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AR vs. Wall Street Journal

This column has disparaged the Arizona Republic (AR) for years while the AR has gotten worse to the point I can’t any longer buy or read it.

From top to bottom and page after page it insults the reader with propaganda; far left illegal alien loving coverage.

According to the AR, the properly named illegal aliens are “migrants.” For years they called them “undocumented immigrants,” They basically turn common sense and dictionaries on their heads. To them it is “politically correct” (PC) at all costs. I can imagine what their style book looks like and assume their copy writers must be chosen for their political affiliation.

canfield editorial cartoon

Here is a headline and sub headline by illegal alien lover Daniel Gonzalez after the Tucson shooting of Gabrielle Giffords. “Gun buys possible despite drug use.” Then “Vague rules let Loughner get firearm despite past.”

What is he implying for his liberal editors? Public, we need more gun laws right now before someone else gets shot. Listen to us and we will tell you how bad it is (with carefully selected statistics.)

The AR had a field day with the shooting and no facet was missed except the one that counts. Shit happens. And that is especially true when locals voted in Sheriff doofus Dupnik for the past twenty years. Yes it could have been prevented by alert law enforcement which doesn’t exist where local politicians are liberals.

Another headline, “Mesa asked to back ‘Utah compact.’ Group seeks softening of Ariz. stance on immigration on Pearce’s home turf.”

Yeah right. AR is speaking of a small group who want to dodge the issue by “keeping families together,” by only prosecuting criminals, not illegal border crossers and such tripe.
The headline implies it is a threat to Senate President Russell Pearce’s SB 1070. It isn’t. He doesn’t get huge voter majorities because he wants amnesty, which the Utah compact does.
For whatever reason, Utah is considering a compact and principally bases it on labor needs not being satisfied. And then it isn’t “cruel’ like Arizona’s SB 1070 is.

Utah is alone in this but you wouldn’t believe that by reading the AR. Last I looked 17 states are drafting their own versions of SB 1070. So what is the big deal about Utah?

The AR ran a long meandering hit piece on Mark Spencer, president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA). They attribute the recent eight percent drop in membership to Spencer’s ardent support of SB 1070. Bless him for that! And if the members of PLEA resent being on the “front lines” of immigration law then I say tough. That is why they get the big bucks and generous early retirement.

In a possible slow news day, or maybe their quota of Mexican stories hadn’t been used up, this headline was on their front page on Feb. 28. “Taking pride in a name and oneself” followed by, “In rejecting name change from youth, Valley Latino celebrated heritage.”

The cutline under a picture reads, “Ricardo Provencio grew up with many nicknames, but he never forgot the name that tied him to his Mexican heritage.” How sweet! None of the kids I grew up with, including Mexicans, gave a thought to what country we came from and it was really a melting pot of Americans. Occasionally there were slurs about where you came from but seldom was there a fistfight about it.

Maybe their front page hero is one of those who refuses assimilation. Front page, geez!
Then , of course, there is cartoonist Benson. Surely his relative Ezra Taft Benson is spinning in his grave. Who would have thought genetics could take such a bizarre turn? Benson is way liberal, against gun ownership (even though as a part time police officer he carries a gun), he is pro illegal immigration and is for everything I find offensive. He is, in other words, a perfect match for the AR and not seeing his work will be a blessing,
The AR has little good to say about Senate President Russell Pearce. Pearce is 100 percent patriot and it is a delight to see him as Senate president. There is more man in him than the entire staff off the AR, so they are always trying to denigrate him. In their March 1 issue, on page three, this headline appeared, “Pearce denies issuing “blacklist” But senator asked officers to ‘indentify and photograph’ crowd, police say.” It is like they are asking Pearce when he stopped beating his wife (they have also done exactly that before.)

The article included a picture, “Activist Salvador Reza talks outside the state capitol last January. Reza was arrested there last week on a charge of trespassing. He said capitol police told him that Senator Russell Pearce had ordered him banned from the building.”

Good for Pearce. If they had a Russell Pearce in the Tucson shooting the outcome could have been different. Reza is bad, smells bad, talks bad and is an illegal alien sympathizer and propagandist just like the AR. He is disruptive and banning him was totally appropriate for that reason as well as sanitary ones. Pearce takes his responsibilities seriously for protecting the legislature.

What a cheap shot to accuse him of issuing a “blacklist.” But that is the AR and the final straw about reading such trash.

In an hour I’ll go home and Shari Jo and I will pour Jack Daniels or Beefeater Gin on the rocks and settle back for our daily discussion. Then we pick up the Wall Street Journal, which is half the price of the AR and about ten orders of magnitude better in every respect. Reading it is a pleasure, no anger just enlightenment.

After that there are an abundance of magazines, not to mention books. I have removed a huge burr from under my saddle.