dr dave hepburnBY DR. DAVE HEPBURN | MAY 25, 2011

Lessons for life

I learn a lot from patients. Some of you will bring in some esoteric piece of medical information from the Internet and I learn I should spend more time on the Internet. Some will have researched, ad nauseum, every possible website, blog, link, forum and tweet about the mating habits of the Eastern Moldavian micro RNA viral particle that, being a physician, I should be an expert on. I’ve even learned about the status of a medication when a patient came in for a renewal on her medications, which included a cholesterol lowering medication called Baycol. As I was writing out the prescriptions and ordering some blood tests she said “Not Baycol, doctor.” “Why not? It appears to be working fine.” “Well, I heard that it was taken off the market, doctor.” “Oh, I’m sure I would have heard that Mrs. Bloggins. 

Trust me, I’m a doctor. See...” I replied as I reached across the desk and produced a golf ball with the word Baycol right on it. “Regardless of what your balls say, I heard on the radio that Baycol was being recalled.” Sure enough, Baycol had been removed from the market that very morning due to a pesky side effect known as death.

Another patient told me that he had bought my book at Bolen Books. 
“Well my book hasn’t been released yet, but there are some other stunningly handsome authors out there that you might have confu...” to which he took out a copy of MY book and asked me to sign it.

I learn about cars, trucks, the gospel, RRIFs, riffs, latest Japanese gadgets, latest Japanese research, great books, great bookings, great bookies, stock tips (thanks Martha S.), Chinese cures, Chinese restaurants, clothing sales (with strong encouragement to take advantage of same), movies, movements, a great band, a lap band, and, of course, a plethora of alternative medical stuff, usually involving an exotic sounding fruit endemic to an exotic sounding South Pacific Island. At the end of my day I often have a pile of prescription pad notes scattered across my desk, having scribbled on them “Toy Story 3” or “Bre-X” or “thong” or something completely illegible (which in retrospect I wish had been the Bre-X and thong note) to me or even the pharmacist.

And then I learn some lessons for life.
The trusting philanthropist. “I want you to find someone who needs this and give it to them anonymously” said Jean Bilson of 273 Fairborn Ave. It was cash. More cash than I would make palpating prostates in a month. So I looked for someone who needed this help, in Maui.

The patient patient. A 23 year old man had been called in to our clinic regarding the results of a lab test. A test that was positive for herpes. He had to wait three hours. Turns out he never had a test for herpes. It was someone else’s test! Three hours of his life spent in our waiting room amongst the sick, weary and infective, all for nothing. “Hey, at least it’s good news.” he laughed. Wow.

The caring comedian. Opening the door to the exam room, there was a new patient, Jake, fully clothed, lying spread-eagled on the table with his feet in the stirrups and a rather large revealing hole in the crotch of his jeans. “I figure anybody who writes the stuff you do would enjoy a good laugh.” I then learned that he didn’t have a lot to laugh about as dirt poor Jake cared for a severely mentally damaged child, one that was not even his. I learned about compassion … and sewing kits. Jake, I just happen to have some cash back here.
So, thanks for the lessons and please … let me know if I’ve written another book.

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Davis Dentistry promotes healthy mouths along with those sensational smiles

davis dentistry smiling woman
Mark Davis, DDS offers general dentistry – fillings, cleanings, crowns, for example-as well as cosmetic treatments.
Courtesy Photo

SCOTTSDALE – "Open wide" used to evoke a feeling of dread, but with today's modern dental practices, coupled with the compassion and expertise of those at Davis Dentistry, going to the dentist is now a pleasant experience.

Mark Davis, DDS offers general dentistry – fillings, cleanings, crowns, for example-as well as cosmetic treatments. Since he knows going to the dentist can be scary for some people, he takes the time to explain step-by-step what he is doing. "We even have mock-up videos to show a patient what they can expect," said office manager Priscilla Giguere. "If a patient prefers less detail, we go over as much as he or she wants us to."

The professionals at Davis Dentistry go beyond looking at just teeth and gums. They take the utmost care in assuring that oral health care is a priority. What exactly does that mean? As countless studies have shown the health of the mouth ties in with the overall health of the whole body. The staff screens for oral cancer and evaluates for any bone loss. Don't fret, it doesn't hurt! They make any procedure as comfortable as possible, and even offer oral sedation for those who may request it.

In addition, blood pressure readings are taken. If a reading is elevated, patients are given an opportunity to relax and then be reevaluated. "We won't do a procedure if a patient's blood pressure is extremely high," Giguere explained.

It's these extra steps that have earned Davis Dentistry the high praise they receive for their customer service. "We often have patients tell us, 'Thank you so much for taking the time to explain what you did.'"

Davis Dentistry is currently accepting new patients, so this may be an ideal time to schedule an appointment. The office has been in the Terravita Marketplace for two years. There's a genuine family feel to the practice. The staff is long-tenured, so not only will you see the same faces, but they will know you and be able to monitor subtle changes in your mouth. It's simply another facet of excellence to assure your peace of mind.

Call for an appointment at 480-595-1300. The office is located at 34522 N. Scottsdale Rd., Ste. D-5 and is open Monday - Thursday.

Visit www.davisdentistry.com for general information, but check back since it is scheduled to be updated.