Don Sorchych My View

• Mayor Francia rocks

• So does Russell Pearce

Cave Creek thankfully has no term limits for its Mayor or councilmen. That is one reason why Vincent Francia is in his seventh two-year term. The other reason is the voters really love him.

This town is presumed to be too tough to govern, as has been said often enough to be believed. Yet many lust for the position. Francia takes every competitor seriously but runs a clean election. He never is short volunteers to support his candidacy.

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Over all his mayoral terms, he has been employed by Turf Paradise, a horse racing venue. About a year ago he was boosted to General Manager. He nonetheless always has time for town affairs. The fact that Cave Creek has a town manager form of government helps. It would be impossible to be fully employed in Carefree in which the mayor is also the CEO.
Francia stated during the last town election he was a registered Independent. But he has been courted by Democrats and Republicans for a seat in the Arizona Legislature.

“Independent” nicely fits him. As an active Buddhist he often quotes from their philosophy of the “middle way.” When he married the lovely Amelia Blanco, a Catholic and Buddhist priest presided. He practices his religion and is an expert meditator.

Francia thinks highly of Peace Corps volunteers, having served in the Corp himself.
While driving to Sonoran News I often listen to KFYI. The other morning Barry Young, Michelle Larson and Andrew Babinski were having fun at the expense Cave Creek about the upcoming “Running of the bulls.”

They were reading the text of a press release about the event in the “financially troubled Arizona Republic,” as they often call it. Since they read from it every morning they had better hope the Republic stays in business.

It was clear the details escaped them since they may still believe the bulls will run amuck on Cave Creek Road. The fact is the whole event will take place on about nine acres of commercial property, directly south of Bart Krasson’s Indian Village.

Larson was especially provoked (as if it was any of her business) and repeatedly said the event was the most stupid thing she had ever heard of in the valley.

Finally after lots of guffaws, Young asked if anyone knew Mayor Vincent Francia. Apparently someone called Francia, but when he phoned in the program only had seconds left so they said they would have Francia on soon.

The next morning they called Francia and asked about the running of the bulls. Francia expressed satisfaction with the event but remarked he would insist on higher insurance coverage and he wanted more information to be sure the event was safe.

The crafty Young volunteered Babinski to run and invited himself to have drinks with Francia while the event progressed. Good publicity for KFYI, his program and Cave Creek.

After Francia left the program, Larson said something like she loved that guy and she wished he was running for Phoenix mayor. She also thought it would be a good idea if they invited him to host their show if one of them were out.

Now that is a politician!

Russell Pearce
Russell Pearce is a perfect example of a patriot, although the Arizona Republic and other liberal media would have you believe otherwise. Hardly a day goes by without an article scrutinizing, patronizing and criticizing Pearce.

For example, on Saturday, July 17, Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts wrote a hit peace titled, “Pearce fall from grace; now he must scramble to save his seat.” Sub title: “Senate boss pulling out stops in fight to halt recall.”

Right below her column, on the front page of the Valley and State section, reporter Alia Beard Rau wrote an article titled, “Aug. ruling anticipated in Pearce recall-petition challenge.”

Roberts claims Pearce accepted $40,000 in freebies from the Fiesta Bowl. Although I am not sure of that number Pearce has said he was expected to support things like the Fiesta Bowl. Was he supposed to fund all that himself? The other complaint of the Republic has been since Pearce is a law and order guy he should know the law.

Have you ever gone online and read the statutes? Even a skilled attorney would have trouble understanding the legalese. What the legislature should do is substantially reduce the outstanding statutes. They are a mess.

Roberts said, “Pearce will undoubtedly play the role of martyr in this race – the patriot targeted because of his patriotism.

“Expect to hear a lot about ‘liberal extremists’ and the open borders crowd (read anyone who disagrees with Pearce on anything).”

And she goes on snarky and snide like most Republic hatchet writers.

The fact is, it is the open borders crowd, including illegal aliens who want to continue their free ride at our expense, driving this charade.

The Pearce bills following SB 1070 were vital to doing what the federal government won’t do. Five of six additional bills were defeated by a slimy nine Democrats in Republican clothes including Senator Nancy Barto in LD 7.

On July 28 super liberal E.J. Montini wrote on the front page of the Republic’s Valley and State a supportive article to liberal buddy Laurie Roberts. His headline was, “Don’t count out Pearce, Ariz.’s Rasputin.”

Rasputin? Russell Pearce? Now that is a disconnect if I ever read one. The one-two punch by two practicing liberals is no surprise. That is what they are paid to do.

The tenor of Montini’s rant is to show Pearce in the worst possible way. He relates his “failures” and gives him no credit for all the good he has done. He calls his anti-immigration record an “obsession.” If it is an obsession thank God he has it.

How can any thinking person ignore the purposeful open borders by federal government, Democrats, Republicans (RINOS) and the treasonous Chambers of Commerce?

Had all the Pearce bills passed we would be well on our way to a balanced budget in Arizona.