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Barto’s propaganda • Cowards and crooks • Campaign coming

Remember when Obama was in office for a few months and, after doing absolutely nothing he got a Nobel Prize? Well, Nancy Barto, who has a long record of negative achievement recently received an award. Here is the press release from the Arizona legislature:

Sen. Nancy Barto has been named a recipient of the American Legislative Exchange Council’s “Legislator of the Year” award. Sen. Barto was presented the award at the organization’s annual meeting in New Orleans.

The “Legislator of the Year” Award is given to state legislators who are ALEC members in good standing and have distinguished themselves by taking a leadership role in advancing, introducing and/or enacting policies based on the fundamental Jeffersonian principles of free markets, limited government, federalism and individual liberty.

“It is such an honor to receive this award from ALEC. It’s good to know the hard work we’re doing here in Arizona fighting for everyone’s health care rights is being recognized by such a respected national organization,” says Sen. Barto, a Republican from Phoenix.

Sen. Barto serves on the Executive Committee for the Health & Human Services Task Force. She has been a key force behind Health Care Freedom, protecting citizens’ fundamental health care rights. Efforts that began in Arizona have now led to 12 states passing Health Care Freedom laws and another four states will have it on the 2012 ballot.

"Now Arizona's state constitution prevents citizens from being forced to purchase health care and guarantees their right to purchase private coverage - two rights that are threatened by Congress' unconstitutional health care takeover in 2009," says Sen. Barto.
Barto also sponsored the Health Care Sharing Ministries bill, which was signed into law this year - another example of ALEC model legislation that expands patients' rights to affordable health care.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the nation’s leading nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. While ALEC members gather around the principles of limited government, free market and federalism, it is the diversity of the members and their different perspectives that really further the discussions.

Although we have written before about her treachery as a politician, let’s review:
Barto, as the Chairman of Legislative District Seven (LD 7), gathered proxies saying she would use them to vote for a named candidate to be a nominee for state representative but instead used them to nominate herself.

While there, she participated in a walkout when anti-immigration bills authored by then Rep. Russell Pearce R-Dist. 18 were up for a vote. Later she authored HB 2154, which would have benefited a lone Cave Creek supporter and would have cost people statewide who lived on private roads millions of dollars. Fortunately real estate lobbyists helped to defeat the bill.

She told Rep. Ray Barnes she would step aside when he was term limited and ready to be a senate candidate and instead ran against him, while amassing about $70,000 in campaign “donations.” Virtually the entire executive staff of Blue Cross Blue Shield fattened her treasury, yet Senate leadership put her in charge of Health matters in Arizona. Careful reading of the bills she passed, for which ALEC awarded her are badly flawed.

One of her early serious mistakes was to introduce a floor amendment to the omnibus budget bill, which allowed only the Cave Creek Unified School District (CCUSD) to use funds from a year 2000 bond which had been passed by voters for purposes other than what voters passed. The Goldwater Institute believes the bill is unconstitutional and has sued CCUSD. Hearings for oral argument are scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on Aug.23.

Yet ALEC had the temerity to end their press release with this statement:

“The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the nation’s leading nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. While ALEC members gather around the principles of limited government, free market and federalism, it is the diversity of the members and their different perspectives that really further the discussions.”

ALEC you missed your charter big time. Barto is an example of what is wrong with today’s politics,; she is dishonest, sneaky and votes with the opposition on important matters like illegal immigration. She went to the wall for a friend and local supporter which would have devastated anyone living on a private road while Arizona has more private roads than public roads. We also believe she wrote and passed an unconstitutional bill.

You ALEC people are disgusting!

Crooks among us
Our investigation of the letters sent to our advertisers threatening them with a boycott continues. Although both MCSO and USPS continue to investigate, we don’t know yet who wrote and sent the letters. To accelerate the investigation we are offering $1,000 dollars to anyone who identifies perpetrators who then are arrested and found guilty. Anonymity is guaranteed.

Advertising campaign
Watch for the Sonoran News advertising campaign. I have often mentioned we are the only newspaper in the six zip codes we service except for the way left wing Arizona Republic ... and we print and deliver many more than they do.

The City Sun Times monthly shopper is not a newspaper. They were spoon fed advertising early on when trying to establish themselves in this area. Their milquetoast content is not on a par with Sonoran News.

Their sales representative Bob Hesselgesser has spread lies claiming we are going out of business and we don’t deliver what we claim. First of all we will be in business for a long time, despite the economy and his lies and, as soon as we find a couple of people who will testify, we will sue him and City Sun Times.

As far as distribution goes, ask City Sun Times for USPS receipts, printer receipts and rack net delivery, which we give to advertisers when requested.

It is not uncommon for liars like Hesselgesser to accuse another for what they do.

If you go through Sonoran News page by page you will see what other states saw in giving us over 80 awards that are proudly hung on our wall. Ask City Sun Times for theirs.

The upcoming ad campaign will tell you who we are and why we are what we are.