Guest Editorial


New revelations about the same 'ole fraud

New revelations about Obama's past and purported origins continue to be unearthed, yet the main-stream media persists in its silence. The "big three," CNN, and Fox remain completely silent despite the forensic evaluation of the April 27th "birth certificate" release that shows that the White House participated in fraudulently concocting an Adobe pdf-based file comprised of multiple photographic layers, as well as numerous instances of cuts and pastes, kerning, and various typographical manipulations of the sort only possible by utilizing computer programs and techniques not available in the 1960s. If this fraud were being perpetrated by a Republican, it would be a front-page story for weeks, culminating in impeachment by the House and conviction by the Senate.

As long as the left-wing in this country controls the press, and to a somewhat lesser extent, the Internet, this information will remain outside of the mainstream and out of direct view from the general public. Chyiome Fukino, MD, Hawaii's former director of Hawaii's Department of Health, in response to Governor Abercrombie's frustration at not being able to locate a "long-form" certificate, stated that Obama's birth certificate was in the form of handwritten entries mixed with typed documentation. With the release of Dr. Jerome Corsi's book, WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?, Obama released what he called his "long-form" birth certificate on April 27th. It was hardly a mix of handwritten and typed was an online Adobe PDF file that Obama hath legally cleaved to his breast as the official proof of his US nativity. While it contained quite a lot of information, it is now clear that Obama is at the heart of this fraud, given the irregularities found in it.

Amazingly, despite these findings of overt fraud by Adobe experts, including one of the most well-known and well-published experts, Mara Zebest Nathanson (a Democrat!), as well as a bevvy of scanner and software specialists, both identified (Dave Vogt and others), and anonymous, we hear very little from any source other than online political news mavens, World Net Daily, Newsmax, and occasionally other conservative publications, a few tabloids, and a few brave publications abroad. Prior to the "birth certificate" release in April, our court system had played a persistent game of legal "hide and seek" which has been shameful.
Besides the 6-month incarceration of a military doctor deprived of the pretrial "discovery" of Obama's "long-form" by a JAG who was concerned that the findings might prove embarrassing to our President, all related cases have been dismissed on technicalities and at least thirteen states have tripped over their own political feet, failing to pass legislation guidelines to prevent the installation of a non-native-born president in the future.

With the recent finding that Obama has been using a fraudulent social security number throughout his adult life, that number having been owned by a 19-year old Thomas Wood, who died in 1890, only Fox News, by way of an ill-informed Bill O'Reilly, dealt with that issue, albeit improperly, and subsequently scrubbed the issue from its web-site.

Brett Baier, Fox News White House Correspondent, was warned that steering clear of birth certificate reporting would permit him to remain as a member of the White House Press Corp.

Hollywood's tight grip on television explains the televised left pro-Obama bias, but what surprises me is how effective Internet censoring has become within our own US of A!
Google and Yahoo personnel, amongst others, for the most part, long-established as a nidus of Obama supporters, are doing everything "cyber-possible" to de-legitimize findings of fraud or behavioral irregularities by Hawaiian officials as regards the birth certificate issue.

There is reason to believe that someone or something is scrubbing Obama's personal information and other information from the Internet. A private investigator, Albert Hendershot, recently found that Obama's previous alias of "Harrison J. Bounel" is being actively scrubbed from online databases! A previous alias? Our president? Why? The past history and lives of this White House occupant apparently have a "darker" aspect that has absolutely nothing to do with the color of his skin.

Recently, despite a duly-issued court subpoena, Laura Fuddy of Hawaii's Department of Health refused to produce Obama's original "long-form" birth certificate as part of the discovery phase of a lawsuit contending that Obama's social security number is being used fraudulently. Fuddy insists that she had to preserve Obama's privacy despite the fact that Obama already "released" the "long-form," eliminating any privacy issue.

Clearly, there is something rotten in Honolulu...maybe there is NO original paper birth certificate, just as Dr. Fukino and the Adobe multi-layered PDF suggests, and just maybe, Obama is NOT eligible to be president of these United States.

That wouldn't surprise Grandma Sarah Obama, who said she witnessed Obama's birth in Mombasa.

And it wouldn't surprise the Kenyan Ambassador to the United States, Peter Ogego, who remarked casually that President-elect Obama's birthplace in Mombasa was being frequented by proud Kenyans.

And it wouldn't surprise the staff at Kapiolani Women's Hospital in Honolulu, where it was recently shown that there is NO MATERNAL RECORD FOR OBAMA'S MOTHER AT ANYTIME IN AUGUST 1961.

People, we have a usurper in the Oval Office, and someone better do something about it...soon!

Joseph Guida is a 54-year old retired physician completely disenfranchised with the Obama Administration, with grave doubts about his eligibility to even be president, who is a conservative interested in restoring the country our Founders started. Dr. Guida lives in Scottsdale.