Don Sorchych My View

• RINOs Barto and Carter

• Phoenix Mayoral race

• Republican Presidential contenders

One of the dictates of the Tea Party is to elect candidates who are not politicians and who don’t treat the position as a lifelong job. They want candidates who serve and leave to return to their non-government job.

We are surrounded by legislators who are difficult to defeat because of the large amount of money they get from special interests. State Senator Nancy Barto and State Representative Heather Carter are good examples, both in our Legislative District 7 (LD 7). Both are RINOS and would be Democrats if they were honest, which they aren’t. LD 7 is dominantly Republican and a Democrat label would mean defeat. Hopefully, LD 7 and Tea Party members will dump Barto and Carter next election.

The Phoenix city council election is looming and four of the five running for mayor are Republican. Greg Stanton is the sole Democrat and so has the support of liberals and unions (a redundant statement).

The so-called Republicans running for mayor are: Thane Eichenauer, who has run for office as a Libertarian; Wes Gullet who worked for John McCain; Claude Maddox, councilman for West Phoenix; and Peggy Neely who resigned from her position as a Phoenix councilwoman representing northeast Phoenix.

The district Neely represented comes to the boundary of Cave Creek. She was not a friendly neighbor and tried to get all of Cave Creek property south of Carefree Highway in exchange for political favors.

The blogs following reports of debates among candidates were not friendly to her. Here is one example:

“Peggy Neely is the worst candidate of the bunch, I have dealt with this woman (if that’s what you want to call her) on a first hand basis. She is a liar, her word is useless and there is no way she could be trusted!!! Anybody except Peggy Neely!!!!”

Similar and much more detailed complaints and judgments out numbered positive statements by a huge number.

By the way speaking of professional politicians “empty suit” Jim Waring is attempting to take Neely’s council seat.

Being Republican is not a reason to vote for a Republican candidate and voting against Democrats is an act of patriotism. What the candidate stands for is a reason. Candidates who are for lower taxes, small government, American sovereignty, border protection, anti-amnesty and prosecution of people who hire illegal aliens, drill wherever there is oil or natural gas, rule of law and state’s rights are who we need, nationwide, to stop the all out push for Obama socialism.

We have already found in LD 7 that candidates like Barto and Carter claim to be Republicans to get elected, but vote Democrat.

Eight years ago Randy Pullen ran against Phil Gordon for mayor of Phoenix. Pullen proudly advertised he was a Republican and if you read the Arizona Republic you would believe he was an axe murderer. The mayor’s job is non-partisan they screamed. Pullen lost, but if you followed Gordon’s political career in Phoenix, he played his Democrat card incessantly and ran a hyper-liberal administration including making Phoenix a sanctuary city.

The blogs blasted Greg Stanton for praising the Gordon administration, but as a Democrat he is the one to beat since unions and Hispanics will favor him.

Among the Republicans we have already discarded Neely. Serving on the council did little to prepare her to be mayor.

Eichenauer has run for office as a Libertarian. Although some Libertarian attributes are positive, open borders, a Libertarian dictum is not and enough to put him on the sidelines.

Gullet is a full time pol and reading his seven point plan for Phoenix reminds us what a Democrat would say, not a Republican. He served as Governor Fife Symington’s chief of staff. He has worked for John McCain forever it seems, which explains his RINO outlook. Send him back to his consulting firm.

Maddox is in his third term as a Phoenix councilman from west Phoenix. He sports endorsers like Jerry Coangelo, ex-Congressman Matt Salmon and ex-Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson. The fact that he spent almost three terms supporting outgoing Mayor Gordon says he is a Phoenix go along to get along.

Where are the write-in candidates?

The national scene for Republican candidates is beginning to coalesce. The anticipated shake out is happening. Sadly, Donald Trump declined to run. Although he showed the way to call Obama out on his birth certificate, he didn’t stay in the race long enough to ask the 200 questions that remain a mystery about Obama. He led the way, but no followers so far.

Thankfully, Mike Huckabee decided to stay out of the presidential race. He won’t be missed.

The big surprise is Newt Gingrich, who in a matter of a few days put himself out of contention and will likely pass. He flunked President Ronald Reagan’s eleventh commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” He trashed Paul Ryan to a liberal reporter (is there any other kind?). Gingrich contended Ryan was from the far right, which he said was no better than the far left. It is a good thing since he carried too much baggage to beat Obama anyway.

Sarah Palin is still thinking about it and has made no commitment yet.

In spite of Herman Cain’s strong performance in the South Carolina debates he has not gained traction, at least not yet. For those who think it is untimely for a black man to run, it isn’t, since Obama chooses to call him self black but he isn’t, he is half black and half white. He mustn’t like to be called a mulatto, but he is. Cain has announced his candidacy. He is bright, knowledgeable, articulate and proved himself as the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza.

Let us hope Michele Bachman runs. She is a conservative, has fostered 23 children and raised five of her own while being a successful tax attorney. She is well-informed, experienced, articulate and consistent.

I still think Mitt Romney will be buried by his Massachusetts health plan and his Mormon affiliation now that Utah has decided to be illegal alien friendly.

There is more, stay tuned.