Don Sorchych My View

2012 presidential election

The repercussions from the death of Osama bin Laden continue to grow. Should he have been shot, or is he still alive and why was he dropped into the sea for burial? These and one thousand other ideas will never go away.

I liked the idea of General “Black Jack” Pershing who defeated Philippine Islamists, tying 50 up to posts, shooting them with pork blood soaked bullets and burying 49 with pork parts. This, according to Islamic beliefs, denied the Islamic heaven, martyrdom and 72 virgins. The 50th was let go to spread the word. Peace reigned for 42 years.

I received a joke in which bin Laden’s funeral included being urinated on by navy SEALs, having a pork sandwich shoved in his mouth and a pork sausage up his rectum before committing him to the deep blue Arabian Sea.

Many have wondered why someone doesn’t bury pig parts in the property, near ground zero, where a Mosque is planned. Rather than the United States present stance of honoring Islam, our military bullets, bombs and rockets should include pig essence, blood or fat. Likewise, airplanes and buildings should have pig parts. Gentlemen don’t win fights and it is time to use their weaknesses to our advantage.

It is not surprising Obama is using the event of bin Laden’s death as chest pumping for his reelection. He made the right decision, or someone did, but highly trained and committed SEALs did the job. The legacy for armed forces in general and the SEALs specifically would never have emerged as the highly trained patriots that they are in the Obama administration. Would you expect to see limp wrists among Navy SEALs, for example?

Yes, the 2012 election is ramping up. It is no surprise the lamebrain media is assuring us the Republicans have no front runner, and further, there is no likelihood of one emerging.
Listen, anyone who has thrown their hat or bonnet in the ring so far and many who hasn’t would out-perform lying, golf and hoop-playing, imposter Obama.

And no, I don’t accept his long-form birth certificate, it is an obvious forgery. But his father wasn’t a natural born citizen and neither is Obama, so he should pack up and turn the presidency over to Joe Biden. I just hope that Donald Trump continues his outspoken questions that so far have only been answered by a forgery, but clearly scared the hell out of Obama.

Trump is being challenged with faint praise by fellow New Yorkers who point out his failures without acknowledging he is a billionaire winner. Just as Obama’s many promises and assertions were dumped when he became president so would Trump’s after he chose a reasonable battery of advisers, instead of countless far left czars as Obama does.

I hoped Trump would run but he dropped out. He, however, forced the Obama birth issue and I hope he picks up on the long remaining list of Obama's hidden secrets.

Fox News did a splendid job with five Republican candidates for president in South Carolina. Unlike the lamebrain media they asked tough questions and ones that helped decide which one would choose to support as opposed to stealth questions.

The five there were Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum and Gary Johnson.

Pollster Frank Luntz declared Cain the winner of the event. Lunt did a focus group off and on during the debate and did a spectacular job. One thing the focus group was adamant about is that anyone who didn’t show up for the debate wouldn’t get their vote and with only five there, a host of people face losing South Carolina. This is especially true because no Republican candidate has become president if they didn’t win in South Carolina.

Personally, for many reasons, I would eliminate Ron Paul and Gary Johnson from consideration. Paul is too far in Libertarian beliefs and Gary Johnson was a two-term Governor of New Mexico, a Democrat state where only a RINO could be elected.

Herman Cain is an impressive black conservative. His record as president and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza was exceptional and he clearly is quick, responsive and bright. He is a survivor of stage four cancer, which both helps and hurts his desire to be president. As a non-politician he is a strong Tea Party choice, but his ability to raise funds is unknown.

The remaining two politicians, Ron Pawlenty and Rick Sanitorum, were impressive in their performance and one can only wish other equally able candidates had been there to compare.

The candidates who didn’t attend are a long list, but most are presidential material, more so than Obama.

Competent candidates have decided to pass. Principle among them is Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey. Mississippi Governor Haley Barber decided to pass as has Jeb Bush, former Florida governor and Rick Perry, Governor of Texas.

Many polls were won by Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, although his health plan while there was similar to Obamacare. He is also developing additional problems since Utah has decided to welcome illegal aliens and Romney is a Mormon. He is wealthy and a good fund raiser.

Newt Gingrich is an acclaimed conservative, bright, polished and experienced. His messy personal life may cost him an opportunity as well as his age.

Donald Trump has shown the courage to confront Obama’s weaknesses and hidden secrets like no one else. I hope he continues his race for the presidency.

Of course Sarah Palin is going to run and it is too bad the liberal media has likely destroyed her chances.

Mike Huckabee is a RINO. He has a talk show on FOX TV and is an affable host and talks conservative, but he isn’t.

Rep. Minn. Michele Bachman R-Minn. must be a likely candidate since the left is throwing dirt all over her. She is impressive and tough on TV.

This is by no means a complete list but it will begin to narrow down with in a few months. There is Republican concern about Obama’s increasing poll numbers, but it is a long time until Nov. 2012.

I am bothered that the debate excluded discussion about illegal aliens. That is one of our most pressing problems. The Tea Party has demanded a fenced border, adequate border guards, severe penalties for hiring illegal’s and NO AMNESTY! Are the Republicans so worried about the Hispanic vote that they would not follow the dictates of what gave them a House majority?

On the Democrat side it is still an even bet Obama will be challenged by Hillary Clinton. A Republicans can occupy the White House if they pull no punches about what a socialist Obama is and wash all his dirty linen in public. Fear of being labeled a racist will work in Obama’s favor.