. Stand up and be counted. There are still many more parents than faculty (despite CCUSD's best efforts to the contrary) so it is imperative that we stand up against these bullies. We all witnessed the disgraceful antics of teachers and their union thug allies in Wisconsin this summer. Is this where we are headed? I hope not.

The other canard that the district is peddling is the notion that we must pass the override to "protect home values." Please! A successful school district has some bearing on home values but the much larger economic disaster we are experiencing currently is having an infinitely greater effect. If there was a Top 100 of value-determining-factors for real estate, the school district would be somewhere in the low 70's.

Normally, at this juncture I would receive a snippy and condescendingly written missive from David Schaefer, a CCUSD board member, explaining to me that, as a Realtor, it is my duty to promote the school district. Save your ink David. Actually, I have a fiduciary responsibility to my clients to tell the truth. And the truth is, you guys are not delivering.

As an aside, in a May 26th article in the Arizona Republic, Mr. Schaefer proclaimed himself "a fiscal conservative." He might be with his own money, but he certainly isn't with ours.
Come on Creekers, don't be intimidated by these fools. Write in and voice your opposition to the override. State your name proudly. After all, they claim they never read this filthy rag anyway.

Gary "Spartacus" Kiernan
Cave Creek


The Great Supression

Wall Street isn’t stupid, but, when it comes to politics, it usually speaks very softly, and doesn’t dare call a spade a spade in public. The Obama administration is such a disaster that investment pros are beginning to speak up.

Surprisingly, voices on the liberal-left are beginning to criticize Obama, as shown in today’s NY Times. I agree with the line of thought that says these folks are disillusioned with Obama, but still clinging to their statist philosophy, and are preparing to distance themselves from the president so the failure of his policies can be explained away, and the lefties can continue to preach their secular religion. (“Secular religion,” now there’s an oxymoron.).

Bill Sumner


Running of the Bulls event

Dear Mr. Francia,
My name is Karen Heller and I respectively (sic) request you to reconsider the Running of the Bulls event to be held in the community of Cave Creek.

The community of Cave Creek is known for its eclectic art, old west feel and of course the desert beauty. These characterizations do not match an event that is full of cruelty, greed and chaos. 200-300 people are injured every year at the Running of the Bulls event in Pampolona. What tragedy this would be for the people injured, their families, the animals, the community of Cave Creek and the event itself. Injuries and cruelty to animals do not describe a successful event. An event that has such horrific results would brand Cave Creek with this image forever.

As a citizen of this beautiful state, I care for its people and animals. Reconsider the Running of the Bulls event to be held in the community of Cave Creek.

Karen Heller


All in the family

Recently the President's uncle, Mr. Omar Onyango, was apprehended committing a DUI after leaving the Chicken Bone Saloon in Framingham, Mass. During the ensuing investigation it was determined Mr. Onyango was an illegal alien having lived illegally in the United States for some 19 years. During that time he had obtained a drivers license and a fraudulent social security card legitimizing his illegal status.

Coincidently the state of Massachusetts also hosts one Zetumie Onyango the President's aunt, another illegal alien. Is it any wonder there is so little headway made in resolving our illegal alien problem when the President has little motivation to stop the flow from Mexico, China, Kenya or any other foreign country. With so many real or perceived benefits to the White House, like potential votes and securing entry into the U.S. for family members, why close the border. Perhaps the President's background, so allergic to the light of day, populated with missing and questionable documents is just a case of all in the family.

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek


Statement by President Pearce on Ethics Committee appointments

“Today I received a letter from the Senate Rules Attorney (attached), informing me that three members of the Ethics Committee were recusing themselves from the Committee while the panel considers an ethics complaint filed against the three on September 20, 2011. The letter also explains that under Senate Ethics Committee Rule 17, as President of the Senate, I have no choice: I am required to temporarily replace the three members.

Therefore, I am announcing the appointments of Senator Linda Gray, Senator Robert Meza and Senator Jack Jackson, Jr. to the Senate Ethics Committee. Committee member Senator Andy Biggs will serve as Ethics Committee Chair while the three members are temporarily replaced. Senator Biggs is leaving early Friday morning for a commitment at Harvard University. When he returns on Monday he will meet with staff attorneys on this matter.”


Race is a Pigment of our Imagination

Several years ago I was required to attend political correctness training as part of my employment. Naturally, the course was not called that. It had some innocuous title like “Diversity Training” or something similar. In the opening remarks the course leader explained that the course would help each of us deal with people who are different, especially those with a different color of skin.

I thought about that for a minute but then I felt compelled to explain to the course leader (tongue-in-cheek) that I probably did not qualify to be in the course because I never thought of anyone whose skin color did not match mine as “different” from me in any meaningful way. As a point of clarification I confessed that I might benefit from training in how to deal with someone who had a different religion or someone who had a different philosophy or a different political party but that I just never thought of race as a defining characteristic. It is really just a pigment of our imagination.

The course leader promptly told me why we don’t send donkeys to school (No one likes a smart ass.) and the course went on with my less-than-enthusiastic participation.

Roy Miller


Arizona Attorney General Issues Opinion on Community Colleges and Illegal Aliens

PHOENIX, State Capitol – Arizona’s Attorney General has weighed in on the issue of illegal aliens qualifying for in-state tuition at state community colleges. Attorney General Tom Horne says Proposition 300 prohibits community colleges from classifying an illegal alien as an in-state student. The opinion also states the college boards are at risk of litigation and liability if they violate Proposition 300.

Senator Linda Gray and Senate President Russell Pearce called for an opinion by the Attorney General after an effort by Maricopa Community Colleges Governing Board President Randolph Lumm to continue to allow illegal aliens to qualify for in-state tuition. State law clearly bars community colleges from granting illegals in-state tuition, and this AG opinion confirms that.

In June, the MCC Governing Board considered backing out of a March tuition agreement that finally put the Colleges in compliance with Proposition 300. The proposition passed by more than 70% of Arizona voters in 2006, barring illegal immigrants from in-state tuition. After Senator Gray took action, board members voted 3-2 to keep tuition levels at the March agreement.

Attorney General’s complete opinion can be found here:


Response to the lies

Politics in America are vastly different today than they used to be, say, ten or twenty years ago. The Tea Party movement has played a pivotal role in changing the way we talk about politics. The growing support for the Tea Party movement and its constituents has many Liberals taking excessive and unjust shots trying to undermining the movement and the people it supports. Liberals are terrified of the Tea Party movement as it continues to catch steam and become even more mainstream among the American public.

They are willing to do and say anything to scare people away from the sensible policies that are advocated by the Tea Party.

Lying attacks on the Tea Party movement have disturbingly increased in recent days. It is high time that we call them out on this. Let's hold them accountable when they engage in harmful and divisive rhetoric.

Liberals are afraid of the Tea Party movement not only because the policies it advocates are in sharp contrast to the liberal desire to increase spending and grow the government, but also because every day, more Americans realize that they are actually Tea Partiers themselves.

People of all race, creed and color carrying signs that say stop spending and balance the budget used to be known as mathematicians and accountants, today the progressive liberals call them terrorist and racist. As a result, extremists are willing to make outlandish and inappropriate statements, while the White House sits pat and does nothing, the liberal media refuses to cover the truth. Rep. Maxine Waters should tell King Samir Shabazz to go to hell.
Rep. Frederica Wilson should wake up and see that the enemy is the New Black Panthers.
Fortunately, Tea Party members will remind leftists around the nation of why they are so scared of the Tea Party movement when the elections take place in 2012.

Rep. Maxine Waters tells Tea Party to Go To Hell
King Samir Shabazz "You Want Freedom? Kill Some Crackers!
Rep. Frederica Wilson Says The Tea Party Is The Real Enemy
New Black Panthers Gird Your Loins, This Is War Against Capitalist Bloodsucker American
Coming to the polls in 2012, We the people!


Roman Stockton
Katy, Texas



The best and only way to create a lasting and successful Palestinian state is through negotiations with Israel. There is no way a UN end-run around mutual agreements can bring a better future for the Middle East.

The Palestinian move at the UN violates many existing agreements and understandings that both side accepted under which they promised not to take unilateral actions.


Judith Sobel


Political dysfunction

A Rasmussen Poll, USA Today and Standard & Poor's all agree, our political machinery is dysfunctional. President Obama said the same thing during his recent bus tour. If you agree that our political machinery is mess, why would you align yourself with any of the parties? Shouldn't we vote on the values and principles of the person, rather than the Party?

Solution: Replace each and every member of the House of Representative with a true citizen representative who will: 1) be contractually accountable, 2) adhere to term limits, 3) reject special interest money, and 4) follow the laws of this country as written; especially the U.S. Constitution. These four items are the core principles of GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House), a group of 100,000 like-minded people who are serious about restoring proper government function. Please go to "It is a non-partisan plan to place 435 citizen representatives on the ballot in 2012, competing for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives." Please join our effort!

Together we will make it happen.

Best wishes,

Norm Redhead
Kerrville, Texas