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MARCH 30, 2011

Your View

I hope the school property now for sale at the corner of Cave Creek Road and School House is sold for commercial use. Then the building across the road from Harold's will no longer be too close to a school and finally can be converted into a strip club. I am really tired of having to drive into Phoenix for entertainment. What about naming it "Vince's"?

Do we pay attention to what is going on at the Mexico/U.S. border? Are you keeping track of how many pounds of marijuana, cocaine and meth are being driven and walked across? Do you realize how many guns are being brought in every week? Do you note the number of criminals of all kinds apprehended (or not) along the border each week? We are under attack. And in his infinite idiocy Barack Hussein Obama has sent troops where? You’ve got to be joking.

Carefree barely had enough candidates to fill available seats on its town council in the March election. After the new crowd figures out what a mess the town is in, I bet the GOB mob will have to strong-arm warm bodies into running in 2011. Decent candidates appear to have given up.

What happened in Cave Creek this past weekend? I’m not sure, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many motorcycles on Cave Creek Road. This had better be the exception rather than the rule. Some drivers are fine, but there are others who seem to think it is necessary to rev the engine time and again while waiting to enter traffic lanes in the town core.

I hope Carefree folks living near the northeast corner of Carefree Highway and Cave Creek Road don't begin whining when they learn that corner is going to undergo a General Plan change and then be rezoned from residential. Residents in that area have been the most politically apathetic bunch in town and they deserve what they get.

Health and Human Services has been sued for their propaganda campaign, finally. It is long overdue. If private enterprise in the United States could afford to spend as much as the U.S. Government spent on super-aggressive marketing strategies the U.S. economy would be moving right along by now. It was blatantly self-serving to the point of being utterly unbelievable and causing a gag reflex.

Do you know that the town of Carefree counts a non-vote as a "NO" vote? Prop. 422 (2/3 council to pass a property tax) initially showed 805 "YES" and 474 "NO". But there were 1400 ballots cast for council members, 121 more than the total for Prop. 422. In "Official Election Results" the percentage "YES" dropped to 57.5 percent versus 62.9 percent because the 121 non-votes became "NO" votes. "YES" as a percentage of 1400 was 57.5 percent. If "YES" had been 699 and "NO" 580, then Prop. 422 would have lost because it received only 49.9 percent of the total. Despite a favorable margin of 699-580 = 119 votes, Prop. 422 would have lost. Look for the GOB crowd to have another initiative to try to change the results of Prop. 422 by scamming the way votes are counted. When they try I see another "Recall Schwan" beginning.

Jim Peirce has withdrawn from consideration for Carefree Council. What a shame – for Jim, for the town and for the citizens. I hope he changes his mind about serving Carefree before the next election. Carefree needs his brain, his dedication and his honesty.

How many motorcycles fit in Cave Creek? We found out this weekend. Is there anything we should know about that the town is not telling us? If this gets worse, we are all going to stay home and let our town be overrun. The deal is, we need to know.

We have David Schwan for a mayor in Carefree. Cave Creek has Francia, who just voted to put a property tax on the ballot. I think we may just be very lucky to have Schwan. At least he denies support for a property tax. Francia doesn’t even pretend. He’s put his office on the line for those who wish to see a property tax in Cave Creek, even though it was promised only to preserve Spur Cross Ranch.

I love the visitors. You can easily identify them because they wear shorts when it is cold. Please stop for them when they are in the crosswalks. It’s not hot out so your air conditioning is not running like crazy while they stroll across Cave Creek Road. They will think we are a civilized bunch of folk.

The white tents are back in Cave Creek. The monthly ones are less visible than they have been, but the peskier ones are really becoming obnoxious. What are our options?

I’ll be glad when the motorcycles are gone and the trails are full of hikers and runners for the annual hiking event on the 23rd of April.

It’s nice to have the Cactus League winter visitors in town without having to have the Cactus League in town.