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AUGUST 17, 2011

You are invited to learn about an organization dedicated to Maricopa County being a No Kill community Thursday, Aug. 25

kittenSCOTTSDALE – No Kill Maricopa County was formed to stop the unnecessary killing of over 50 percent of animals entering shelters in Maricopa County.

In 2010, one animal was killed every six minutes Maricopa County Animal Care and Control was open to the public.

No Kill Maricopa County is working to achieve a minimum 90 percent live release rate, just as many successful shelters across the nation have accomplished. Their success has been achieved by the implementation of the only proven, successful model called the No Kill Equation.

This is not an insurmountable issue in Maricopa County. Our community is not unique. There is great hope for this cause.

Join us to learn how we can build a No Kill Community in Maricopa County!

Visit or No Kill Maricopa County on Facebook.

WHEN: Thursday, August 25, 2011
WHERE: Foothills Community Foundation, 34250 N 60th Street, Scottsdale
TIME: 6:30 – 8 p.m.
The power to change – the status quo is in our hand. One person. One moment. One decision.

AUGUST 17, 2011

Rescued California Peruvian mares and their adoptive family pay it forward

Lovely Peruvian ladies find their forever home in California and help their Peruvian sister now in Arizona

peruvian maresPhoenix – In May 2011, The Conquistador Program worked with community members in California and Arizona to help find a home for two wonderful Peruvian Paso mares who had been rescued from a very bad situation in which they literally were starving.  The mares, Mystique and Mistiana (photo, left), 12 and 15 years old were taken into care by Tehachapi, California resident Judy Passalacqua and her husband Rick.  The Passalacquas provided all of the veterinary care, farrier care and feed the two ladies required for their initial recovery and, when the Passalacqua needed to find a forever home for the mares because of restrictions in their gated community, they contacted CERAP for help. 

CERAP sent out information on the mares provided by Judy, to our contacts in California including to North American Peruvian Horse Association (NAPHA) Regional Advisory Council member, Jolene Bell Hahn (who bred the Haights much-loved stallion D.O.R. Velocipedo), to the Southern California Peruvian Paso Horse Club and to Peruvian lovers in California and in Arizona.   Horse lovers went into action sending the information on to their contacts.   Soon CERAP was contacted by Judy letting us know that the girls had found a wonderful home near Bakersfield, California with experienced horsewoman Penelope Shibley and her fiancé Wes. 

peruvian maresSince arriving in their new home, the Peruvians have settled in beautifully, are gaining weight and muscle and are happy and looking wonderful (photo, right).  Penelope loves the mares and her love is reflected in their condition.  But the story does not stop there.  Judy and Rick who had rescued the mares and provided all of their initial care and who transported the mares to Penelope refused to take even a dime for an adoption fee or even for gas money.  Penelope asked the rescuers if she could make a donation in their name.  The Passalacquas requested that Penelope make a donation to CERAP that had recently taken in another very young 11 year-old Peruvian Paso mare, La Pachanga II, who had sustained severe injuries to her right leg when someone had taken her to the Charros in California.

Pachanga required special shoeing and farrier care.  The rescue of her Peruvian sisters, now named Phoenicia and Pedaiah by Penelope so that all of the girls have “P" names led to her donation to help their beautiful Peruvian sister, Pachanga.  Pachanga’s  paternal grandsire is the great stallion H.N.S. Domingo, and her Peruvian sisters helped her get her new shoes.  This is a story of compassion, unselfishness, the power of people working together and networking, and most of all of how good deeds like those of the Passalacquas and Penelope Shibley really do pay forward.  Pachanga says she loves her new designer specials.