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MARCH 2, 2011

Your View

Carefree town council should amend its ordinance specifying 5 p.m. as the monthly meeting hour to 5 a.m. to get rid of the few residents who insist on attending meetings. Haven't they figured out all key decisions are made outside public meetings anyway? Especially annoying is "Call to the Public" which just wastes council's time with input that is always ignored; that should be eliminated right away. Plus council could meet every other month like they do for Carefree Water Co. meetings to help streamline use of valuable council members' time in secret meetings.

I just read bighorn sheep just got 3 bypasses on U.S. 93 near Hoover Dam. Does Cave Creek still plan to introduce sheep to this area? I fear for my tender flowers and shrubs. I hope Carefree doesn't get involved. Their town council is filled with nitwits and sheep could soon be grazing in every yard as a tourist attraction.

I hope Carefree is submitting an application to the AZ Department of Health Services for a medical marijuana dispensary. Weed could be sold in the same building as council chambers and inhaled immediately before monthly meetings to ease the pain of mind-blowing decisions such as the carnival direction signs, faux gas lamps, and expensive playground equipment duplicating the existing kiddie lizard slide that cost $70,000.

"Carefree Prosperity" PAC, following distribution of "Vote Mayor Schwan" bumper stickers, has mailed out an erroneous hate-filled sheet attacking a town council candidate. The organization's treasurer is deposed Councilman Gary Hayward, well known for having another councilman obtain a court-ordered harassment injunction against him and, more recently, his outburst ("That isn't true!") at the Sonoran News candidate forum. Apparently Mr. Hayward didn't include his name on the mailing in fear of the sheet's source becoming known and causing him even more ridicule.

An insight on Miller's warped personality and lack of control; check with the ex president of Miller's HOA. He resigned after Miller's verbal and near physical attack on John Traynor at an HOA meeting. Traynor's simple question sent Miller into orbit.

Don, great picture on the front of your Feb. 16 edition. Holly (aka whoever) smiling at (Lyn) Hitchon picking her nose ... or was it her brain?

At the Feb. 2 Sonoran News forum for town council candidates, with a straight face, Vice Mayor Miller claimed the secret meeting of six top Carefree politicians on Sept. 22 was merely to discuss town marketing. And I wondered if he has a sense of humor.

Mass marches against autocratic rule have become common in several Middle East countries. Will public protests against GOB political domination erupt in Carefree?

Carefree's goofy mayor must be very concerned about being voted out of office. In 2009 he came in last in the primary. His buddies named him mayor and town CEO so he didn't need to spend a dime. In the current election he first spent town funds for a glowing "State of Our Town" message curiously timed with the election rather than the fiscal year. Next he mailed out a cheesy stapled flyer followed by a slick 3-color card urging his election. In addition there are the keepsake "Vote Mayor Schwan" bumper stickers available from the Carefree Prosperity PAC. All this must have cost a bundle. The only thing missing so far is an airplane towing a sign over town center.

So, with all the kindness I can muster, I give this advice to the next pop star asked to sing the national anthem: Save the vocal gymnastics and the physical gyrations for your concerts. Just sing this song the way you were taught to sing it in kindergarten – straight up, no styling. Sing it with the constant awareness that there are soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines watching you from bases and outposts all over the world. Don’t make them cringe with your self-centered ego gratification. Sing it as if you are standing before a row of 86-year-old WWII vets wearing their Purple Hearts, Silver Stars and flag pins. You want them to be proud of you for honoring them and the country they love – not because you want them to think you are a superstar musician. They could see that from the costumes, the makeup and the entourages. Sing “The Star Spangled Banner” with the courtesy and humility that tells the audience that it is about America, not you.

I want a "Vote Mayor Schwan" bumper sticker so I can attach it to the seat of my pants and walk around Carefree Town Center.

Now President Obama is trying to save the unions – in Wisconsin and wherever because unions bought and paid for him. ‘Union productivity’ is an oxymoron. Corporate America has largely rid themselves of unions and now they are a cancer in the many levels of governments. At best they destroy productivity. At worst, they destroy the enterprise, which make governments a perfect target. Look no farther than the auto industry, our education system and the City of Phoenix. Get rid of them – ‘them’ includes the unions and Obama.