canfield letters 8-3

I knew this day was coming

Still sad now that it's here …
~ Vincent Francia

Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area
37622 N. Cave Creek Road,
Cave Creek, AZ 85331
480.488.6601 Website:
John Gunn, Supervisor

July 1, 2011

Dear Usama Abujbarah, elected officials, and town staff;

It is with a great mixture of emotions that I advise you of my intention to retire from my position as spur-x supervisor at the end of this September. This 10 year experience has been a period of considerable professional growth for me, and an opportunity to participate in the early development of an exciting resource management project. It’s hard to believe the time went by so quickly.

I truly appreciate the many professional courtesies, friendships, and financial support you have all demonstrated time and time again. It has been a pleasure to work with all of you.
The partnership we have created together has truly worked as intended. I have appended a 10 year highlight of what I conclude are our greatest achievements and identified key focal areas facing us going forward. (Click here for full text of highlights.)

I will still be in the metro area and therefore I encourage you and my eventual successors to call whenever you wish to discuss a Spur Cross biological or other natural resource management issue regarding this special place we call Cave Creek.

I wish all of you the very best in your personal and professional endeavors and hope to see you out on the trails.


John Gunn | Cave Creek

Washington Statistics

The latest best seller in Washington seems to be the latest edition of an old highly-regarded political treatise – “How To Lie With Statistics.” My View: Since all the politicians of both parties persist in looking back, I think they should all, like Lot’s wife, be turned into pillars of salt, or something equally less harmless to the America people.

Ralph G. Smith | Cave Creek


C4 Coffee House

Good afternoon Don:

Read your column today, including the letter to Todd at Cave Creek Coffee House. I want Todd to know this. Although I am not a coffee aficionado, and have not been in his coffee house, I will, as of today be a regular, hoping to make up for Geno Riley, whom I suspect doesn't exist. However if they are real, I think with Geno and his wife not there the air at C4 will be fresher.

Joe Corpora | E-mail


Sonoran News ads work

Three weeks ago I bought a new computer. They told me, "It’s easy to install, just plug it in." Oh, sure. When I called the store back they told me they could send out one of their 'geek squad' but, it would be about 12 days. No way.

I then went to the ads in Sonoran News. I found, under "Computer" the name of Carefree Connections. I called and Jeff White was at my home in about one hour. He spent two hours 'fixing' me up ... at a very low price. I have since recommended Jeff to three other people who needed help.

I appreciate the service you provide with your ads. Thanks.

Jim Van Allen | Carefree


CCUSD and Learn Yes

I received a pre-recorded phone call from Steve Bebee "acting as a concerned citizen" on behalf of learn yes asking me to vote in the upcoming election. I don't even know what the message said because I was so shocked that he would use his role as the principle of Cactus Shadows to access personal information that I immediately hung up. I do not give out my cell phone number. Some of the few places that have access to my number are the schools my children attend. If I was even remotely considering voting yes for the bond before this incident I have now switched most unequivocally to a no!

Didn't the district pull this last time using ill-gotten email addresses? They haven't seemed to have learned their lesson.

(Please keep me anonymous. I don't want any retribution passed on to my kids in the district.)

Name withheld by request


Remarkably incompetent

In a recent Letter to the Editor distinguished 6-term former Carefree Councilman Bob Coady reviewed town court expenses and noted, “Carefree is just too tainted by special interest groups to deal with the needed financial responsibilities.”

Remarkably incompetent past town council decisions (including issuing 7 percent water bonds that cannot be paid off early, the highest sales tax rate in Maricopa County, and signing a hugely expensive contract for Rural/Metro to manage local fire services) have caused Carefree’s financial condition to deteriorate significantly.

The Rural/Metro fire contract for calendar 2012 is an astonishing $1.37 million, of which almost 40 percent comes from the town’s “general fund” reserve.

Small businesses continue to flee the town center where the commercial vacancy rate is soaring. Voters had a chance to end the town’s mess earlier this year but instead narrowly reelected the puppet mayor who is charged with defending the status quo established by his nitwit predecessors. (In contrast, residents did enact an ordinance that requires voters’ approval before a local property tax can be passed.)

The latest town council buffoonery, opposed only by first-term Councilman Jim Van Allen, will pay $72,000 to Vice Mayor Melissa Price’s Carefree Business Association pals to promote the distinction between Carefree and Cave Creek! Did the mayor even bother to calculate it will take an added $2.4 million in retail sales taxed at 3 percent just to recover $72,000?

Rather than cutting town expenditures, the mayor would like the gullible to believe the town’s condition can be fixed by miraculously increasing sales tax collections. That won’t happen. Cave Creek’s new Walmart will make Carefree’s financial plight even worse.

I look for residential to commercial up zoning as the next town council scheme to raise revenues to help pay for unnecessary spending.

Jim Peirce | Carefree

Sal Diciccio – Phoenix City Council District 6

In the fight against illegal immigration I have belonged to many different organizations. The Minutemen in Phoenix and on the border, United for a Sovereign American, U.S.A. Riders, American Citizens United, Red Mountain Tea Party, Ahwatukee Tea Party and the 2012 Tea Party. I have protested the illegals at Home Depot, Pruitt’s Furniture, Bank of America, Mac Mcgruder’s McDonalds, John McCain and Ted Kennedy’s Amnesty Bill and Peggy Neely’s/Phil Gordon’s Day Labor Center for illegals at 25th Street and Bell Road. We won at all these locations. We were on the plaza at the capitol challenging Salvador Reza, at the County Board of Supervisors and Wells Fargo downtown supporting Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

We spent over 250 days protesting Peggy Neely’s day labor center and cut the number of pickups per day from 150 to less than 10. The City of Phoenix had four detectives a day, six days a week plus other uniformed officers policing the area. This lasted over a year.

Salaries for these officers were over a total of $300,000 thanks to Peggy Neely. Neely’s illegal Day Labor Center is still operating, now over seven years without its permit. The location is still ongoing.

We can’t support you and Peggy Neely and her “sanctuary city agenda.” We will support a strong anti illegal and closing the border candidate. We can’t take a chance with Peggy Neely as Mayor of Phoenix.

Jim Markins | Phoenix


Democrats must get beyond their "falsified rambling statements

Ronald Reagan once said, "Here you go again." Ronald Reagan was referring to President Carter's "falsified rambling statements." (
Today, I refer to President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats. Their "falsified rambling statements" are alive today.

America is in trouble. For years, Capitol Hill legislators practiced policies of spending more than our government's income. In the previous less than three years, President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats have spent some $4 trillion in deficient spending.

In November 2010, a majority of America's voters made an effort to stop this excessive "out-of-control" spending. During the years 2011 and 2012, the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party was reborn. Many Americans have now decided that the Democrat Party continues to govern as the Never Under Taxed (NUT) Party.

President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats are floating out a plan for saving America that is a continuation of "no real savings" – merely, as usual, a "falsified rambling statement" of promise. It is somewhat like former Speaker Pelosi once said, "But we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what is in it." (

Republicans offer "real savings" while stabilizing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. By "66 percent - For" to "17 percent - Against," Americans support HR 2560 "Cut, Cap, and Balance" with a Balanced-Budget Constitutional Amendment.

President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats must get beyond their "falsified rambling statements" and select the GOP's legislation to save America's financial responsibility.

Oscar Y. Harward | Monroe, North Carolina


Block Iran on the Arabian Peninsula

The Iraqi Shiites have increased their attacks on American troops in Iraq. June saw 14 U.S. soldiers killed, which is the highest death toll since 2008.

The Iraqi military, which consists primarily of Shiites, is reluctant to counter Shiites attacking American soldiers. Prime Minister al-Maliki, a Shiite, is hesitant to order military action against fellow Shiites.

Iran is smuggling in weapons to the Iraqi Shiites to promote the destabilization of Iraq and establish a stronger Shiite presence. Iran will probably increase its influence in Iraq as U.S. troops are withdrawn, thereby enabling it to threaten oil producing countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE.

Although the U.S. imports only 10 percent of its oil from the Middle East, any threat to the oil supply reverberates throughout the world and adversely impacts oil prices.

The U.S. needs counter weights against the Iranian Shiite and Iraqi Shiite forces. We should provide weapons to the Kurds in the north, maintain a military force in the Sunni area west of Baghdad, and have sufficient counter forces in Kuwait. A U.S. naval presence must continue in the Persian Gulf.

Hopefully, this will check any advances contemplated by Iran on the Arabian Peninsula.

Donald A. Moskowitz | Londonderry, New Hampshire

Small-business association standing up for lawmaker who has stood up for its members

PHOENIX - In a less petty political world, no association should have to issue a news released endorsing a candidate for the state legislature in a July of an odd-numbered year, but in doing so today Arizona's leading small-business group wanted to make an early, emphatic and unqualified endorsement of Senate President Russell Pearce for election, once again, to his 18th Legislative District seat.

"We're making our endorsement of Russell Pearce early to register small business' strong support for one of Arizona's most pro-small business lawmakers as he faces a needless November 8th special election to represent a constituency who overwhelmingly voted for him nine months ago just as they have in five prior elections," said Farrell Quinlan, Arizona state director for the National Federation of Independent Business.

"Small business is rallying to stand up for the man who has stood up for small business for more than a decade. His recall is a shameful abuse of the election process and a wasteful distraction from the Legislature's important work of helping Arizona's private sector create jobs again. Nothing in Russell Pearce's actions since the last election warrants this recall election. The next regular election would have been the appropriate time for his political opponents to try a seventh time to defeat him.

"With apologies to noted political philosopher Dennis Green, District 18 voters will say 'Russell Pearce is who we thought he was!' and re-elect him handily on November 8th," Quinlan quipped.

In the May release of NFIB's 2011 legislative Voting Record, Pearce posted a 100-percent, pro-small-business voting tally on 15 issues vital to Main Street, mom-and-pop businesses repeating his perfect voting record on small business' legislative agenda from 2009-2010.
The formal endorsement of Pearce was made by the NFIB/Arizona SAFE Trust, the political action arm of the association. More information can be found on President Pearce's website at

NFIB is Arizona's and the nation's leading small business advocacy association, with offices in Washington, D.C. and all 50 state capitals.

American Post-Gazette | Distributed by COMMON SENSE, in Arizona

Why I support the Budget Control Act

I came to Washington to reduce the size and scope of government and to get the economy going again. I support the Budget Control Act because it is consistent with these goals.

While it’s far from perfect, the bill is the only legitimate plan out there that puts into place structural spending caps and reductions, requires passage of a balanced budget amendment, stands firm against tax increases and ensures that America pays its bills.
Unlike the proposal being offered by Majority Leader Reid in the Senate, the spending cuts and caps in the Boehner plan are real and enforceable. The Budget Control Act is a first in Washington – it reduces spending by an amount greater than the debt ceiling increase.

While the outcome of this debt ceiling standoff is not yet decided, it’s important to put the situation in perspective. This debate is about our economy and the future of America. Just this morning, the Commerce Department released shocking numbers: the gross domestic product increased by just 1.3 percent last quarter and a pathetic .04 percent the quarter before that. This is the latest evidence that President Obama’s big-spending agenda has failed to turn the economy around.

Until very recently, the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats insisted on a clean debt ceiling increase without a single spending cut. President Obama wanted a blank check so he could continue to spend money at record rates. By standing firm, Republicans forced Democrats to back off their demand for a clean debt hike, and finally reckon with Washington’s spending addiction. While House Republicans did not achieve everything we wanted in the Budget Control Act, our efforts fundamentally changed the debate in Washington.

With the Budget Control Act on its way to passage in the House, the Senate must now act to lift the economic uncertainty created by the current standoff. Senator Reid’s plan with its smoke and mirrors and budget gimmicks will not pass the House. I’m confident we can pass a bipartisan bill through both chambers that meets the principles of cut, cap and balance.


Ben Quayle

Arizona Police Association announces support for Senate President Russell Pearce

PHOENIX – The Arizona Police Association (APA) announced today their continuing support for Senate President Russell K. Pearce. “The APA encourages members of the public and the business community to stand your public safety professionals as we support and vote for Sen. Pearce in the upcoming November election,” Executive Director Brian Livingston stated. For additional information on the APA please visit the website,

“Senator Pearce is, has been, and will continue to be a fierce advocate for the law enforcement community. He stands far above any other legislator when it comes to understanding the needs of field personnel and the community they serve. He recognizes and acts on the need to improve state, national and international security measures.

Senator Pearce is willing to take the fight to the front lines instead of waiting for those whose intent is to do us harm to arrive on the doorstep of our homes, businesses and governmental institutions. His fortitude and dedication to the community he represents and the State of Arizona is exemplified by the loyalty expressed for him by the members of this association,” Livingston continued. “This association values and respects our relationship with Sen. Pearce and strongly urges all citizens in District 18 to vote for him in the upcoming election.”

The Arizona Police Association is an association that represents the political interests of nearly 10,000 Arizona law enforcement, corrections, detention and U.S. Border Patrol Associations in 23 associations.

Political correctness is lying

I recently read a book entitled “CoEd Combat” by Kingsely Brown in which the author outlines the problems of women in combat. I think he has some pretty solid arguments but the point of my letter, rather than to directly address this issue, is to address a related issue, i.e., the impact of the women-in-combat issue on the subject of honor.

Since the politically correct position is to argue the merits of expanding the military roles for women, there is pressure up and down the chain of command to support this position.
Therefore I believe a climate of dishonor has been created.

In order to achieve these political goals of increasing roles for women in the military, training standards are modified to help women get through them and promotion standards are modified. These “modifications” can never be admitted so lying is the result.

Lying is a more significant problem in the military because acts of dishonor can cause live to be lost. As a service academy graduate, I believe that the military especially the service academies with their Honor Codes, should be leaders in addressing these issues of honor, not followers on the path toward political correctness.

Roy Miller, USAF (Ret) | Phoenix