Guest Editorial


The American Dream

There is much talk from the liberal progressive’s in this country regarding capitalism as destroying the American Dream. That argument is totality flawed in the fact that capitalism is the birth place of the American Dream. Without capitalism there would be no American Dream or any dream of bettering one’s self at all.

It has been the American’s desire that people in poverty have the opportunity to rise to the middle class and from the middle class to the upper class. This has defined the American Dream, and it has inspired people around the world to want to come here and experience it. However, there is one thing, one ingredient, if you will, that is absolutely necessary to realize that American Dream and that is effort. Improvement can never be achieved without the proper effort on the dreamer’s part. Unwillingness to provide the required effort and expect it to be given to you is a destructive socialistic mind set. Wealth redistribution destroys the dream by taking away from one persons dream to provide a dream for another not willing to supply the necessary effort. Furthermore, only a capitalist society can provide such opportunity. No other form of government has ever provided the opportunity that the United States Constitution provides!

The (intentional) problem with the liberal progressive argument is the lack of an explanation or details. They, for some reason, think the playing field should be leveled for all even if some are not “willing” to put forth any effort. In order to sell their idea they must have the freeloaders on board who think they should be allowed a free ride to the “American Dream.”
However, the problem is it is not possible to attain the dream without effort. Since there is no such attainable dream (for the average citizen) in a socialistic society their total argument is flawed. The American Dream as I see it is the opportunity to better one’s self to the extent of their abilities and determination by a diligent effort. Socialistic states do not have a dream like that because wealth is always redistributed (supposedly) evenly, but even that is a lie. When there are two classes (elites and peons, a middle class does not exist) one class will always see discrepancies in the rewards. That, by the way, is one of the primary reasons those societies, where the government controls everything, and redistributes the wealth, do not work for any length of time.

The American Dream, just like perception, is never the exact same thing to each individual. It is a personal goal a desire if you will. It may be totally different to each person. You may perceive it to be a nice house in an urban area, while I may perceive it to be an estate on several acres of land in the mountains with servants. But the true definition is constructed of the combined main ingredients of freedom, desire, ability and effort, along with personal pride and honesty. A socialistic society destroys all of these with perhaps the exception of desire.

When Obama and Biden along with the whole administration talk about something without explaining it they are relying on who ever is listening to insert their individual perception(s) which could make their comments acceptable. Just like they did with “hope and change” during Obama’s campaign for president. Whereas, if they were to explain it fully many would not agree. In the final analysis however, the liberal progressive theory destroys the American Dream, it does not enhance it. In spite of the fact the current administration “claims” they support both the middle class and the American Dream. Close examination proves it is not possible to support both wealth redistribution and the middle classes dream.