Guest Editorial


When everyone has a sacred cow, no one has any meat

To see what notions the statist destroyers of America are hatching to ensure that prosperity and individual liberty never rise from the dead, I listen to both leftist and rightist media.

Leftist television was all aglow recently about our munificent and benevolent president giving women free birth control, although it is free stuff that has bankrupted the nation.    Keep reading ...

mark hendricksonBY DR. MARK W. HENDRICKSON  |  AUGUST 24, 2011

Gold’s Meteoric Rise

The price of gold has gone on a tear this summer, from slightly under $1500 per ounce to well over $1800 per ounce, and it looks like it wants to go higher. What gives?

Well, if you bought gold last spring, you’re looking pretty smart. And if you bought gold a decade ago at $300 per ounce, you’re looking like a whiz. Imagine buying a stock 10 years ago, having it appreciate fairly steadily over the decade, and then watching its price increase in less than two months by more than your original purchase price. For a commodity to increase at such a rate is truly extraordinary, even portentous. Keep reading ...