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MARCH 9, 2011

Your View

Egypt's Mubarak has resigned beginning a new era for Egypt. Will David Schwan be defeated in the Carefree mayoral election beginning a new town era free from GOB control?

Carefree Mayor David Charles Schwan has stated that state law requires a public vote for the town to issue bonds. Yet there was no public vote or even public notification in 1999 before the town sold 7 percent non-callable 20-year bonds in connection with the purchase of the Carefree Water Co. Is it too late to have the vote? If not, I plan to vote "no.”

Headline: "Postal Service warns of default as losses mount." The USPS is sinking under the weight of the American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO. The word "layoff" is a dirty word at the USPS. With modern communications (land line telephones, cell phones, fax machines, cell text messaging, instant messaging and e-mail) and overnight UPS and FedEx shipments, the need for six day postal service is an anachronism. USPS operations would be more than adequate with MWF service.

Cleveland Cavaliers recently ended a losing streak at 26 games. Will Carefree's GOB mob rule be ended at 26 years?

Our winter visitors were again accosted by a sea of white tents this weekend. How is it we continue to hurt our local businesses with these? I was recently saddened to see another going out of business sale on Cave Creek Road.

David Schwan loses the Carefree mayoral race, will dozens of GOB faithful become psychologically shattered and hurl themselves into the town center fountain pool?

Carefree's GOB mob policy of ultra-strict MCSO enforcement of ridiculously low traffic speed limits has finally been relaxed. But it is too late. Area residents still fear driving through Carefree. Town center businesses continue to flee and the ones that remain demand garish signs pointing to mostly empty commercial space.

I want a "Vote Mayor Schwan" bumper sticker so I can attach it to the seat of my pants and walk around Carefree Town Center.

The Carefree Water Co. Board of Directors meets only every other month. I submit the Carefree Town Council should only meet annually to avoid dealing with annoying citizens on a monthly basis. Everybody knows almost all council decisions are decided in advance anyway.

Sales tax revenue in the town of Carefree in calendar 2010 fell 4 percent from the 2009 level. Yet Mayor Schwan wants everyone to believe a robust recovery has begun and spent $37,000 on unnecessary playground equipment. His attitude reminds me of former Mayor Stevens' "they're just citizens" remark, referring to dopey voters.

Just read the little exposé of Carefree Truth in Sonoran News. Dead people, Really? What a surprise. Aside from Hitchon’s usual BS, half-truths, and misleading, incomplete facts she and Bergman conspire to defame an honest candidate. There, now I feel better. Did I mention she is a disgrace to the Town of Carefree?

Glenn Miller “tries to educate people” who think the new Carefree merchant signs are ugly?  Somebody please explain to him that clarity of thought must be attained, as should his own education. I still can’t find him listed with the Registrar of Contractors in Arizona.

Jo Gemmill improperly uses Call to the Public to campaign for Mayor Schwan. She believes Mayor David Schwan, even more so than the two prior mayors, has “really reached out to the business owners.” Didn’t do any good, did it, except for the signs. Ouch!

I always marvel at the number of shiny new sedans and SUVs the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department has parked in and roaming around Cave Creek and Carefree; must be dozens of them in this notorious and lawless community.  I’m also curious as to the cost to the taxpayer of keeping them shiny clean at all times.  They must go through the carwash at least once a day.  But, the really amazing thing is that there is probably not 1 in 20 of those shiny new sedans and SUVs that has operational turn signals.  How weird is that?

In the golden days of her sole council term, Susan Vanik may have completely emerged from the gob-gloom. She very eloquently stated that the signs [new Carefree merchant signs] were “worthy of discussion,” indicating they do not comport with “touting Carefree as an upscale community.” You go girl!

Councilman Bob Gemmill, Jo’s significant other, believes the new merchant signs “… are obviously catching people’s eye.” Hey Bob, catch this – time for another nap.

I read a copy of the letter Joe Intenzo wrote for the Hitchon lies website. Unlike other contributors he ain’t dead, but he does need his typing device fixed because it seems to be stuck in upper case. Either that or he should stop typing with his forehead. Count to ten big guy, we’ll help.

If Schwan believes, as he stated during the candidate forum, that “Everyone in Carefree is a critic,” who the hell voted for him in the recall?

Hitchon and Hugh Stevens must be nearing their end-game since Coady decided not to run. How ever will they survive??? I know, Lyn Hitchon will team up with the CBG to tug on Schwan’s heart strings, or is it purse strings?