VOL. 17 ISSUE NO. 28   |   JULY 13 – 19, 2011

JULY 13, 2011

Desert Foothills Community Association – victim of theft

The DFCA, a local 501(c)3 non-profit Arizona corporation, has suffered a tremendous loss. This all-volunteer group that produces the Cave Creek Fiesta Days Rodeo each spring and supports other local charities has fallen victim to a serious crime.
Sometime between DFCA meetings held in May and June at the rodeo grounds, the DFCA was robbed.  A huge "connex box" (large, metal storage container) containing DFCA property was removed from the rodeo grounds.

This was no easy task.  It would take a flat bed with the ability to "wench" the storage unit onto the truck along with the knowledge of how to actually do it, in order to remove the connex box and all its contents.  To further puzzle the DFCA members and law enforcement officials, no evidence of broken locks, chains, or gates was determined.

"We can't believe it, we just stood there and stared in disbelief", said Beth Cornell, a member of the DFCA Board of Directors who was one of the first DFCA members to realize their property had been stolen.  "There are only a few companies in the Valley that could actually move a unit like this, so somebody has to know something," Ms Cornell continued, "We really hope that somebody steps up soon!"

Property value stolen is estimated around $15,000 and the DFCA members are devastated.  Police reports were filed and the DFCA sincerely hopes the container and all DFCA property will be recovered.

Items known to be missing with actual, approximate or replacement values:  
Connex box - value $2,900; Arena lighting - value $8,000; Chairs and tables - value over $1,000; Table cloths, linens, barware and VIP club decorations - value over $1,200; arena signage - value over $1,100

If you have ANY INFORMATION at all in regards to this theft that can lead to the recovery of DFCA property, please contact info@cavecreekprorodeo.com immediately.  Up to $500 reward offered upon DFCA Board approval.

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