Guest Editorials

sheriff paul babeuBY SHERIFF PAUL BABEU |  JUNE 1, 2011

Mr. President – Protect America First

President Obama says the border is more secure than ever, declared the border fence complete and said, “these people will never be satisfied, until we build a moat and put alligators in the moat.” We don’t need a moat or alligators in Arizona – we simply need the federal government to do their job and secure the border!   Keep reading ...


PETER SRIGGHomosexual Adoption Cloaks Sneak Attack on Religious Liberty

The issue of homosexuals adopting children has been in the news recently in several states. It is an issue closely related to the debate over same-sex "marriage," although there is a bit of a chicken-and-egg question about which has priority (do homosexuals want adoption privileges to pave the way for "marriage," or do they want "marriage" to make it easier to adopt and/or raise children - or both?).   Keep reading ...