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First, nine Democrats, disguised as Republicans, voted with their brothers and sisters to defeat five of six carefully crafted bills designed to rid the state of illegal aliens and save as much as $1 billion.

These miscreants were herded by their big corporate supporters, some Republicans and some Democrats, all signing a manifesto of big brother, the greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

Following the money really works, as we have found by tracing donations to candidates. Senator Nancy Pelosi Barto is the worst offender, followed closely by freshman Rep. Heather Carter, R-Dist. 7. I am sure a similar analysis of the other Democrats claiming to be Republicans would yield the same result.

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The two mentioned are in our back yard, LD 7. The other traitorous voters are in other Legislative Districts. The next election will be a test of the power of the LD system to eliminate serious mistakes like Barto and Carter. To do it effectively will require fund-raising and strong support of the challengers.

Presumably, many LD members are also Tea Partiers who have organized and faithfully follow the records of people they have lifted to office. Are they expecting too much since Republicans achieved a U.S. House majority but Democrats still have a majority in the Senate and, of course, we have a Democrat president?

I don’t think they are too expectant. Republicans should have let the government shut down. Likewise with the debt ceiling facing us, the House should prevent any increase. A line in the sand is long overdue.

Donald Trump gives a much needed boost to other Republican candidates by speaking out on issues and personalities too. John McCain might have won the presidency if he had merely told the truth about Barack Hussein Obama. With the liberal press and television sucking up to Obama, McCain should have stressed what we didn’t know about Obama and Obama’s expensive program to hide his past.

Even under those circumstances, there was plenty to talk about. How about twenty years of having his ears filled with the hate and lies of Reverend Jeremiah Wright? Nonetheless, this rabid racist baptized the Obama children and Obama referred to Wright as his mentor.

Then there is his friendship with the unrepentant Bill Ayers who bombed and killed. Both he and Obama practiced the policies and politics of Saul Alinski. Alinski was a Marxist communist who wrote, “Rules for Radicals” and was a community organizer as was Obama.
Michelle Obama, while her husband was an Illinois senator, was given a $300,000 annual position with a Chicago hospital. After she moved to Washington D.C. the empty position was never filled.

For a Republican candidate any one of these items would have sunk their candidacy.
It is a wonder George Bush had two terms when you consider the propaganda taught in our schools and colleges. The majority of teachers and professors are Democrats and they are filling the heads of students with liberal ideology. It is a wonder we are not already a Denmark or Sweden. There is little doubt our president is a socialist, at best, and is on his way to destroying the United States.

So the choice of the right Republican is vital to save the Republic. Actually, any candidate would be a vast improvement over Obama whose only talent is reading a teleprompter.
We can’t forget, however, Obama spent $750 billion to get elected and to savage Republicans. Liberal media continues to bash anyone who has the temerity to speak up. It is estimated he will raise $1 billion this time.

Donald Trump has gone where no one else in politics was willing to go. Hopefully his battery of questions will continue giving other candidates courage to speak the truth openly and ignore criticisms of racism that are sure to come. It is time demands are made for Obama’s bonafides and his legal protection shield is overcome.

Trump, bless his soul, is doing exactly that, in spite of the fact he is being criticized by both sides. If Republicans think they can win without exposing the real Obama, they are dreaming.

In hands other than Obama’s much can be done which is common sense.

Drill here and drill now is a sensible policy with ancillary reduction of the EPA reach into our economy.

Close the borders and enforce employment for citizens only. That means some of the people who convinced the Bartos of the world to vote Democrat might find themselves in jail for violating the law about employing illegal aliens.

Border enforcement should be absolute including shooting violators and fencing the less agile out.

Obamacare needs to be scuttled and the excesses that led to its passage need to be screamed from the highest point until everyone hears it.

Immigration laws need to be amended to let only hard working, accomplished people enter the United States. Diversity is just hogwash and if anyone wants to play that game there had better be a majority of northern Europeans, like the people who founded the country.

A debt limit ceiling is vital and clearly no matter how many people squeal something has to be done about entitlements. We know how we got where we are and we need to unwind these destructive programs. Reform begins with being sure that only those who paid into Social Security and Medicare receive benefits. Other needs historically were handled by churches and charities. Let’s get back to that and recognize Uncle Sam is not everybody’s benefactor.

Some argue Republicans are too splintered while Democrats are not and there is some truth to that. Democrats say come one come all our tent is huge and it is especially for people I wouldn’t want to live next door to. Conservatives especially want others to be like them and unfortunately there does have to be some give and take. But it stops with RINOs who are so close to being Democrats you can’t tell the difference.