MARCH 2, 2011

Their stoic nature

animal hospital at terravitaThere it was – the Emergency Clinic prognosis: "Fair to Poor." How could this be? It was “only” an ear infection. The truth of the matter is, yes, it can be difficult to cure an ear infection if not treated correctly in the first place, but not impossible. Most pet owners don't even realize that their pet has an infection until it has become significant, due to the structure of a dog’s ear canal and their stoic nature.

Dr. Teresa Juetten, owner of Animal Hospital At Terravita, has successfully treated and healed thousands of infections in her 25 years of practice, even the "Poor" prognosis pets. Her proven protocol has helped pets and their owners find relief and stopped the return of these infections through owner awareness of the condition and simple preventive measures.

Immediate treatment includes cleaning out every bit of discharge from the pet’s ear so medication can make direct contact with the infected tissue. This is a must and needs to be done by the veterinarian, as a large dog’s ear canal is about three inches deep. The use of an anti-inflammatory is also a must, to relieve the swelling of the tissue and bring relief to your pet. A short acting injection usually works the best as it often does its job within 24 hours. Appropriate medication for inside the ears is chosen. In very severe infections, oral antibiotics are also needed.

Owner compliance is a key factor. If the treatment is not taken seriously at home, all will fail. Proper treatment and a physical follow up with the veterinarian are necessary to ensure the infection is completely cleared and treatment can be stopped. If the pet owner follows with an easy, two minute, inexpensive, weekly routine it usually means no more ear infections – ever!

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