AUGUST 31, 2011

Visit Russell Pearce • Sonoran News moves
Laundromat services closed

donIf you support conservative patriots isn’t Senate President Russell Pearce number one on your list? We have joined Larry Wendt, owner of the Buffalo Chip Saloon and Steakhouse (BCS&SH) in sponsoring a fund raiser for Russell Pearce.

Pearce, as you know, is facing a recall election, unless his court challenge wins, with early voting beginning on Oct. 13 and the election on Nov. 8. As author of the famous SB 1070 law he has gained nationwide acclaim and many states have followed his courageous lead.
In a meeting last week with Pearce, his son Sean and Wendt early details were decided with lots more to come.

The fund raiser will be held at the BCS&SH on Saturday, Sept. 17. It will be open from 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. Tickets are $25 and will pay for a barbeque dinner with music. The proceeds will go to Pearce. Campaign volunteers will be available for accepting larger contributions.

So far, MCSO Sheriff Joe Arpaio has agreed to be there for the entire event and he and Pearce will speak and be available for discussions. We invite the public and will inform Tea Party members. Watch for new information about who you may meet at the event. We are seeking luminaries, Republican leaders and will report on others you may want to meet.
The BCS&SH is at 6811 E. Cave Creek Road.

Moving ahead
Sonoran News moved into its present location of 6812 E. Cave Creek Road in late 1994 and started publishing in Feb. of 1995. We will soon be moving to a new office location, soon to be announced.

We will have adequate growth room there at competitive prices. We are anxious for the recession to abate so we can return to a weekly print schedule.

On a related subject, I have closed the service end of Sonoran Suds where wash and fold and ironing services were offered. The coin-operated Laundromat remains open and is for sale. The Laundromat is profitable without the services burden but both have been open as a public service.

Not bad enough that Cave Creek Unified School District (CCUSD) officials and near officials incite children to riot about Sonoran News publishing the truth about their bureaucratic enclave, they decided to have the way left Arizona Republic print the rants of LearnYes PAC chairman and lawyer, Steve Hart.

They had to be hurting last week when attorney Christina Kohn handed them a resounding, teeth rattling offense that the law sneaked into a floor amendment of the Omnibus bill by then Rep. Nancy Barto R. Dist. 7 which gave CCUSD the right to trample voters’ and bond holders’ rights is unconstitutional.

It appears before Barto decided to listen to the so-called Legislative Liaison of David Shaeffer and Mark Warren, the boys had tried her predecessor Sen. Jim Waring. Waring provided a bill which supposedly allowed CCUSD to use bond proceeds which were approved in the year 2000 to build a new high school. The school lawyer apparently felt his bill was weak so they tried again with Barto.

The LearnYes Political Action Committee (PAC) is again trying to pick your pocket in the recession economy. In their half-page bleat in the Scottsdale Republic, Reporter Mary Beth Faller wrote, “The proposed override has been vehemently opposed by Sonoran News.”
‘They have a right to their opinion, but we’re trying to move in a different direction.’ Hart said. ‘Their way is the dinosaur way of looking at things. This is not a political fight.”

Really? Then what is it? Yes, we believe in learning the old fashioned way where kids learn reading, writing and arithmetic and not International Bachelorette (IB) where kids learn to help the enemies of the United States and leave our needy wanting while denigrating Sonoran News’ truthful reporting of CCUSD. If you have talked to any CCUSD graduates lately you will know what I am talking about.

Note the biggest contributors of this swindle. “The biggest single contributors to the LearnYes committee so far have been D.L Withers Construction, $2,000; Progressive Services, a Phoenix roofing company, $2,000; Core Construction, $1,000; and Gilleland Brubaker Architects, $1,000.”

The contributors all stand to profit from LearnYes and surely will if the unlikely occurs and CCUSD prevails in the lawsuit filed by the Goldwater Institute. If our judiciary in the appeal proceedings understands the Constitution, CCUSD will lose.

Here is a warning about how LearnYes will sell their bag of promises that are never kept. The short of it is don’t read liberal newspapers or direct mail and don’t answer the door.
“Stephan Hart, chairman of LearnYes, said the group will now take its message to the community with meetings, direct mail promotions and door-to door visits.”

The article mentioned that a house valued at $250,000 would pay $67, up from $37. For this area average home costs are considerably higher and so would their tax bill be. Don’t forget our ever thoughtful county has raised property taxes 18 percent right in the middle of the weakest of economies.

Exactly why can’t a publicly funded enterprise downsize as private businesses have? What CCUSD needs is a PAC devoted to electing a brand new school board, a new superintendent and a 40 percent cut in administrative costs.