letters cartoon 4-20-11

Dear Mr. Zidich:

Mr. John Zidich
CEO and Publisher
The Arizona Republic
200 East Van Buren
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Dear Mr. Zidich:

Does a newspaper have a duty to be fair in handling a contentious issue of considerable significance?  Should journalists offer a balanced picture to readers when both sides of a dispute have arguably valid positions?

I have always believed the answer to both questions was an unequivocal “yes.”  However, watching The Arizona Republic’s coverage of the dispute between the Goldwater Institute and the city of Glendale over the city’s proposal to provide financial support to a purchaser of the Coyotes hockey team, it is painfully clear that your newspaper is answering these questions with a resounding “no.”

There is no need to review the facts at issue in this letter, as I am sure you are well briefed and up to date.  I wish to focus on the grossly unfair way The Arizona Republic has editorially denounced the Goldwater Institute and not printed a word which might indicate to your readers that the think tank could well be proven right in a court case.

On March 22, 2011, The Arizona Republic’s lead editorial, “Come Down from Mt. Olympus,” blasted the Goldwater Institute for threatening legal action to stop Glendale from financially assisting a potential buyer of the Coyotes who promised to keep the team in Glendale.  The editorial pointed out that the loss of the Coyotes would have dire consequences for Glendale and the entire Phoenix metro area.  The Goldwater Institute was denounced in such harsh words that a reader could only conclude that the Institute was a malignant force inflicting harm on the entire Valley of the Sun, with no justification.

There is no requirement that an editorial should be fair and balanced.

However, your readers have a right to expect that a party subjected to the kind of attack contained in your March 22 editorial might be permitted to respond.  So far, the Goldwater Institute has not been given space to present its case.  Indeed, I have not seen a letter to the editor defending the Goldwater Institute, although letters attacking it have been published.

Obviously, your editorial board and the Goldwater Institute generally sit on opposite ends of the political spectrum.  That is no excuse to refuse to let the Goldwater Institute be heard.  We are speaking about a responsible think tank with distinguished local directors and a staff of qualified professionals.  It has established a large following in the area served by your newspaper, and it deserves to be heard.

There is another compelling reason The Arizona Republic should permit its readers to see the Goldwater Institute’s side of the Coyotes dispute:  the Goldwater Institute has a very strong legal case.  The Arizona state constitution spells out that no Arizona government “shall ever give or loan its credit in aid of, or make any donation or grant, by subsidy or otherwise, to any individual, association, or corporation.”  You have never enlightened your readers by letting them see these words.

Is it proper to brush aside the Arizona constitution when one of its provisions becomes inconvenient?  That is exactly what you appear to be doing.

I have been a subscriber to your paper since 1995, and would appreciate learning your thoughts on the matter I have raised concerning the Arizona Republic’s treatment of the Goldwater Institute.


William O. Sumner | Scottsdale

Fellow Scottsdale taxpayers, citizens, and residents

I cannot believe the amount of TOTAL BULL CRAP going on within what used to be a somewhat open city with at least some decent communication and cooperation between residents and government!

Our public servants (???) David Richert, Suzanne Klapp, Jim Lane, Bruce Washburn, Don Hadder, Daryl Workman, and Connie Padian and a few others are taking us into a total destruction of the city as we knew it (with the help of a sorry excuse for a legal department) because they are skirting every law the citizens and prior (and honorable) councils put in place to protect the city and the Preserve from governmental abuse, encroachment, and cronyism.

SURPRISE: The City Legal Department DOES NOT protect the citizens and residents, it's ONLY job is to protect the Staff and elected officials from legal problems AND to protect them from the citizens.

Code Enforcement has become a department of favoritism, extremely discriminatory NOV's, reactive instead of proactive enforcement, and misconduct abounds all on the part of the department management. The troops on the ground are doing what they can but their hands are tied by Richert, Padian and Hankins!!! What happened to personal vocal communication and contact with violators??? Door hangers are thrown away by almost ALL citizens because they seen as throw-away ads and ARE NOT the way a responsible, caring city works.
Richert and Padian may be book smart but they don't know Jack or have a CLUE about how to implement projects LEGALLY.

We elected Jim Lane and Susanne (Chamber Chick) Klapp to try to fix the multitude of Manross screwups, and open the system and make things right. They have failed miserably on all counts  and most of us will NOT support them dare they think they can be re-elected.
Why pay the mayor's unneeded advisor's huge sums of money when employees and staffers are taking cuts or getting laid off??? We thought Lane knew what he was doing, I guess it's very obvious he doesn't. It's time for all of them to be gone.

I'm being deluged daily with citizen e-mails and phone calls begging and pleading for the Scottsdale Activist to again do some inside investigatory work and expose these "crooks" as they call them, for whom they really are.

All of my friends and confidants within the city who can again give me inside information from deep within the city and be guaranteed to be totally protected, give me a call at 480-326-2475 or e-mail me at fixscottsdale@gmail.com with any and all information. If you would rather mail the information to me, call me from a blocked phone and I'll give you a mailing address.

Tidbits from here and there can be pieced together into a very visual puzzle of corruption and deviance from the laws of the city. Help me build a puzzle to take down the fools who are ruining our city.

George Knowlton | Scottsdale

Statement from Senate President Russell Pearce on today’s 9th Circuit Ruling

“No one who follows the judiciary should be surprised by the April 11 ruling of a federal appeals court to refuse to lift a stay blocking parts of SB 1070 from taking effect. When Judge Bolton issued her injunction last July, I cautioned people that the 9th Circuit may do just this. The liberal makeup of the panel makes decisions like this utterly predictable.
In addition, the court is the most overturned in the nation.

The basis for today’s split decision is flawed. If Congress wanted to pre-empt the states from enforcing laws, it would have used its plenary powers. There has never been a pre-emption of states’ authority to enforce immigration laws.

SB 1070 is constitutionally sound, and that will be proven when the U.S. Supreme Court takes up this case and makes the proper ruling. With Judge Bolton’s ruling last week to allow the Legislature to intervene, I will now have a seat at the table to help make that case
This battle is a battle of epic proportions. It is about a state’s right to enforce the laws of this land and protect its citizens from those who break our laws.”

Pres. Russell Pearce, R-18 | Senate President

What a mess!

It was a real shame that the April showers that dampened Fiesta Days festivities did not occur instead during "Bike Week" which was nothing but noise pollution, traffic congestion and drinkers on bikes. What a mess!

Thank you!

D. Reichenbach | E-mail

Only in America!

President Obama, along with Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, led the parade to support Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, destroying the housing industry, and wiping out most peoples retirement savings. And who did the government put in charge of "fixing" the housing mess, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. Interestingly they now both think that the government should get rid of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Now there is only one man in the country who could have said "NO" to all the reckless spending in the last two years, and that was President Obama. And who does he now recommend to "fix" the terrible economic crisis that HE and the rest of the country finds itself in, President O'bama.

ONLY IN AMERICA, where a government, and the politicians that make it up, exchange Principles for Interests.

Fred Schneider | Scottsdale


A heritage of slavery in America is what defines the Black Man in America.

African Americans and Americans of color are beloved and considered allies to the Black Man in America whether they are truly allies or not, the Black Man in America still accepts them into his bosom.  This impersonator of a Black President has NO heritage of slavery in America. And his choices show that he does not hold the values and struggles of Black Americans as his priority. Rather he’s repeatedly proven to be a Lap Dog for the rich.

Mr. President you floated into office on the dime and reputation of the Black Man in America, but frankly – we’re tired of you disgracing us with your dict sucker in chief routine. And we see no reason to have any special delight in you being re-elected. Particularly as you posing as an American Black Man.

Oh – your children are Black Americans, and your wife is a Black American … but you have NO heritage of slavery in this nation. So your Black license has been revoked. You were brought to office by the kids. We’ll see if the kids will carry you again. We see no reason to.
Indeed, if Donald Trump runs, we plan fully to support him. You had your day, and we understand clearly who you love. Congratulations on being "called" the first Black President.
And what has Maxine Waters done!

We want more Independent candidates ... Run Trump run!
Is the Fence finished?
Bust the Banks
Clean Congress
Repel the invasion
Any questions ...


M.E Goodwin | Los Angeles, California

Can an Obama Supporter say anything bad about him?

I have yet to find an Obama supporter who can find any fault with anything Obama is doing.
The whole issue today is that the 40 percent of the population who does not pay any Federal Income Taxes thinks that the other 60 percent is not paying enough taxes. If Obama would make his buddy at GE pay some corporate taxes perhaps things would be better.


Joseph R. DuPont | Towanda, Pennsylvania

Defer death and selectively reduce taxes

With the annual tax filing date just around the corner, pundits are searching for ways to make our tax code fairer and more reflective of our social incentives and burdens.  In this regard, there is a growing interest in a tax on meat, eggs, and dairy products designed to curb the self-destructive health impacts of their consumption and to effectively compensate society for the associated devastating environmental impacts.

The concept is hardly radical. We already pay similar taxes on tobacco and alcohol products. A number of states have or are considering imposing taxes on soft drinks and other junk foods.

The revenue would reimburse the Medicare and Medicaid programs for treating victims of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic killer diseases that have been linked conclusively with consumption of animal products. It would pay for restoration of waterways and wildlife habitats that have been devastated by production of these items.

Mark Twain said that nothing is certain except death and taxes. Yet, the first can be deferred and the other reduced selectively by a tax on meat and dairy products that reflects the associated social costs.


Carl Devlin | Cave Creek

Justice for all?

When reading the crime and punishment section of my local newspaper (the business pages), I'm continually reminded of the gross inequities inherent in our criminal justice system.

Virtually every day there are reports of CEOs and directors of major corporations who are charged with fraud and tax evasion – on a grand scale.

More often than not, those charged with such offenses end up making a settlement or plea agreement. Usually, those agreements result in fines and/or monetary settlement of lawsuits that don't even begin to compensate victims of the crimes. Moreover, having agreed to huge multi-million-dollar settlements, there is usually a denial that there was any wrongdoing. To add further insult to injury, few are ever incarcerated.

If you hold up a convenience store, and you're caught, you'll have the cuffs snapped on your wrists, get thrown into the slammer, and almost surely will do time. If you are one of those 'pillars of society' who unlawfully drains hundreds of millions from their companies and stockholders, cause job losses in the thousands and financially ruins many lives, you're more apt to first die from natural causes than you are to spend any time in prison.

There seems to be a dual standard of justice in this country when it comes to theft: one for the landed gentry, one for the 'common criminal'. Punishment should be meted out according to the gravity of the crime.

Paul G. Jaehnert | Vadnais Heights, Minnesota

America must lead

The Libyan people rose up against their dictatorial and murderous president, and asked for world help to overthrow the tyrant and establish a democracy in Libya, but the world, including the U.S., delayed taking any action.  The western world wanted to study the situation.

Finally, about a month later, the U.N. agreed to impose sanctions, including a no fly zone around Libya, and coalition missiles and planes attacked Gadhafi’s military forces.  They were able to halt Gadhafi’s drive to retake Bengazi and eastern Libya.  The opposition forces in the east were saved from annihilation, but unfortunately Gadhafi's forces had penetrated many cities and had the opposition on the run.

The dithering and dathering by the U.N., including the U.S., inhibited the momentum of the rebel forces, and it has resulted in a potentially long drawn out stalemate in Libya.  The stalemate might be broken if we employ helicopter gun ships against Gandhafi’s military in and around the cities; and provide the rebels with anti-tank weapons.

The U.S. finally acted to avert a humanitarian disaster in Libya, and we continued our quest to promote democracy in the region.  We also might have contributed to the establishment of some stability in the Middle East, which is necessary to calm fears of disruption to the flow of oil, and the impact on world oil prices.

It is our duty to provide leadership to countries and populations in the world who cry out for help when they are threatened by the dark forces of totalitarianism.

Donald A. Moskowitz | Londonderry, New Hampshire


Senate repeals burdensome 1099 Healthcare Provision, Grijalva supports job-killing measure

On April 5, the United States Senate voted 87 to 12 to repeal the burdensome and job-killing 1099 provision of ObamaCare. Over a month ago, the House of Representatives passed the same bipartisan bill 314 to 112 with 76 Democrats joining Republicans to repeal the 1099 provision.

Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) was not one of them. Grijlava voted to hurt small businesses by forcing them to comply with an expensive reporting requirement mandated by the 1099 provision in ObamaCare.

According to an SBA study, small businesses have been forced to spend exorbitant amounts of money to comply with the law instead of using it to create jobs or invest in their companies. Clearly, Grijalva did not consider the interests of Arizona’s small businesses before casting his vote in support of the government mandate.

Please consider the following quote from the NRCC as you cover the commonsense repeal of the 1099 provision of ObamaCare:

“Rather than help Arizona small businesses create jobs, Raul Grijalva has consistently put the interests of Nancy Pelosi ahead of his district’s. Grijalva’s unwavering support of high taxes and burdensome regulations has hindered job creation in Arizona during the worst economic crisis in decades.”


Tyler Q. Houlton | Regional Press Secretary
National Republican Congressional Committee