Front row seat at Cape Canaveral

It makes me sick to see the Space Program come to an end. I was assigned a T-38 and would fly down to the Cape for every Shuttle flight. Once we knew it was off OK and on track we would fly over to the control center in Houston. There we would stay, both day and night until we were sure it was free of the Space Station and on track for a landing. Once we were sure, then we would get back in the T-38 and head for the landing site. Only three times did we guess wrong and that was due to bad weather at the Cape and they had to land at Edwards Air Force Base. Once it was declared safe we had it towed to Dryden Flight Research Center so it could be loaded onto one of the two converted Boeing 747's for a piggy back ride back to the Cape. I left the program at the end of 1978 with over 30 years of service.

Blaine F. Keith | Carefree


Why are reports on tear-down of DADT being hidden from service members, public, Congress?

WASHINGTON — The Alliance Defense Fund is calling on Department of Defense officials to release the reports that purportedly justify imposing openly practiced homosexual behavior on the U.S. military just 60 days from now. President Obama announced Friday that he has certified that dismantling the so-called “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy will supposedly not impact military readiness.

“Our troops’ religious liberties are in unprecedented jeopardy because the government has caved in to pressure from small groups of activists to impose homosexual and bisexual behavior on our military.  The first casualty of this disappointing move may well be the religious freedom of chaplains and service members, for whom no formal protections have been adopted despite many having been proposed,” said ADF Litigation Staff Counsel Daniel Blomberg.

“No Americans, and especially not our troops, should be forced to abandon their religious beliefs,” Blomberg added. “The reports of the chiefs of the services and combat commanders that supposedly justify this move should be released in full, allowing service members, the public, and Congress to evaluate the situation themselves. This administration cannot expect America to accept its ‘certification’ at face value.”

Blomberg explained that the administration’s much-touted “Survey of the Troops” was revealed to be a charade that underhandedly obeyed activist demands to abandon the moral standards that have served the U.S. military for generations.

“And once the military is compelled to affirm homosexual and bisexual behavior, it will become an unwilling participant in the efforts to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act,” Blomberg said.

In May, 21 religious agencies providing chaplains to the U.S. military sent a joint letter to the military’s chiefs of chaplains voicing strong concern over the continuing absence of religious liberty protections if openly practiced homosexual behavior is definitively imposed on the military.  The letter asked the chiefs for their help in urging Congress and the Department of Defense to adopt such protections. The U.S. House of Representatives has since passed several provisions that would provide partial protections, but these have not been made law yet.

“ADF stands ready to defend service members if they are ever unconstitutionally required to choose between serving their country and obeying their God as result of this damaging policy decision,” Blomberg said.

Daniel Blomberg serves as litigation counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund. Blomberg joined ADF in 2008.


America’s in trouble

The Garland County TEA party is contacting all tea party leaders we can locate because the New World Order is moving ever faster and nobody is screaming about it. No one in Congress and none of the candidates seem to care enough to level with the public.  So we are losing our country without the American people even knowing the name of our enemy!

Please watch our video entitled, "Changing the Conversation" and send it to every person you know, because only the TEA party can get enough people talking about what we have to lose if the New World Order wins the battle with the US here to see the video: VIDEO LINK

I think addressing the issue of the “US Constitution vs. the New World Order” is the one of the reasons the TEA party movement was born and grew.  Let me know what you think after you watch the video.

Here is Step 2 for beating back the New World Order.  Please click here:  Shift In The Wind Blog to view the first edition of our blog.

In this edition you will learn how Project 60, ICLEI, the Trojan Triangle and the CORE are coming together in Georgia to change the entire way people there will live, learn and work. And you will realize why information like that MUST be shared!

To automatically receive notices of future blog submissions, please enter your email address in the box on the upper right hand side of the blog page (see photo below).  And please participate by emailing me all information you can concerning how Global Governance - New World Order programs and projects are being introduced in to your communities.

With Love,

Diane Silverman, Chairman


Running of the bulls the culmination of Danger Week?

I am pleased the Cave Creek Planning & Zoning Commission and Mayor Francia have enthusiastically endorsed a local version later this year of the famed Pamplona, Spain running of the bulls.  However, I submit bull running should be just one of seven featured events in a full Danger Week designed to bring fame and cash to Cave Creek.

My proposal is to have one of each of the following scheduled daily during a week of fun and excitement:

(1) Sharpshooter balloon bursting. Volunteers would stand against a wooden background to which balloons are attached. A sharpshooter would shoot out each balloon in turn.

(2) Midnight hang gliding from the summit of Black Mountain. Prizes could be awarded for most time aloft and greatest distance covered. Automatic disqualification for anyone landing on a Saguaro cactus.

(3) Mountain lion wrestling.  Inside a steel cage volunteers in suitable protective gear would wrestle a large male mountain lion that hasn’t been fed for at least eight hours.

(4) “Chicken” car races in which drivers would move at high speed toward each other along Cave Creek Road. This would be an elimination contest in which anyone who “chickens out” and veers away at the last second or who is disabled by a crash would be eliminated from the next round.

(5) Platform jumping in which contestants would leap from an adjustable platform into a mixture of hay and pine shavings. The contestant jumping from the highest level would be declared winner. Separate age categories. Children under six prohibited. Anyone not off the platform in 60 seconds would be encouraged with a pitchfork.

(6) Rattlesnake, scorpion and Gila monster thrill pit. The contestant in the pit with the most rattlers, scorpions, and live Gila monsters would be the winner.

(7) The Grand Finale, of course, would be the running of the bulls with the Cave Creek town council and town manager in the first line exhibiting their courage, if not common sense.

Jim Peirce | Carefree


Sheriff Paul Babeu receives “2011 National Sheriff of the Year Award”

On Tuesday, July 19, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu was recognized as the “2011 National Sheriff of the Year” by the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA). The award was presented during the Opening General Session on Sunday, June 19th at the NSA’s Annual Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

The National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) established the Ferris E. Lucas award in 1995 to recognize an outstanding sheriff of the year for contributions made to improve the Office of Sheriff on the local, state, and national levels, and for involvement in the community above and beyond the responsibilities required. The award is given in memory of Ferris E. Lucas, NSA Past President (1944-46) and executive director (1964-82), who completed 50 years of distinguished service and leadership in law enforcement. This year’s award is sponsored by Pursuit Products, Inc.

In 2008, Sheriff Paul Babeu won his first term in a landslide election victory over the incumbent sheriff. Since being elected as the Pinal County Sheriff, he has become one of the most progressive Sheriffs in the country.

Sheriff Babeu has earned both statewide and national attention for his strong stance against illegal immigration. His stance and actions against those responsible for drug and human trafficking has earned him the distinction as one of “America’s Toughest Sheriffs on Illegal Immigration.”

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office is the third largest in the state of Arizona with over 700 employees. Under Sheriff Babeu’s direction, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office has acquired both innovative equipment and technology through $7,000,000 in grant funding. Citizens of Pinal County used to have to wait up to 15 minutes for a deputy to respond, the response time has now been cut in half.

Sheriff Babeu is a strong proponent of regional efforts to improve public safety. The approach has allowed all agencies within Pinal County to pool their resources and work together, saving money and improving service. Thanks to Sheriff Babeu, Pinal County now has a Regional SWAT, Traffic and Narcotics Task Force.

Sheriff Babeu has also organized a “Citizens on Patrol” program and a “Citizen Alert Network” which has brought the community forward and more active with the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Babeu is an Advisory Board Member for the National Organization for Victim’s Assistance. He is also in his second term as the President of the Arizona Sheriff’s Association. Sheriff Babeu has become a national spokesman on border crimes, illegal immigration and the need to secure the U.S./Mexico border. He has worked on the development of the “10 Point Border Security Plan ” with Senator John McCain and Senator Jon Kyl.

Sheriff Paul Babeu stated, “I'm very humbled by this recognition for the exemplary work of our staff, volunteers and the strong community support by the public. We will not let up, but strive for further agency improvements in an effort to best protect our families."

National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) is the largest association of law enforcement professionals in the United States, representing more than 3,000 elected sheriffs across the nation, and a total membership of more than 20,000. NSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising the level of professionalism among sheriffs, their deputies, and others in the field of criminal justice and public safety. Throughout its sixty-nine-year history, NSA has served as an information clearinghouse for sheriffs, deputies, chiefs of police, other law enforcement professionals, state governments and the federal government. NSA also provides management training for sheriffs and their command personnel at the National Sheriffs’ Institute and through other innovative programs, workshops, and seminars. The National Sheriffs' Association, located in Alexandria, Virginia, also oversees the highly successful Triad Program and Neighborhood Watch.

Tim Gaffney | Pinal County Sheriff’s Office


La Raza and the ACLU are not happy about this ...

BAN AMNESTY NOW (B.A.N.) Hits the Airwaves!

Listen Every Tuesday at 7 p.m. on Arizona's KFNX 1100-AM

America’s largest and fastest growing national, anti-illegal immigration organization, B.A.N., took to the airwaves as of Tuesday, July 19, 2011!

Every Tuesday at 7 p.m. (Pacific Time) on Arizona’s KFNX 1100-AM, and worldwide online at
=1703&L=2031&F=H>1100KFNX.COM, tune in for “Conservatives Lead with Sean McCaffrey” brought to you by the Conservative Leadership Coalition and B.A.N.!

Join me with special VIP guests as we bring our message of border security and opposition to amnesty to more Americans than ever before!

Keep B.A.N. on the air. Don't let the pro-amnesty crowd silence us. This program is made possible thanks to the generous support of individuals like you.  At B.A.N., we appreciate all you have done – and continue to do – to support our efforts to educate and engage Americans about the dangers of Amnesty for illegal aliens and the need to secure America’s borders. Through our parent company, the Conservative Leadership Coalition, we are fighting just as hard on other fronts for smaller government, a balanced budget, protection of Constitutional Rights and Freedoms, and a stronger and safer America.

None of what we do would be possible without your support.  Please tune in Tuesday, on the radio or online and be a part of our movement as we continue to expand our efforts to impact real change.

Coming soon … author David Whalen, author of the amazing Tea Party manifesto “The Eagle Can Rise Higher” will join us on the show to discuss amnesty, immigration and fiscal issues, and take questions live from callers.

Thank you again for all you do. We are having an impact – and we will ultimately succeed!

For America,
Sean McCaffrey Founder/CEO

P.S. To stop Barack Obama, the powerful, well-funded, pro-amnesty liberal special interests like La Raza and the ACLU, we need you to join B.A.N. with any level of donation you can afford today. For every $25 you give, B.A.N. is able to reach out to 100 potential new activists as we work hard every day to stop the coming Obama Amnesty Threat. To contribute by mail, please send your check (payable to "B.A.N.") to: Ban Amnesty Now 60 E Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 900 Tempe, AZ85281
Interact with Ban Amnesty Now on our Networks:

Starve the New World Order Beast or we will become serfs to it!!

We the people must resist the take over of the New World Order and the only way is to starve the beast, Cap Cut and Balance the debt or the New World Order will take over our Liberty!

The lady in the Video is worth listening to because she explains what is really messing our Economy up , and this is why Obama does not care what happens he is working for a Higher Cause – A New World order cause and we the people have been duped by this Fundamental Transformation as we were asleep; that’s why they call us Sheeple.

Hey, this executive order done on Rural Councils recently resembles a NEW World Order mantra doesn't it ???

This Video will Blow you away. No Wonder Our Economy is messed up.
This is why we have not seen a recovery of any substance as all the Stimulus funds have been offshore and rat holed while they bring our Free World down to the final economic Collapse.

They got the gold mine we got the shaft, its time to audit the Federal Reserve.


Tony Newbill | Wickenburg


Use sound practices to preserve rainforests

We should all write or email our elected officials about the need to preserve rainforests.  They are vital to convert the carbon dioxide we exhale into the oxygen we inhale. Their loss exacerbates the global warming crisis.  They are essential for finding cures for pandemic diseases.  Preservation for certain uses is better for the teetering world economy.

We need to partner with experts to show countries such as Brazil and Indonesia how they can profit from sustainable practices.  At the same time, the world's lumber companies should be assisted in learning to use sound practices of selectivity without clear-cutting.


Albert Schreiner | E-mail


Sal DiCiccio endorses Peggy Neely for Mayor

Sal has just sent a message that he is just another politician, an accusation that I have defended him against on many, many occasions.

This move cuts to the quick and will withdraw all support to defend his recall. I now wish I had not given him any money to that end and request a refund. For me this is a bitter, bitter pill to swallow. He would have been much better off not endorsing anyone. I thought it was expedience when he voted to appoint a firefighter and carpetbagger to Peggy's seat but I guess I was wrong...he appears to be something he is not.

I will be eating a lot of 'crow' served up by those who warned me that Sal was a pure politician and really interested in his own career and not the citizens of this city.  How he could endorse a corrupt condescending former City Council person who never supported his positions on any issue is beyond me.  I can only guess it was for money.  There is no other plausible explanation.  It just goes to show that we cannot trust any politician who has been in office for any length of time.  He is now paying back Peggy for supporting his appointment to the council.  I call that "payola."  Next he will be coming out for Jeffries over Waring, Williams over Fredrick and Mike over Janet.  I hope I am wrong but then again, this endorsement has destroyed his credibility, in my book.

Wesley W. Harris | Phoenix