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Russell Pearce, patriot!

I received this nasty gram on May 3:
“Phoenix, AZ – Arizonans for Better Government would like to congratulate Citizens for a Better Arizona with their success in obtaining their signatures to recall Senator Russell Pearce. They are only within a few hundred signatures and we encourage everyone in Mesa, Arizona, particularly in legislative (sic) district (sic) 18 to participate in this historic event by signing the recall Russell Pearce petition at the Mesa Public Library.

“As we approach the deadline in this final month, it is a good idea for us to withdraw our recall and direct support and people to Citizens for a Better Arizona as they obtain their final signatures. Efforts to groom a candidate to run against Pearce must begin right away since eventually Russell Pearce will have to run for his Senate seat again once the State (sic) certifies the petition signatures.
canfield 5-11
“Our efforts have put focus on members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) with regard to launching a series of lectures titled FIRESIDE ON IMMIGRATION which informs the community of the historic immigrant –friendly stance issued by the LDS Church and Bishop David Burton.

“We are happy with the Conservative LDS connections we have made, and as a result of knocking on doors and reaching out, we have three Republicans from the LDS community who are interested in running against Pearce once the petition signatures have been certified. We believe it will take a Republican and a member of the LDS community to beat Pearce.

“Arizonans for a Better Government and SOMOS REPUBLICANS have secured an Arizona State Senator to introduce the Arizona Compact Resolution that is modeled after the Utah Compact. We are excited about the direction we are going.”

These liberal fools will not succeed in recalling Senate President Russell Pearce. Of course they will get headlines from the Marxist Arizona Republic.

Who is running the recall? The Tequila Party of course, those people who believe they own the southwest. Here is what they write about themselves:

“The Tequila Party Tour is a celebratory national tour where Latinos can celebrate our culture and our growth. We are also a movement working towards a massive National Latino Get Out the Vote initiative in light of 2012 elections. Our leaders are mobilized in all high Latino populated states as we continue to strengthen our ties with all community Latino leaders and organizations who want to participate in this important non-partisan festive crusade.”

The CEO who runs the tequila party is DeeDee Garcia Blasé. Sonoran News Reporter Linda Bentley wrote this e-mail to her:

Hi, DeeDee
The reason I asked what your source was is because the most recent (2009) FBI Crime Report reflects the following:

Ethnicity/national origin bias
Hate crimes motivated by the offender’s bias toward a particular ethnicity/national origin were directed at 1,109 victims. Of these victims:
• 62.4 percent were targeted because of an anti-Hispanic bias.
• 37.6 percent were victimized because of a bias against other ethnicities/national origins. (Based on Table 1.)

This would mean 62.4 percent (692) of the 1,109 victims who were targeted because of anti-Hispanic bias. This is approximately 19 percent lower than the figure you reported as victims from two years ago (2007) rather than the "most recent FBI report". So, it appears hate crimes against Hispanics have in fact decreased not increased.

It is also a substantially lower number than the hate crimes perpetrated against blacks (2,900 victims) and against Jews (1,132 victims).

So, your statement is disingenuous. Hate crimes against Hispanics are falling, not increasing, according to FBI reports.

Linda Bentley
Sonoran News

And here is DeeDee’s answer:
“While the total numbers are fewer than 2008, FBI statistics suggest anti-Latino hate crimes have rose (sic) by almost 35 percent from 2003 to 2007. so the four-years continuous (sic) increased (sic) reached its peak in 2007. So if you want to say the number are (sic) lowers (sic), just because they are not as high as they were in 2007 it is inaccurate; because, it does not mean they are as low as they were before 2003--the anti-Latino wave--relative to the total Hispanic population in the US.”

Bentley is right her statistics were disingenuous at best.

I have respected Russell Pearce as a patriotic conservative American since I met him a few years ago. Delight followed his capture of the Presidency of the Arizona Senate. I thought we would finally defeat Democrats and RINOs and get tough statutes to eliminate illegal aliens from our state along with the associated cost of $2.7 billion.

It boggles the mind to think nine Republicans would join Democrats to defeat five of six bills which would have essentially emptied our state of illegal aliens and their costs. Do these RINOs realize there will never be a balanced budget without ridding the state of illegal aliens?

I predict the recall will fail, as most do. Pearce is in a “safe” area where the voters realize what a gem he is. If this state is ever to return to its conservative roots, we need more individuals like Pearce to populate the legislature. It goes without saying that removal of the RINOs who voted against Pearce’s bill is essential.

In fact with the recent vetoes by Gov. Brewer, Pearce would be an able substitute for her.
Brewer refused to sign SB1070 until the legislature agreed to have a public vote for her three-year sales tax. Now she brags about being the mother of SB1070 while it was Russell Pearce’s all the way, not hers. You will notice the combination of Democrats and RINOs gave her a victory for the tax increase. Conservatives don’t raise taxes, RINOs and Democrats do.

Then Brewer swelled with pride when the Marxist Arizona Republic praised her use of the veto pen. With that newspaper and a plethora of RINOs it is easy to see how we got two years of Janet Napolitano and now her sister Jan Brewer.