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APRIL 20, 2011

Your View

(Arizona Republic’s) John Misner and Randy Lovely, I see you and the left wing editorial board are coming to the aid of the despicable Raul Grijalva. The same despicable Raul that boycotted the great state or Arizona.

Hopefully the roadmap will guide all his illegal amigo’s and they will follow the map back to Mexico.

Viva 1070

It looks like the hub bub about property tax has died down in Cave Creek. If someone is planning to vote for one I hope Sonoran News will publish what they know so we can start a campaign to defeat it. I have trouble believing that Cave Creek of all places would even consider a property tax.

I always go to the Fiesta Day’s parade and this one was no exception. But it was bitter cold and wet and the audience was thin and so were the entries when compared with the program. I want to thank those who stuck to their guns and showed up to perform in spite of the conditions. Those who didn’t are wimps.

I want to say your April Fools edition was exceptional and so was the Fiesta Days tabloid. I was especially thrilled to see many places I frequent advertised, making their contribution and hopefully getting returns from your readers. I do read your web page also but hope for an early return as a weekly.

Nancy Barto is a disgrace and thanks for giving us the lowdown. I do hope someone is leading a recall effort she is not only an embarrassment, but is dangerous to have in office. I know she loves the title of Senator but I hope she didn’t print many business cards. The school administration is also culpable as is the school board. As long as they are in office and Debbi Burdick is superintendent they won’t get my vote for anything.

By the looks of the mostly empty streets Fiesta Days was a bust. Why didn’t they call it off? Rain and chill was predicted days in advance so there was time to stop it and do it later.

Having a parade only a couple of weeks after Bike Week is too much pain in a short time. Threading yourself through dense traffic moving at a snail’s pace is harmful to my phsych as I wanted to strangle somebody. Add to the slow moving traffic motorcycles darting in and out necessitating quick braking added to the panic to get out of here to a safe zone. The motor cycle rumble still rings in my ears. If I didn’t have to drive Cave Creek Road for my job I would go somewhere else while these “attractions” are going on.

Carefree is way too quiet since the election. Does that mean more “secret” meetings are going on out of our earshot? Or maybe all the good old boys are preparing for Kiwanis Pancake breakfast. If I were you Don, I wouldn’t eat there, someone might slip you a Mickey.

I wish the Republicans had forced a government shutdown the perhaps people would see how much we need a supersize central government. Most of the whiners I saw on TV deserve to have their food stamps curtailed and/or their abortions curtailed. I know it is tough without the Senate under Republican control but it is time for slash and burn, whatever it takes. We are sailing over the edge with Obama’s spending.

I always thought Donald Trump was a nut case until now. He is the only well-known person who has the courage to confront Obama on his birth and other issues. Even Obama worshipper Chris Matthews is asking. I am angry that no one on the Fox channel is willing to speak out. It is simple, just ask why Obama has spent at least two million dollars hiding his past and start asking questions. Yes, on that alone I will vote for Trump for president!

The upcoming Earth Days here and there are disgusting. These people are worshipping false Gods. Tell me when sun and wind power will inherit the earth? It never will without substantial government subsidies, which means our money. We have a nation full of conventional energy resources and its use is blocked by the EPA, which should be outlawed. A winning platform would be widespread exploration and drilling and reduction of EPA’s non-constitutional powers.

I read about the Heather Carter woman’s votes. And she is a Republican? As Mr. Hoeppner says she is a liberal democrat and shouldn’t be in office. How many recalls will it take? The nine who flipped and voted Democrat against bills to get rid of illegal aliens and now her. That is at least ten. We need someone to underwrite this and lots of volunteers.