VOL. 17 ISSUE NO. 10   |   MARCH 9 – 15, 2011


Two Carefree candidates vie for last council seat

jim peirceCarefree reelected Mayor David Schwan in the town’s first election where voters directly elected their mayor in a close race against Councilman Doug Stavoe.

Vice Mayor Glenn Miller was reelected to council along with four newcomers, each receiving more than 50 percent of the 1,400 ballots cast.
jim van allen
A runoff election will be held in May to determine whether Jim Peirce or write-in candidate Jim Van Allen will claim the last seat on council. Van Allen, although a write-in candidate in the primary election, will appear on the ballot in the runoff election.

Cave Creek elects council in primary

There will be no runoff election in May for Cave Creek. Voters reelected Mayor Vincent Francia, who ran unopposed, and elected six council members, each of whom received over 50 percent of the vote out of the 1,093 ballots cast during the March 8 primary election.

Alice Kunka, who received only 35 percent of the vote, was eliminated along with Adam Trenk, who received 248 votes despite withdrawing his candidacy after it was too late to be removed from the ballot.

MARCH 11, 2011

Updated Unofficial Election Results

Mayor, Town of Carefree:
Schwan, David            729
Stavoe, Douglas            651

Councilmember, Town of Carefree (6):
Farrar, Michael           917
Gimson, Arthur          730
Miller, Glenn              777
Peirce, Jim                 612
Price, Melissa             892
Saltzman, Marty         813
Smith-Lovejoy, Karen   385
Write-in Candidate       565

Town of Carefree Proposition 421:
(Term Limits)
Yes     881
No       446

Town of Carefree Proposition 422:
(Two-thirds Council vote to present Property Tax to voters)
Yes     805
No       474

Town of Carefree Proposition 432:
(Requiring majority of voters to approve a Property Tax)
Yes    919
No      355 

Mayor, Town of Cave Creek:
Francia, Vincent       828
Write-in Candidate      38

Councilmember, Town of Cave Creek (6):
Anderson, Shelley   685
Bruce, James           661
Bunch, Ernie            734
Esser, Dick              721
Kunka, Alice             379
Lamar, Steven         639
McGuire, Thomas    680
Trenk, Adam            248
Write-in Candidate     44

Town of Cave Creek Question 1:
(Southwest Gas Franchise)
Yes     859
No       166

Town of Cave Creek Proposition 424:
(Home-Rule Expenditure)
Yes      744
No       278


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